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Casual dinner in Lake Louise

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I will be in the Rockies late June. We'll be staying in Banff and will not have a car. Our plan is to take the Greyhound bus to Lake Louise on the 25th and hike for the day, then take the 8 p.m. Greyhound back to Banff. That leaves us one dinner in Lake Louise. I have no idea what the dining options are. We don't need anything fancy (we're having a nice dinner the night before) and will be in our hiking clothes anyway. I'm generally up for anything but my boyfriend is a less adventurous eater. I would be happy with anything good/decent and affordable.

Suggestions? Places to absolutely avoid? Thanks!


May 15, 2012
mary1023 in Prairie Provinces

Rutherford House - Edmonton

The menu is reasonable and can be found here: As you can see, there are more substantial offerings. I recommend the turkey pot pie.

And if you haven't done so already, I also recommend making reservations since it's a small space.

Apr 03, 2011
mary1023 in Prairie Provinces

Chinese Hotpot in Edmonton?

Does anyone know of a place in Edmonton that does Chinese hot pot? I'm referring to the "fondue" style of cooking with the boiling pot of soup in the middle that you cook meat and veggies in. Preferably somewhere either central or easily accessible by transit (no car, live in university area) but would be interested in hearing about anywhere, honestly.


Jan 23, 2011
mary1023 in Prairie Provinces

Ah Chin & Unforgettable Chinese in Edmonton

I went to Unforgettable for dim sum today and it was fantastic. We stuck to the dim sum menu, except for a large order of steamed gai lan in oyster sauce that we ordered from the noodles menu. The shrimp dumplings were fine, but the rice rolls were fantastic, especially the long donut in rice roll. I also liked the eggplant with stuffed shrimp, which had a little kick at the end. There are a few unusual (for dim sum) items on the menu, including Vietnamese spring rolls (small) and fried tofu stuffed with shrimp (my mother used to make this—they took me back!). We were asked if we wanted our BBQ pork buns steamed or baked, a thoughtful touch. The food looked beautiful; my friend remarked that it didn't have that "industrial" appearance that you sometimes see at dim sum.

I've been to Golden Rice Bowl a few times, Cha for Tea once, Mirama a few of times, and I have to say that today was the best dim sum I've had in Edmonton since I moved here six years ago.

It was about half full (so no wait for a table) at 11:30 today and service was friendly and brisk if a little over-attentive when there weren't many customers. I'd definitely go back. In fact, I kind of want to go back tomorrow.

Jul 11, 2009
mary1023 in Prairie Provinces

Roast beef dinner in Calgary

Just want to say thanks for all the suggestions. We went to Le Villa and had really great prime rib (my sister had really great lamb).

Apr 02, 2009
mary1023 in Prairie Provinces

Roast beef dinner in Calgary

It's my mother's birthday this weekend and my sister and I would like to take the family (of four) out for roast beef on Friday night. Google hasn't turned up much for us other than a plethora of steak houses, though Graze in the Royal Inn came up. Price is no object, but I'd like a place where my parents will still feel comfortable. I guess not quite River Cafe, but a step up from a chain like Earl's. Recommendations would much appreciated.

Mar 23, 2009
mary1023 in Prairie Provinces