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Another EBVA Winery to close

After learning about Two Mile from SF Chronicle online poll that named it Best Winery - I went and tried their really thoughtfully made wine. Enough so to join their club - something I never do.
Today I got a club member email today from Two Mile Winery saying they are closing their San Pablo Ave winery location - but continuing to sell wine. Very sad for us neighbors. First Lost Canyon, now Two Mile - very sad indeed. No further details on where they are moving to, but in contrast to Lost Canyon they are continuing to make and sell their wine. Hopefully they will stay local...

Anyone ever hear of Two Mile Winery?

Their website is really vague.
I assume they have a big name winemaker making the wine for them, although I could not find out who from their website.
"Do lots of things right" - like what?

Anyone ever hear of Two Mile Winery?

Just saw SF Chronicle poll voted this small Berkeley winery as the best.
I have never heard of it. Does anyone know anything about them?
Is this some cult winery I have not read about?
Any reports would be great!