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where can I find ginger and black vinegar pig's feet

I was referring to musetto rather than Cotechino which is easier to find in Toronto. Both delicious but slightly different. I have only found musetto in places that specialize in Venetian cooking. It is a bit coarser and is made with the meat of the head mostly the snout "muso" (already cooked) mixed with lean pork and spices. The best one I have ever not in Italy was made by a Venetian guy living in Sudbury who sells to the local butcher there. He is quite old so I hope he teaches someone the recipe so his secrets are not lost forever.

Sriracha Kettle Chips

THANK-YOU to the both of you for making this happen. YUM

Sriracha Kettle Chips

I just got them :) thanks so much. Bay Street location temporarily out

Sriracha Kettle Chips

You are brilliant!! Is it at the bay/yonge location?

Sriracha Kettle Chips

Thanks so much!! and likewise so you can pick up another bag. Since you said they are delicious I am even more determined.

Sriracha Kettle Chips

lol I totally believe you they did have a good selection. I will let you know when I find them :)

Sriracha Kettle Chips

Sadly they were out :( This was the store called Macs Cigar Store. Must be the place because they had all sorts of other flavours. The hunt continues...

Sriracha Kettle Chips

Awesome thank-you so much. Do you remember if it was on on the north or south side of Dundas. No worries if you can't remember I will hunt around the area

Sriracha Kettle Chips

Looking for this flavour in the GTA. Anyone?

anyone see any Ontario Quince at the Farmer's Markets

I know it's a bit early but I was wondering if anyone has spotted them yet at any of the Farmer's Markets. I've seen them in the market but they are from Chile. Trying to find local.


Any Hookah lounges/restaurants?

Downtown option:
Banu on Queen Street West offers hookahs.
It is a Vodka Bar with great Iranian food.

777 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1, CA

J-Town Ramen

Haven't been to Momofuku but have always wanted to try. I really liked Ipuddo the Tonkotsu was expertly balanced and berkshire pork the right amount of fatty ratio.

Went to Niwatei couple days ago. Agreed best so far in Toronto. Tried the Char-sui, Miso and Tonkotsu. The Charsui broth ( I forget what type of broth maybe Shio?) was slightly too salty, the Miso was interesting with a twangy note of some sort tasted like muted shiso, the tonkotsu was gentle and smooth. Pork with a good amount of fat, meat slightly tough, this could be that the pieces were cut a bit too thin. Sides of rice with beef, rice with veg, karake and gyoza were ok not exceptional. Definitely has good potential I will definitely go back to get my ramen fix.

J-Town Ramen

thanks so much for the heads up! I am a total ramen addict and have never found good ramen in TO so will definitely try very soon.

Curious as to how this place compares to Ipuddo in NYC or Momofuku Noodle bar.

Where can I find White soy sauce (Shirojoyu)

Thanks Kagemusha I will give it try. I agree it's as if Sanko isn't even trying even a little bit anymore

730 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Where can I find White soy sauce (Shirojoyu)

Sanko and T&T were a no go

Anyone find it anywhere else


730 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Tunisian/Turkish/Moroccan restaurant suggestions

I have to second the big ups for Djerba la Douce. The food is well seasoned and rich in textures and flavours. The place is family run and if you phone the chef a day before you go in he will make you a special tagine. This is our go to gathering place for our friends when we are hungry for some home cooking.

Djerba la Douce
1475 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1N5, CA

where to get green almonds in Ontario

Just came back from SF where they cook with green almonds. Saw them at the Farmer's Market at the Ferry building and ate them at Flour+Water in the Mission. Absolutely delicious marinated in wine, salt and sugar.

Anyone see them here, I heard there are a few orchards that grow them in Ontario.

Thank-you all

Where can I find Kiwi Berries?

I have seen them at T&T on Cherry street and Fiesta Farms.

Good Luck. They are delicious!

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Kenzo is now downtown. (Ramen.)

It is sooo much better. Ippudo in NYC is better in every way. Just went to Kenzo tonight, the broth had no depth to it and the waitress was very confused.

URGENT: spicy, fried crab needed for a party tomorrow

Aser or skylineR33 what are your favourite spots in the city I have only had the one at Bowl Kee ( fantastic) but would love to try other versions. Can't get enough spicy crab...

URGENT: spicy, fried crab needed for a party tomorrow

best spicy crab I have had in the city is Bowl Kee Chinese Restaurant: # (905) 948-1249
# 8360 Kennedy Road, Markham.

Fresh crab deep fried with Chili peppers and spices sitting on a bed of ground pork and deep fried silver fish. It is a house special and they have been making it for years. The dish is an old recipe from the fishermen that would gather in the Hong Kong Harbour. A bunch of us make the trip out there just for this dish a couple times a month.

sushi kaji - which price point?

It's not everyday one goes to Kaji and our little group didn't want to miss anything so 2 ordered the $100. and 2 of us ordered the $120 totally different courses so we all got to try a little of everything. We were all nicely full. I remember the first time we went to Kaji and ordered the most expensive meal $95 at the time we were all so full we couldn't finish our last few courses for fear of bursting.

Best Peking Duck in Toronto?

I have had excellent peking duck at Ruby's in Scarborough. Check to see if there is a banquet booked as this is a popular place for Chinese weddings. Service can be little cheeky sometimes.

Distillery District Recommendations

If you like Italian there is a little hidden resto called Mangia & Bevi Resto-Bar‎ @ 260 King St. E. (entrance on Ontario St). It is run by a brother sister team. Authentic tasty Northern Italian food. I have always had great meals there. Down to earth food, pastas, pizza and salads made from scratch.

Best "real" Chinese downtown TO?

Because eating Chinese is a communal affair it is important to know what dishes are house/regional specialties of that restaurant. Chinese people think of it as an art to banter with the wait staff about what dishes are fresh and specialties of the house to formulate a best of the best menu with the right balance of seafood, meat and veg, balanced mix of textures, intense and gentle flavours, etc. etc. It is the difference between and ok or terrible meal and an exceptional meal.

Dishes that were authentic and delish downtown.

New Sky: whole grouper tail and tofu ( not hot-pot version), taro nest with scallops and veg

Rol-san: Crispy beef, Cantonese fried egg noodle (authentic) long beans with pork and chillies

Xam Yu- fresh prawns, fresh lobster with green onions and ginger, razor clams

Asian Legend- soup dumplings, not a bad version of dan dan mein or spicy noodles, custard bread.

Have not been to LWH for dinner I tend to like the loud hustle and bustle of cheaper restaurants- reminds me of meals in HK.

where can I find ginger and black vinegar pig's feet

Just in case anyone has the craving for this. A friend picked this up for me at "Ah Fong Foods" All sorts of hard to find Chinese comfort food made from scratch then flash frozen. One more craving to cross off the list.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

where can I find ginger and black vinegar pig's feet

hi PSP, musetto indeed is the inspiration, the correct spelling was taken. I had my first tasty bite in Sudbury where there is a large Northern Italian population, A guy named Nico who has been making musetto for more than 50 yrs sells it out of his house. I have tasted different ones in restaurants in Turin and Venice in all of them I taste subtle hits of cinnamon and nutmeg, not sure of the recipe but I can ask Nico next time I am up Sudbury.

Cornbread in GTA?

Grunt Cluck and Low have really tasty cornbread

where can I find ginger and black vinegar pig's feet

I live downtown. Didn't do a thorough search of Chinatown just Goldstone and a few other restos on Spadina as well as the T&T on Cherry. Sigh no luck.

where can I find ginger and black vinegar pig's feet

Chinese dish traditionally made for woman who have just given birth. Made with hard boiled eggs, pig trotters, allspice, ginger brewed in black vinegar.
A friend bought it at T&T, but I could not find it. Any thoughts?