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Vacationing in VT - need suggestions for great restaurants and things to do

I'm traveling to VT for the first time in about a week and I need suggestions of where to go and things not to miss while I am there. My boyfriend is a real beer person and has already expressed interest in visiting Long Trail, Harpoon and Magic Hat. I however am more into Wine/Hard Cider. I think there are a number of places I can visit along those lines as well.
Also since it's fall, I would love some suggetions of great farms to visit that might have a fun corn maze to try.

Here is a sense of where I plan to visit: Staying a couple of nights in Woodstock, then heading to Burlington for a couple more nights then ending the week in Waitsfield.
Any insight would be much appreciated because there is only so much I can gather from all the tour books I am reading through.

Thanks so much in advance!

Fried Soft Shell Crabs in RI??

Growing up on the CT shoreline, I always was able to find a great fried soft shell crab sandwich every summer. Since I moved to Woonsocket such luck. Does anyone know of any restaurant in RI that serves fried soft shell crabs?
Thanks for any feedback in advance!