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Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

Okay, I admit it. I am actually Mark Zuckerberg. I am feeling kind of ashamed that I made a claim I can't back up, so I was looking to get someone else to do my dirty work for me.

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

Thanks! This is just what I needed.

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

Hi there, judgeypants!

As Melanie points out, the city allows it, in fact encourages it if you call their office, which we did.

Not that I owe you an explanation, but:
We went with the quietest breed we could find (cayuga) and we went with ducks over chickens because they are supposed to be quieter.
As it turns out, the males are quiet, and half of the females are quiet. But these two are noisy.

And I assure you, our backyard is a lovely environment for them, with a safe pen, a tub to swim in, and a smart cat that defends them against other animals.
The animals are happy, it's the neighbors who are not.

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

I don't mind paying extra to have it done. What are the places you know of that have licenses to slaughter live poultry?

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

BTW: I'm looking for someone to clean it, but not cook it. I'd do the cooking myself...

Who will slaughter and prep a live duck?

So... we have been raising ducks and two of them have become problem ducks. Noise throughout the night that is bothering our neighbors.

We are trying to decide between finding them a new home and having them slaughtered so we can cook them and eat them. I am a city boy and this feels barbaric, but I also love duck and I have to admit they look delicious....

Does anybody know a place where I could bring a live duck and have them prep it for me?

Your cocktail of the year?

like this one?

sounds refreshing. Is it a bit cosmo-like?

May 26, 2015
pauliface in Spirits

Your cocktail of the year?

Unfortunately, I don't like negronis, and yeah, it's mostly because of the vermouth. Campari by itself over ice can be nice...

May 26, 2015
pauliface in Spirits

Your cocktail of the year?

I often had to revert to an old-fashioned, which I regard as an acceptable substitution.

May 26, 2015
pauliface in Spirits

Your cocktail of the year?

I think we can close out this thread now. This recipe has everything I love, and I've had variations before.

A bartender in Paris (at L'Hotel, the establishment where Oscar Wilde spent his dying days) made me a drink several years ago that matches this description, and it was quite special.

I'll need to do a little due diligence, but really, I think we're done here.


May 25, 2015
pauliface in Spirits

Your cocktail of the year?

Each year I like to have a 'cocktail of the year' -- something I love that I can order from any competent bartender, which means that it can't be too obscure, but should leave some room for art. Recent titleists have been the sazerac (or old fashioned in the absence of absinthe) and the sidecar.

I usually settle on the official cocktail of the year by about this time, but it hasn't happened yet this time.

So I'm looking for suggestions. I'd love it to be a gin drink, but the martini is a little too simple.

P.S. Vermouth, whether sweet or dry, is generally a deal-killer. I feel they ruin most anything....

May 25, 2015
pauliface in Spirits

Live and Freshly Killed Chickens at King Poultry & Produce in San Francisco Chinatown

I missed this thread the first time around, but am excited to have a good place to get super fresh chicken.

I have a question: several of you mention medicinal soups and tonics for which you prefer fresh chickens. What do you mean by 'medicinal tonics' here? I always make a big pot of chicken soup when I or a loved one is sick; I say that by the time you finish the pot, you'll be better. But do you mean something else? If so, care to explain?

Aatxe review [San Francisco]

While I do love this place, its no replacement for Des Alpes.
15 years later and I'm still in mourning.

Aatxe review [San Francisco]

I live nearby (two blocks away) and this has become my new local favorite. I've actually been 3 times since they opened, and they have only been open 2 weeks.

Overall i think the food is creative, delicious, and inspired. It's informal and therefore a place I can stop by for a drink and a snack, or for a full meal.

All the criticism above is fair. Many portions are small. It's expensive. The Gambas Al Ajillo is way below the quality of the rest of the menu; it's puzzling, this should be delicious and it's not.

But there are things here I love:
-- 50 kinds of gin! I love gin and have been waiting for The Gin Era to begin. This seems to be the harbinger. I've been trying some wonderful new types. Always on the rocks or shaken, with NO VERMOUTH. :-) I'm liking "St. Georges Terroir" especially.
-- Rye toast with chocolate & Chorize -- yes this was amazing. It's been a different variation each of the 3 times, and it's always the winner among the 4. You can order it alone as well
-- Charred Spring Onion -- a revelation. I had this twice, and both times it was different. The first time was better, it was all onion. The second time it was half onion, half lettuce, and the onion is better. Still, amazing.
-- Salt Cod, Peas, pickled young almond salad -- probably my favorite. Absolutely great
-- albondigas -- one time it was rabbit, another lamb. Delicious both ways.
-- pork belly and charred siena -- also has squid. Fantastic fantastic dish
-- manzanilla clams verde -- this was cold, in a jar, served with bread, and was delicious

Anyhow, go and try it. Order anything that sounds good, and if it's not the gambas al ajillo, it will probably be great.

Anything high end (old, or new and upgraded) that's worth it?

I have pretty much bowed out of high-end SF dining after too many disappointments. I'll spend the money if it's worth it, but between Kusakabe, Coi, Benu, Saison (in the old space), Meadowood, Sons & Daughters, and Quince, I am tired of having to go neurotic in an attempt to acquire reservations, spend a fortune and then feel ripped off.

The only places on my high end list right now are La Folie, Atelier Crenn and Wakuriya. (Maruya was great but then the chefs left. Oops!)

This is all compounded by the fact that I've had the good fortune to go to Seattle several times in the last 6 months, where I've had meal after meal of delightful, creative, easy-to-reserve, well-priced food. (Crush, Spur Gastropub, Shiro's, Sushi Kappo Tamura, and more middle-end Talluluah's, Chavez, the list goes on) Seriously, I'm like ready to move there.

So at home, I've been sticking with worthy, reliable, non-high-end places.

Therefore, I have not ventured out of late. My birthday is in June. Can anybody convince me NOT to go back to La Folie or Atelier Crenn? Anything new? Anything much improved? No fair saying Coi is great if you liked it before. If the place is old, they have to have changed your mind in recent months!

Maruya on 16th, best sushi in SF?

How was it? I've been wondering how it is with the new chefs myself...

Meat CSAs

I was in a meat CSA program with 4505 meats for a while, delivery was done through my old company, but I believe you can do it directly through them. Their product is impeccable. The box was a bit pricey and at this point I just go to the store for what I want, but I would recommend it if a surprise box is what you want...

Jardiniere not just downhill but rock bottom [San Francisco]

I went there a year or two ago. Shadow of its former self. I did not have the service issues cited here, but I'll still never go again.

Which is a shame. When they first opened they were my favorite for a year or so... my #1 spot in all the city...

Hot zabaglione?

I saw the headline and immediately thought Jackson Fillmore. I have not been there in quite sometime. But to me, theirs may be the best hot zabaglione I've had anywhere. The gold standard.

Maruya -- any reports after the departure of Hide-san and Masa-san? [San Francisco]

This was my favorite in SF. A little scared to gamble the bucks and go back after the big shakeup.

Anybody been? What did you think?

Sushi Ginza Onodera, Honolulu

Thanks, killersmile!

Oct 31, 2014
pauliface in Hawaii

Sushi Ginza Onodera, Honolulu

Wow! Sounds great! So...
I looked you up because of your excellent comments on an SF thread I started.

And as it turns out, I'm going to be in Honolulu over Christmas.
We've actually reserved all our nights there, but it sounds like we should definitely try to go here.

Tell me, if you are familiar with them, which of the following places would you replace with Sushi Ginza Onadera?

12/22 - mon - 8PM -- Izakaya Naru -- 808-951-0510
12/23 - tue -- 7:30PM -- Mitch's Sushi -- 808-837-7774
12/24 - wed - 7PM - Sushi Izakaya Gaku -- 808-589-1329
12/25 - Thu - 8PM - Nanzan Griogrio - (808) 524-0141
12/26 - Fri -- 8PM -- roy's Waikiki 808-923-7697

My current suspected ranking from best to worst is:

Sushi Izakaya Gaku (eaten there before, love it)
Nanzan Girogiro
Izakaya Naru
Mitch's Sushi
Roy's Waikiki

What would you say?

Oct 31, 2014
pauliface in Hawaii

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

Okay, markambrose73. If you are recommending Shunji in LA and also saying Hide's omakase was the best in SF, then I think we would get along.
Those were the two best Japanese dining experiences I had in California last year.

Soo I am going to take your opinion very seriously.

Where would YOU suggest we go here in SF?

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

Question about Akiko's:

Is it Japanese owned, and are the chefs Japanese?

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

Thanks all so much for the suggestions. At this point it's a tossup between Sushi Sho and Akiko's. Akiko's will probably win, because my husband is working in SF until 7. But I would really like to try both!


Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

I *love* Yume. Their large scallop was especially memorable. It's been several years, so I have not been there when the son was there.

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

Okay. If we are talking about "treating" fish whether it be aging or applying sauces, I am not against this in principal. However, I went to Sushi Tanuki Shingo in Tokyo last year and Tanuki-San makes Kusakube seem like a charlatan. Tanuiki-san also does very few fish as a 'plain cut.' But for about 20% more ($225 each out the door instead of Kusakube's $190), we had what seemed like an endless flow of amazing fish, twice as much sake, and a rollicking good time with the chef. Here's what I wrote on the Japan board after going there:

"Sushi Tanuki Shingo: it's like going to the aquarium, except you get to eat everything! Seriously though, Tanuki-San is a delightful man, a complete maniac in the best way. He has deep knowledge and puts incredible thought into how he prepares each bite of each fish. He has a glowing, joyous presence. Unbelievably delicious, great variety, I give this place my highest rating."

I know it's not fair to compare SF to Tokyo, but if you're gonna go all pretencious and expensive, and have the waitress say things like "we pour the sake overflowing in kaiseki style" (which is not really true, especially when pouring into small glasses from a bottle purchased whole) and "here is a finger towel so you can eat your sushi in tokyo style", then you are asking for it.

Sorry to hear about Koo. I've only been there when Kiyoshi-san was there. Mind you, I should be clear: the fish at Kusakube was technically better than Koo. But he prices accordingly and it's all still quite delicious, and he's a personable guy.

When all is said and done, we've discussed it and I think we'll give Akiko a try. And save Sushi Sho for next time.

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

OP here. I love Kiss. I have been there several times. But yes, od_sf has it right.

That said, the tiny sashimi and sushi courses at kiss are perfect little jewels and I love them.

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

Okay. I think we may actually make a trip out of the city to try Sushi Sho. I have been hearing abou them for so long!

Longtime resident at a loss for a favorite sushi place... Kusakabe a disappointment...

Heh. Well, given today's news, I guess Michelin disagrees with me on Kusakabe.

But then they disagree with me on Meadowood & Benu as well....