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Looking for baked chicken wings in Bmore

awesome, thanks!

Looking for baked chicken wings in Bmore

checked their website and you're right! will have to try them, thanks!

Looking for baked chicken wings in Bmore

Those sound good also. Where did you see grilled wings?

Looking for baked chicken wings in Bmore

I recently tried some baked wings in DC. They were out of this world! Baked, not fried. Meat just fell off the bone.

I live in Baltimore and am in search of baked wings in my city. Anyone found any?


Suggestions for business dinner near Inner Harbor needed by DC resident w/embarrassing lack of knowledge of Baltimore

The location of the Marriott Waterfront is great, it puts you in walking distance between Inner Harbor spots and Harbor East. I'm more familiar with the Harbor East spots which would be walking distance for you, so you may want to search for restaurants there.

Look at menus for Cinghiale
Roy's(a chain, but good)

Pazo is a little further of a walk on Aliceanna, between Harbor East and Fells Point, but this is a great spot for atmosphere and tapas

Hope that helps some!

One night in Baltimore - big dreams, small budget.

If you don't mind spending the money, based on what you've described, I think you'd really like the Brewer's Art. Entrees run $20-$30. It's in the Mt. Vernon area. They have a great seasonal menu, their produce is locally grown. Not to mention an amazing beer selection. I've never had a bad meal there. Eclectic environment and you won't run into anything stuffy or trendy there.

Another spot that is much smaller, but big on the eclectic feel is Annabel Lee Tavern in Canton. This is a corner bar that is Edgar Allen Poe themed. They have amazing food and daily specials. Their prices range from $10-$25. I think they have the best crabcake in the city.

Hope that helps!

Advice for fells point business dinner

If you feel like wandering over to Canton, try Helen's Garden. They have great food and half price glasses of wine until 8. Tuesdays they have a 3 course wine dinner for $29 which includes 3 tasting glasses of wine. If you change plans and go on a Weds, they have 1/2 price entrees. I've never had a bad meal there!

blue hill tavern in canton

I drive by this place all the time on Conkling Street in Canton. Says they're opening next month, looks really nice. Anyone know anything about it?

great crabcake at Anna Belle Lee's

Had a delicious crabcake at Anna Belle Lee's in Canton. Definitely noteworthy and will go back for it again. No filler, really good flavor and large chunks of crab. Not to mention served with great mashed potatoes and asparagus. Washed it down with some Brewer's Art Resurrection Ale. Can't be beat!

anyone been to baltimore pho?

In the mood for some good pho, but don't know if any places in the Canton/Fells/Fed Hill areas. Are there any I don't know of? Only place I could find online is Baltimore Pho on Hollins Street. Has anyone been there before? Thanks!

Woodberry Kitchen

It's been recommended to me by a friend. What are your impressions on the food, price, and atmosphere? Thanks!

Looking for Romantic Dinner in Baltimore Area

If you end up in Howard County, I second Tersiguel's in old Ellicott City. Excellent service, good wine pairings, and seasonal food.

Patterson Park area....

I agree, Annabel Lee is good and you're fine to sit alone. They have resurrection ale from Brewer's Art, so that's always good!

If you go to Butcher's Hill by the park, Life of Reilly is a good Irish Pub, they have burgers. On E. Fairmount Ave

If you go Canton side of the park, check out Yellow Dog Tavern on the corner of Potomac and Foster.

Another good parkside restaurant is Three, on the corner of Linwood and Baltimore St.
Good atmosphere, appetizers, have sandwiches and entrees.

Mother's Day Lunch in Rockville/Silver Spring area

My parents will be in town for Mother's Day weekend. Going to church and then out for lunch/early dinner Looking for suggestions in the Rockville, Silver Spring, or Wheaton area. Any ideas? Needs to have some good seafood options. Thanks!

Looking for good Thai in Baltimore

I'm looking for some good places to go for Thai food this week in Baltimore. I've been to Lemongrass before, good food, but haven't been in awhile. Any opinions of Lemongrass or suggestions for other places to try? Thanks!

Friday night dinner in Baltimore

Looking for some recommendations of good places to go on a Friday night in Baltimore for dinner and drinks to follow. Preferably Fells Point, Mt. Vernon, or Canton area.

sushi for dinner tonight in Baltimore

Thanks for the input! A co-worker today mentioned Minato also...any opinions?

sushi for dinner tonight in Baltimore

Date night dinner tonight, we want to go for sushi. what places are best in Baltimore? I know of RA, Tsunami, Matsuri, and XS. I've been ro RA before, but no where else. Thanks!