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Largest wine store in the area

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Admittedly I know some of them well... I go to Beltway, Corridor, Wells (and the Wine Source) fairly regularly, and yes, Beltway and Corridor are pretty big.

The problem I've run into is something like this... today I stopped by Corridor, and one of the things I was looking for was a red Rhone wine - choosing from a list of wines from Cornas, Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage, St. Joseph, or Cote-Rotie. Although Corridor has a decent-sized Rhone section, it is full of Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Cotes du Rhone, and Vacqueyras - likely the cheaper wines - and it has virtually nothing at all from the regions I listed, definitely nothing on my list. That's very typical - Corridor is big but its selection is not as good as I would expect.

That makes MacArthur Beverages seem very interesting - it makes me think a big store might be the wrong approach. Do they really have most of the stuff on their website in stock, or does it typically need to be ordered?

Given wines like the ones above, are there any stores that might have a better in-store selection than the Corridor Wines of the world? Any closer to Baltimore would be helpful too, although DC is fine... Thanks!

Largest wine store in the area

What are the very largest wine stores in the Baltimore/DC area?

I'm based in Baltimore but travel regularly to DC. We're working our way through Andrea Robinson's "Great Wine Made Simple" - which is a great "learning about wine" book with a lot of tastings. I'm noticing that even at the very largest wine stores I know, while it's easy to find particular California Merlots, Chardonnays and Cabernets, it is usually impossible to find, let's say, a particular Sancerre or Chassagne-Montrachet or California Syrah or Kabinett Riesling - all of which are typical requests from this book.

As the wines get more obscure, it'd be nice to have an *absolutely huge* wine store where I could find more of them and have to order less. Failing that, one that carried a lot of non-US wines would be nice. Doesn't have to be that close by as we can drive somewhere once a month. Thanks!

best crab cake baltimore

Their crabcake was good, I haven't had it in a while. I love their other seafood - Fisherman's Platter was an old standby when I lived there.

best crab cake baltimore

I went to Faidley's yet again (I like to take out-of-towners to see Lexington Market and they find it a safe choice) and found it much-worse-than-average yet again. So did the out-of-towners. I wouldn't call G&M a good crabcake, but I do think it's better than Faidley's. Maybe G&M is Asian crabmeat, beats me - the net I'm looking for is "did I like it?" and I've never left Faidley's thinking that I liked it. That's a bad sign.

best crab cake baltimore

I'll have to try some of these other ones, but my opinion is that G&M blows Faidley's out of the water. I've probably been to G&M and Faidley's for crabcakes each about 5-10 times, and I'm not sure what people even like about Faidley's - G&M's crabcakes seem to be about double the size with much less filler for the same price (or less), and Faidley's never seem to be cooked through. I'm talking about the expensive lump ones, not the cheap ones, although I've had those too and they're awful. I'm not honestly sure that I'd call Faidley's any good at all for crabcakes.

Elvis in Federal Hill

Pretty sure they don't and you can't. It seems too take-outy inside to want to do BYOB.

The place is decent, I go fairly regularly, but it's not up to par with a place like Tortilleria in Fells Point. The preparation seems traditional and at least somewhat authentic, and that's what I like about the place. They also have very good refried beans, and I like their salsa. I've had the most luck with things like the carne asada. The meat quality is pretty (very!) low, that's the most glaring flaw, it's all pretty dry and tough.