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Where to meet & dine in Santa Clara County?

Thai basil in sunnyvale. I am not sure about beer/wine.

malaysian in south bay

I have eaten in many places , but nothing can beat Banana leaf . It is a step above:
Penang village, layang layang, coconut grove, Penang village

Any other restaurant that is good ?

Cream-top milk at Trader Joe's

I also found out that they don't carry 2% milk. Bummer

Cream-top milk at Trader Joe's

Robert, Thanks for responding. I will try it next time, and let you know if it tastes the same.

Cream-top milk at Trader Joe's

Thanks Ruth. I asked the Rep at Trader Joe's. They would not reveal their suppliers. The Straus MIlk is really tasty, and I would like to buy from Trader Joe's, if it is the same supplier, as it is closer to my house

Cream-top milk at Trader Joe's

How do I find out if the cream-top milk sold at Trader Joe's ( Coleman Ave, San Jose) is supplied by Straus ?