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Heston Blumenthal remakes a fast food place

DON'T GO THERE! On our way to Salisbury last Sunday we had breakfast there - we travelled hungry from Kent especially to try it. We waited 10 mins for a table, then sat at the "bar". From placing our order to receiving it was over 30 mins, and then only because we asked the supervisor where it was (it appeared in 4 mins). The Olympic breakfast was very poor, tiny sausages which seemed more bread than meat, and not much of anything really. I chose smoked salmon scrambled egg which wasn't very big and also wasn't very warm. We did complain and were told our complaints "would be passed to Heston". The couple opposite us waited even longer for their breakfast, it must have been nearly 40 mins, before they too complained and it miraculously appeared. Overpriced, bad service, not very inspiring food. All in all very disappointing and we wished we had eaten before leaving home!