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Cookeville, Tennessee

Bobby Q's is a good choice for BBQ. Also Moogie's which is really only a drive through place, but has pretty tasty stuff...and you could always take your food to a park or something if it's nice.

Some other options:
Maddux Station, bills itself as contemporary American bistro type fare. Nice casual atmosphere, good food from my experiences. They have a website with a menu.

India Palace, good for the lunch buffet and dinner as well.

Spankie's, a cookeville institution with a pretty eclectic menu.

Crawdaddie's also a pretty eclectic menu with a few Louisiana/Cajun inspired dishes.

Mauricio's or Mama Rosa's for Italian.

House of Thai, usually pretty consistent.

Taiko (sushi)...owned by the same family as House of Thai and pretty good considering it's a landlocked state.

Village Kitchen, 13th St. Kountry Cafe, Maddie's Place, or Cracker Barrel(chain) for typically southern food.

Dipsy Doodle, typical American, which is a little outside of cookeville, but well worth the short drive.

Hope this helps...I would think you can google the addresses of almost all of these.

Mar 23, 2009
lango in Kentucky & Tennessee