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One evening in San Fran / 5 nights in Napa

Yank sing was great today for dim sum.

Week in San Fran & Surrounding area

Leaving in mid July to spend a week in San Fran (3 days in SF/Union Square) then 2 days in sonoma follow by 2 days in Carmel/Monterrey. Will be with out 12 & 14yo kids who we take everywhere. Looking for great dining experiences in San Fran. We are looking at Tadich Grill, House of Prime Rib (Son's pick) and some great dim sum on Sunday. Any other recommendations on places to try in Sonoma (need dinner pick) or Carel/Monterrey (lunch/dinner). We are from Miami so prefer local and west coast spots that are unique to area.

Best steak and bbq in ft worth

Will be in fort worth over labor day weekend for the florida state v osu game. Would like to go to get some really nice steaks on sunday night and eat bbq (brisket etc) for lunch one day while there. Staying at hilton ft worth but have a car.

Jul 05, 2014
jpg2esq in Dallas - Fort Worth

4 days in LA/Pasadena

We went by for happy hour at around 445pm. It was good for drinks and appetizers.

Jan 03, 2014
jpg2esq in Los Angeles Area

4 days in LA/Pasadena

Elsie..we are from South Florida and are foodies here so we would like local fare or stuff we cant get here. Asian i.e. Sushi would be nice as well as Pizza and Mexican (kids like that). Not really looking for any more steakhouses or chinese. Reasonable dinners in $10-20 entree range would be fine. We have looked at yelp and also looking for real life suggestions. Thanks so much

Dec 29, 2013
jpg2esq in Los Angeles Area

4 days in LA/Pasadena

We are headed to LA for 5 nights for the BCS National Championship in a few days. Will be staying in Glendale but want to hit Marina Del Ray for Drinks/Dinner one night. Tony P's and Killer Shrimp were recommended.
We were given a gift certificate at Damon's in Glendale by some friends. Also looking for restaurant recommendations in Hollywood one night and another in Pasadena for our family with 2 kids (well mannered 10 & 12). Any other suggestions/ideas are appreciated.

Dec 29, 2013
jpg2esq in Los Angeles Area

Louisville on business

Staying at hilton downtown next week for one night. Need suggestion for dinner drinks near seelbach hilton. Ill be solo. Also need bfast suggestions before meeting around lunch.

Sep 17, 2013
jpg2esq in Kentucky & Tennessee

Group Dinner in San Juan

12 of us are headed to san juan this weekend for a bachelor party. All professionals in late 30s and looking for nice dinner out while in town. Staying at ritz in isla verde. Atlantica has been recommended. Any others.

Buenos aires best steak house

Was there in may. La brigada in san telmo was best meal in ba. Also enjoyed caban las lilas

24 hours in San Diego

Flying in for a quick meeting later this week. Arrive around 10pm. Staying in Gaslamp Hilton. Need a nice place for dinner and drinks Thursday nearby before hoping on a redeye at 1050pm back east.

Jan 06, 2013
jpg2esq in San Diego

Julia Child's 100th birthday

I will be there weekend of aug 10th. Hope so!!

Jul 16, 2012
jpg2esq in New Orleans

DC with Kids after Xmas

I will be visiting DC with my wife and my 8 and 10yo kids next week. Ive been to DC on business many times but this is their first trip. Staying at Holiday Inn next to National Mall by Enfant Station. Definitely hitting Jaleo while in town but looking for other interesting places while there. Wanna try ethiopian and maybe another ethnic restaurant while there. Any suggestions?.

Late Night Arrival

We are flying in late tonight for our anniversary weekend. Staying at Canal and Royal Want to hit a spot for some drinks and maybe a late bite to eat close by around 1 or 2am once we finish checking in. Wanna leave the hard core stuff for rest of the weekend. Any suggestions.

Aug 06, 2010
jpg2esq in New Orleans

DC on Business Next Week..Near Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National

Will be in DC for a quick trip. Staying only one night. Have meetings on the hill and need a place to grab dinner by myself either by Capital or by Marriott Crystal City on Jefferson Davis Parkway on Monday Night. Seafood, a good steak or local fare.

Also need a nice place to unwind by capital to have a few cocktails before heading to airport. Heard good things about Ebbitts..

Best Place to try different Oysters

I had a great late lunch at Swan after having it recommended by a friend here in town. 4 different oysters and some white wine..great meal

Dinner in Downtown area

Thanks for the advice. Ended up at Neptune. Had a great chowda, a lobster roll with butter and some Harpoon Hiberian Irish Ales. Thanks!!

Mar 25, 2009
jpg2esq in Greater Boston Area

Union Square for few days

I will be in San Fran on business for a few days starting Sunday Afternoon. Looking to enjoy a few good meals while there on business. Would like to try some good asian or seafood even though will be alone. Not really crazy about dining solo in a really fancy place. I like Oceanaire's Oyster Bar to have a good dinner for example when I travel. Any suggestions? Staying at Palomar Hotel.

Dinner in Downtown area

I have been to Oceanaire in Seattle and Minneapolis. Always great. Thanks!

Mar 24, 2009
jpg2esq in Greater Boston Area

Dinner in Downtown area

I will be in Boston tommorrow evening on business. Looking to get a nice meal by myself and have some local fare. I'm staying next to the Boston Garden at the Bulfinch

Mar 24, 2009
jpg2esq in Greater Boston Area