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special licorice candies in Amsterdam to take home

HI I am looking for special candy shops which feature Dutch candies in Amsterdam that pack for you to take back home, for preseve freshness.. Also prefer no sugar options if they have on the licorice and others as I am watching this,

Mar 21, 2011
Adamster in Europe

Petaks in Teaneck

Did not enjoy their food at all, the op description is very right. to which I add, uninspiring, oily, expensive.

Dec 20, 2010
Adamster in Kosher

Best cities for kosher eating

Hey maybe I should open a place up there? any thoughts on that?

Apr 21, 2010
Adamster in Kosher

New Pizza Place in Fair Lawn, NJ

I found it was very oily rather than cheesy. The pizza also had a kind of heavy aftertaste, this could be typical as I don't eat pizza all that much. I will go there again to recheck.

Apr 15, 2010
Adamster in Kosher

Best cities for kosher eating

Amsterdam has the best felafel available, if you are a bit flexible and will eat in a strictly vegetarian places owned by Maoz family. In Jerusalem they own the landmark Maoz Felefal opposite the Hamashbir on King george. You can also buy fresh Dutch herring at the Albert Cyup market, the best herring in the world.
A nice meat restauant is HaCArmel, very roomy and not too expensive.

Apr 12, 2010
Adamster in Kosher

Fairway opening this Wednesday in Paramus!

Does anyone feel this is a mark of shame that instead to support Frum families who own a few grocery stores in the Teaneck area now we spend money on gas to supposedly save a few coins.

Mar 24, 2009
Adamster in Kosher

Main Event or Prestige

I would be very hesitant to use Main Event. Now bear in mind, that I work in the restaurant business.
Pluses for M/E are the presentation both food and the waiters are dressed well and act very professionally. Don't have to worry there.
My main problem is that the dishes are a little boring but more importantly, the food is undercooked. Maybe it was a one off. But the wedding I attended at the Sheraton Newark, the chicken was undercooked at the Shmorg, the Salmon was not good. Rest of dishes were better.

The main problem in the dinner was the beef. It was too tough to cut or eat. Uneatable.

The chicken was better in the dinner. The potatoes mashed were ok but would have liked to have seen a little flair there. Basically plain mashed. Grilled Vegetables were better, done correctly. Soup on the appetizer was boring, a plain puree. The salad app was better but lose the canned corn there.

I would if it were me and G-d willing in a couple of years I will make a wedding, I will shop around heavily before I would use Main Event. I don't need to worry about things like this at a wedding I am making.

Mar 23, 2009
Adamster in Kosher