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Lisbon/Algarve fun for the whole family

Hi Monchique, just realized my sentence was misleading! We are in Lisbon for 4 days in the Bairro Alta area and then our home base in Algarve is in Castro Marim. Anything we should eat in Lisboa? Thank you so much in advance!!

Aug 20, 2013
skimsogood in Spain/Portugal

Lisbon/Algarve fun for the whole family

Hi all,

We are visiting Lisbon and Algarve (Castro Marim as our home base) for 9 days in mid-September. We are a couple from NY in our30s traveling with my parents (60s) and a sibling (20s). I'm not necessarily looking for restaurant recs as I'm sure there are tons in the search results, but I'd like to know: other than the pastel de nata and bacalao, what are some dishes that we MUST eat while we're there? Also, do you typically need to make reservations or can you walk in to most places?

Thank you... and I'm very sorry if there is a similar post already that I should look at. The search function on CHOW is turning up server errors for me.

Aug 19, 2013
skimsogood in Spain/Portugal

substitute for medium dry sherry?

Hello all,

I am making egg drop soup to combat a cold and saw that one of the listed ingredients is medium dry sherry. Is there any way I can substitute this with aji-mirin or semi-dry white wine? I have both at home.

Thanks much!

Nov 29, 2010
skimsogood in Home Cooking

glass/stoneware for stove top?

Hi there,

I am a beginner cook in search of heat-resistant glass or stoneware soup/stock pots. My mother told me to use these in making veggie soup so I can "better preserve the vitamins/minerals"... However! I'm having trouble finding glass/stoneware that's suitable for stove tops. I'd ask dear mother, except she lives in South Korea and I'm afraid her brands aren't available stateside. Anyone have any recommendations? I'd be forever grateful.

Thanks so much!

Jan 25, 2010
skimsogood in Cookware

beni imo, or purple sweet potatoes!

Hi all!

I am looking for beni imos which are purple sweet potatoes from the Okinawa region of Japan. I have found satsuma imos/gogumas (in my native Korean) at Sunrise, JAS Mart, etc, but have not seen beni imos anywhere.

Please let me know if you have any tips -- help a sister out! I'm located in Brooklyn but work in Manhattan and am willing to travel to Queens. Caveat: need to get there by public transport/foot as I don't drive. Yes, shameful.

Thank you!

Dec 04, 2009
skimsogood in Manhattan

Dinner in Koreatown

pocha 32 (15 W 32nd - on the second floor) is the only decent place to go on that row. it's got traditional korean pub grub and the prices are fair. i'd also recommend cho dang gol on 35th between 5th and broadway for "country" korean food. hope this helps!

Mar 23, 2009
skimsogood in Manhattan

Yuno's @ Union Square Greenmarket

Does anyone know if Yuno's is still at Union Square on Mondays/Fridays? I've been looking for them on Fridays but have yet to see them. Could be that they're not back yet... if any of you have any insight, it would be greatly appreciated. Really hankering for one of those purple yams!

Thanks so much.

Mar 23, 2009
skimsogood in Manhattan