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Tamarind paste in Toronto?

i bought paste at a store on spadina, in chinatown. there's two larger stores on the east side of spadina, just north of dundas. it's the first one that one would encounter (spilling onto the side walk) while heading up from dundas. though the other should have it too.
it was last summer though, and i can't recall which aisle. just ask a cashier

Rehydrating chinese mushrooms

I've never heard of using sugar. My parents and the cooks at our restaurant over the years didn't use sugar either. During the very initial soaking stage, water was changed a couple of times. Then mushrooms were left to sit in water. They're also good to leave soaking in the fridge.
Perhaps it's a matter of draining and re-freshing water, or the quality of your mushrooms?

Aug 28, 2011
growinggourmet in Home Cooking

Breakfast around Yonge/Finch

i live in the area and as far as i know, there's really little choice for sit down, full-service breakfast.
it's possible that john anderson's does a breakfast, and perhaps the basement food court in the basement of the xerox (pink) tower at yonge/finch.
aries cafe will have coffee/tea and some sweet pastry/cake options, but i'm not sure they open that early. i have no idea what time cafe buda or le monde open.
there's a cute place across the street from the last two, called capriccio. however, if open early, i believe your options would be limited to tea/coffee, cake, pastries, and cookies.
finally, it's a sure bet that novotel (beside/inside north york centre) has breakfast.

Cuisine of India

They have the same owners. From what I gather, much of the (tasty) food is prepared on premises at Peacock express.

Where can I buy black radish (black Spanish radish) in Toronto?

I bought one recently at Whole Foods at Hazelton Lanes.
I was intending to slice it up for a salad, but I'm curious about other ways to prepare it.
Any suggestions?

What is the name of this dessert at Mandarin Buffet...?

Hi Prima,
I believe that it's a black sesame mixture - ground sesame seeds, white sugar, and sometimes coconut.

Chicago coming to Toronto. Foodie needs directions!!!

hey WhatGuy, i'm going to be vague with recommendations, but specific in based on: a) your original post and b) having recently lived in Chicago for a couple years
- "splurging" in Toronto is not quite "splurging" in Chicago. all things equal (e.g. quality of food, service, location, and ambiance) you might be surprised at the price-points of our highest of high-end restos
- most asian food is very awful in Chicago (except maybe LTH). comparatively, most asian food is very good in Toronto. if you're into it, somewhat centrally located: Lai Wah Heen, Chinese Traditional Bun, Shinobu Sushi, Yuzu, Japango, Guu (sure, for the experience...), Anh Dao, BukChang's... the list goes on. I can't speak to Vietnamese sandwich trend that hit Chicago a few years back though since I can't deal with the texture.
- Toronto can't touch Chicago's Mexican/Latin American fare or numerous Intelligentsia Cafes (i just want one!!). Though we have the odd goodie, I wouldn't spend time seeking. Manic serves Intelli, btw. And Dark Horse @ CSI looks just like the one in Lakeview.
- A couple of others that may or may not have been mentioned: Ravi Soups (lamb or veggie Wrap and any soup or bisque), Ghandi's (roti),
- Greek and Ethiopian restaurants are similar (except we don't do cheap corkage BYOB).
- Oh, our bubble tea is different. Most good places in Toronto steep tea, whereas the fresh fruit juices are used in the better Chicago tea houses.
- I didn't try or notice many restaurants serving middle eastern cuisine while in Chicago. Perhaps someone else will recommend if you're interested.
- The "streetfood" thing is a cute tourism gimmick, not unlike the cheese/caramel popcorn
- Food inside the bottom of "U" of the Toronto subway line tends to be like the stuff you find inside the Chicago loop. Make of that as you will...
In short: go Asian! When my friends from Chicago visit Toronto, they're are always amazed at the quality and quantity at all price points. Not pretentious, hip, or trendy.

Lai Wah Heen
108 Chestnut St, Toronto, ON M5G 1R3, CA

Chinese Traditional Buns
536 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

122 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, CA

Anh Dao Restaurant
383 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2G6, CA

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

236 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5H1W7, CA

Dark Horse
2401 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S, CA

Craving Hwe Dup Bap 회덮밥

good question. i always go uptown. would like to hear what others recommend :)

Halifax: Chinese Food

i read on the main chow board that tiki is BACK! bring on the bamboo, baby!!!

Halifax: Chinese Food

"Driving distance is no object!"
if that really is the case, or if you're ever heading to CB or PEI via Pictou County, you should definitely try Ming's. Been around for ever, and not due to a lack of competition. Still run by the same friendly guy, who's a bit of stickler for quality - ol' school.
It's right up your alley: "Sweet and sour, honey garlic ribs, egg foo yung, good egg get the picture."
Tip 1: Order from the menu, it's so much better than the buffet... which is also good. Meh, just go!
Tip 2: Is Szechuan also known as Sichuan? If so, you're husband won't be impressed. I like the Szechuan dishes at Ming's, but they don't fit into the category of what I know to be Sichuan. Does that make sense?

Grocery and Alcoholic Beverage Stores in Nova Scotia

hi little debbie,
i know your question is posed to greg, but i thought i'd warn you NOT to try the blueberry wine - not sure of the name though. the bottle says it's won some prize but it's highly revolting.
i'm going to dig up the name of the only Jost wine that I can recommend... will post soon!

pei food?!

hi all,
quick trip through pei - ferry to charlotte town to summerside to bridge.
any recommendations?

Where to eat in Cape Breton and along road to Halifax

Eep! I haven't been to Mother Webb's since going to the Snow Queen as a kid! It wasn't good then either :S

Where to eat in Cape Breton and along road to Halifax

The a la carte menu at Ming's in New Glasgow is amazing for lunch or dinner. Not sure what days or times, but the buffet is also a local favourite and a great value. They've been there for over 30 years!
Not sure where you're flying (?) in from, but the "Chinese-Canadian" and "Canadian" food at Ming's is NOT what people usually tend to associate with "Chinese food" out west or "Canadian food" in non-white joints. In other words, everything is made from scratch. One of the waitresses told me they hand-dip every chicken ball and grow their own organic bean sprouts! The fish and chips are also amazing... which, i guess, is odd for a place called Ming's.

Sweet lemons?

BamiaWruz, i stumbled upon these today at "Super Khorak" on Yonge St. It's just south of Steeles and open 24-hours.
The front door had two hand-written signs announcing, "California Sweet Lemons Now Here" and many people in line ahead of me were purchasing them, which makes me think that they're not always available?

May 18, 2009
growinggourmet in General Topics