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Restaurant in Cincinnati (near West Chester) with dairy-free and healthy options?

Visiting some family in West Chester, OH and have several dietary restrictions in our group. Need a place with healthy options that would also have dairy-free options as well. Would love to find a place that only serves organic, but any restaurant suggestions would be appreciated.

Cuisine-wise, we're open. I've considered sushi as a good option, though — coming from Los Angeles — there's the question of how fresh the fish is. Read good things about "Fusian" (downtown) on Yelp, but would love to know if there's some place closer to where we're staying.

Jun 15, 2011
foodcorejunior in Great Lakes

Clueless NY Hound Transplant Needs LA Help!

Okay, I came out from the east coast a few years back and here's a couple recs... for those recommending Jitlada for Thai (it's great, but mainly for the mussells & southern thai menu items on the back page of the menu), but I would also check out Thai Patio & Red Corner Asia. They are NOT to be ignored! (all are better than Sapp, which I live down the street from). Check out the newly re-opened Doughboys (near Joan's on Third) for sandwiches, salads, soups, deserts! Vito's is the best NY/NJ pizza in LA, hands down! Agree about Rahel in Little Ethiopia. Also, things nearby worth noting: Damiano's Mr. Pizza (i like it, but Vito's blows it out of the water, but it's closer) on fairfax, Benito's for burritos on beverly, Canter's Deli on fairfax, explore K-Town, Blue Jam Cafe for brunch on Melrose. Definitely don't be afraid to warm up to the great mexican, korean, and japanese foods out here. Also, if you want good chinese food (different regional styles than back east) head out to San Gabriel Valley. Best of luck!!!

Real Calzones

Vito's is the place you're looking for! They have the most authentic New York/ New Jersey pizza & calzones in Los Angeles. The calzones are $12 (i'm pretty sure anyway) and they do it the same as I would get back home. I'm not able to agree with the Nicky D's rec or any of these others, and I've had them all... Vito's is and will continue to be the ONLY place who is delivering on what all these other places are attempting to provide, a real east coast pizza/calzone experience. Oh, and I agree with SouthernFoodie08, who recommended asking for extra sauce.... good call. It's a must for a calzone!!!

[I would qualify my opinion by telling you how I was born in Brooklyn, and lived in Jersey & Manhattan most of my life, but I've noticed a lot of people who claim similar backgrounds still settle on some horrible italian food once moving to the west coast.

Since I live across town from Vito's, I have literally started to make my own pizzas from scratch at home, as none of these other places comes close.]

something like Din Tai Fung in the San Fernando Valley? North Hollywoodish??

I'll have to check this place out! :)

Best Hot Dogs

Agreed! $1.50 for a large Hebrew National hotdog & 20 oz fountain drink... plus, some fair condiment options (yellow mustard, deli mustard, onions, etc...).
Also a fan of Skooby's on Hollywood Blvd (near Cherokee) is awesome! Their buns are amazing. I'm a big fan of the garlic dog.
I have heard good things about the Edison (downtown) though I can't verify and I'm not a fan of pink's.
Also, it is worth noting that the arthouse movie theater on Wilshire in Beverly Hills sells bagel dogs at their concession stand, which I think is pretty awesome.

Oh Boy! Doughboys Is Back (Almost)

DOUGHBOYS (3rd Street Location) IS BACK OPEN!!!!
I called today and they're open for business... gonna hit them up tonight! It's been far too long!

Seeking upscale GLATT KOSHER take out in Cincinnati -- PLEASE HELP!

Due to a severe food allergy, my brother is only able to dine at GLATT KOSHER establishments. He is getting married in Cincinnati in a few weeks and the catering options will leave him unable to eat anything -- ridiculous, I know!

I would like to rectify the situation and am trying to find a place where I might be able to take out an upscale (or closest available equivalent) meal from a Cincinnati (or nearby) GLATT KOSHER eatery. Any and all suggestions will be explored as I am not from the area and am looking to find something soon!

Thanks in advance for any and all help you might be able to provide!

Jan 02, 2010
foodcorejunior in Kosher

Awesome breakfast place (w/Goetta) in Downtown Cincinnati?

Coming in from out of town and am staying in downtown Cincy. I would like to find an awesome breakfast place that my family will enjoy where I can try goetta. Please help!

Dec 21, 2009
foodcorejunior in Great Lakes

Family (including me) from out of town & we need Cincinnati dinner recs!

I will be traveling to Cincinnati in January for a wedding. The reception will be over by 7 pm and my family (10-15 people) is looking for a place to get together after the reception for dinner. We're pretty open to all cuisines and none of us are from Cincinnati, so we need a great recommendation. We will be in the Central Business District, so anything near there would be preferable, but I'm open to any place we can get to relatively easily. This will be our only night to dine out together in the city, so we are looking for someplace nice (though as we're all spending a lot of money to travel there, so I'd like to rule out the super-high-priced places). Like I said, we're all new to Cincinnati, so please make this the one MUST HAVE recommendation! Thanks in advance!!!

Dec 21, 2009
foodcorejunior in Great Lakes

Won-Ton Soup

The closest I've seen (and I too have been searching for years) is at:

Sze-Cwan Inn
22323 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91303-4313
(818) 704-0448

It's tucked away in a deep corner of a shopping plaza with a Ralph's in the valley. The address says Canoga Park, but I thought it was West Hills. Anyway, when you dine in they also put down crispy noodles (though thin & round, they taste right), duck sauce, and -- the clincher -- hot mustard at the table. I always ask for extra noodles to eat with the soup. Also, the garlic chicken they serve is the closest version I've gotten to the dish I love from back in NY.

HELP! I Need Suggestions for an Unconventional Bachelor Party Dinner!!!

So, we're having a bachelor party for a buddy of mine. We'd like to do something unconventional for him. We're not looking for a night of debauchery, but more just something memorable/weird/downright strange/interesting. We're going camping in Leo Carrillo afterwards, and MUST be at the campsite before 10 pm. My gut tells me we should keep it on the west side, though I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Some ideas we were considering was to hit up The Magic Castle -- where you can dine and then take in amazing magic shows, but timing-wise that wouldn't work. I was also thinking about that weird lodge restaurant with moose heads on the walls but I can't think of the name offhand. There's also that restaurant where you dine in the dark.

Something strange is okay. In fact it's probably preferred. I'm open to whatever you've got. The only catch is that his uncle, who's in his seventies and has trouble walking is coming too and I want him to enjoy himself just as much as us youngsters. There's gonna be anywhere from 6 to 15 people. We don't have an accurate head count yet. I really need help! I want something locked down this week!!!

Please suggest away!

Christmas Recommendations for Portland?

My girlfriend and I are visiting Portland for the holidays. We are driving up from Los Angeles and are on a budget. We are looking for good recs for lunch & dinner on Christmas day. We would be okay spending a little more money (maybe $40/person max) on Christmas dinner but would prefer not to if there are other good options. We have never been to Portland and just want to experience some of the best foods Portland has to offer. Please help us out! Also, dish recommendations are always appreciated!!!

Just moved from NYC to LA...need help!

Welcome to LA... fellow NY-er here with 5 years of LA experience... it's still trying to grow on me. Several recommendations for areas:

Fairfax District - (sometimes cramped) area near Fairfax between Melrose & Beverly (lots of apartments west of Fairfax in this neighborhood) walking distance to all the restaurants on Fairfax & Beverly: Canter's Deli, Damiano's Pizza, Benito's Burritos (try the california burrito), the Farmer's Market at the Grove (which houses a bunch of great food places); good markets: Whole Foods (upscale supermarket), Ralph's (normal supermarket), Trader Joe's, Erewhon (small health food market), and more in walking distance. There's a park, The Grove ('lovely' outdoor mall), lots of movie theaters. Used to live in this neighborhood and loved it.

Larchmont - Larchmont near Beverly Blvd (pricey and non-sketchy with a solid strip of nearby restaurants) Larchmont Pizza (totally decent), Wild Oats Cafe, Noah's Bagels (they have bagel dogs), a bunch of others... not too sure on the supermarket scene here, but there are shops on the block too.

Franklin Blvd. and Bronson - Super nice area, some deals to be found for apartments. Good restaurants: Birds, Leaf, a sushi place, a coffee shop, okay chinese, newstand, UCB Theater (upright citizens' brigade comedy troupe), near Griffith Park; Gelson's (upscale market), a video store, etc.

Thai Town/Los Feliz - Franklin btwn Western and Vermont is nice... the closer you get to Hollywood, the sketchier it gets, but there's a ton of restaurants all in walking distance. Thai Patio, Red Corner Asia, il Capriccio (good wood oven pizza), Fred 62... movie theaters, griffith park in walking distance...

anyway, hope these help!

URGENT- Boss is coming from out of town!

Inn of the Seventh Ray
amazing vegetarian food with incredible views.
read more:

Recs for East Hollywood/Los Feliz -- (NOT THAI)

hey e'rebody... I just moved to the neighborhood and am looking for awesome food in my new area. I'm pretty much in Thai Town, so I've been eating thai food almost exclusively for a couple weeks now and I just wanted to mix it up and try some new places!!! I'm generally open to any and all cuisines and I don't care one way or another about ambience, just good food! I'm looking for specifically local stuff, cause I don't wanna drive too far for every meal. Places I have hit up: Fred 62 (totally respectable), House of Pies (mediocre), Birds (or is it 'Byrds', either way it's totally good), and not much else. Some basic things I'd like to find would be: pizza, italian, sushi, burger, chinese, mexican (tacos/enchiladas), yummy salads, subs, deli-style sandwiches, cheese plate, hot dogs, ummm... and anything else that you think is amazing and I should know about!!! If you have dish recommendations for places, please include that in your reply as that's always helpful for me... Thanks again!!!

Seeking Best Mexican Lunchtime Spot in West Hills/Canoga Park

Hey you guys! I'm looking for a mexican spot to hit up for a quick lunchtime fix. I'd be down for some hard shell tacos or enchiladas... any recs?

Kinder German Chocolate...

here's the link to a previous thread I posted:

Best Bloody Mary in SFV

Anyone know if The Sherman Room uses a mix or if they make theirs from scratch?

Good Food for a Sore Throat in Sherman Oaks(-ish)

I'm feeling a little under the weather tonight and I wanted some recs for takeout. I was strongly leaning towards the soup at The Great Greek, but with an entree I didn't want to spend $20/person on the meal. I'd like something soothing, preferably with some soup and I'm at a loss. Maybe I'm just really out of it, but any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!!!!!

Senor Fred

Last time I was there, I had the Chilean Sea Bass and it was pretty amazing! The stars were aligned or something cause it definitely hit the spot!!!

Also, I would have to second the recommend for the hot chocolate...

Zachary's Pizza - Non-Pizza Options???

A friend of mine doesn't eat pizza because of the crust (something about she can't digest it), and I'm going to be in the Bay Area for a short time with her and I'm definitely hitting up Zachary's Pizza, so I just wanted some non-pizza (and generally non-crust related) recommendations for her... thank you!

Seeking high-end loose teas -- PLEASE HELP

I have been to Peet's, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Teavana (i think it's called that) in the Sherman Oaks Galleria, but I guess I was looking for something slightly more exotic... I know I saw something like this in a korean pharmacy adjacent to a market on Victory & Sepulveda in the valley. They had some cool loose teas that had entire flowers in it, but it was super expensive... If I can't find anything someplace else I will probably hit up the place in the mall by me, but I would love to discover something amazing.

Does Healthy food exist after 10 pm in the Valley???

I was coming home on the late side the other night and I realized I don't have too many healthy options for late hours dining in the valley. I'm trying to eat (slightly) healthier and hitting up a taco truck is becoming a less appetizing option as of late. I'm located in Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys (but would be willing to take a bit of a drive on occasion). Also, it's certainly good to know what's around wherever I might be in the valley at whatever ungodly hour. So, please feel free to drop recs for wherever in the valley.

Thank you,

Seeking high-end loose teas -- PLEASE HELP

Hey all! I am looking to get my boss a nice holiday gift. I was thinking of getting her a nice high-end loose tea (with a french press and teacup) so she can brew some tea at the office. I'm still fairly uninitiated to the tea shops of LA and am in dire need of a recommendation for a tea that both looks and tastes incredible and is reasonably priced (I have no frame of reference for the price, but I would like to spend less than $25). I would love something incredible to look at while it brews (i have seen some flowers that open in the water), so if you have specific recommendations, I would love to hear those as well...


Recommendations needed for friend visiting from NYC

I'd add Angelini Osteria to that list of Italian.

HELP! Need Brunch & Lunch Recs in or near Laguna Beach/Dana Point ASAP!!!!!!

we wound up going to sapphire after 3 straight recommendations... it was really good. My dad got the salmon, really liked it, and I had some other seafood dish that came with truffle fries... sooo good! The truffle fries were amazing! Thank you guys!!!!

New Pizza Joint in Eagle Rock

i too was up in the air between Brownstone and Joe's... and I decided to hit up Brownstone because the drive was slightly shorter. Having grown up in NY/NJ and having been raised on DiFara's, Patsy Grimaldi's, Benny Todino's, and The Pizza Box, I would say that the pizza at Brownstone for the first couple bites is totally passable ny-style pizza: the crust cooked right... the browned edges looked good, super-thin crust.

The bottom was dusted with corn meal as opposed to flour, which is always a turn-off for me. The grit of it never appealed to me. Also, it felt like they skimped on the sauce, which is really a double-edged sword because on the one hand the incredibly thin crust doesn't droop and is cooked perfectly, but on the other hand it's kind of dry. I could definitely do for a little more sauce. Also, when you've worked your way down to the crust, it's not light and breadstick-y like back east. It's a bit dense and dry.

Long story short, if Brownstone were in my neighborhood, I'd hit it up here and there as a passable convenience. And despite it's faults, it's a valiant attempt at NYC pizza in the sparse world of LA pizza. Service was very friendly and those first few bites were tasty enough. But, as I'm not in the neighborhood, it's no contest for me, I'd opt for Village Pizza or Vito's to fill my pizza cravings.

New Pizza Joint in Eagle Rock

FYI, apparently Joe's Pizza is opening up a branch in Santa Monica on Broadway St. & Ocean Ave... assuming it's the same one you're talking about:

here's the info:

HELP! Need Brunch & Lunch Recs in or near Laguna Beach/Dana Point ASAP!!!!!!

I'm having brunch or lunch tomorrow (Saturday) with my Dad who I haven't seen in almost a year, so I'm just looking for a decent place (fancy is not a requirement) with good food, any cuisine... I'm open to whatever! Wow us with something amazing!!! Please help, I gotta figure this out soon! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fish n chips near Van Nuys

There's a fish 'n chips place on Saticoy next to the BCD Tofu House. I've never been, but it looked worthy of further investigation. I'm blanking on the name, but the address for the BCD Tofu House (which shares the same parking lot) is 18044 Saticoy St, Reseda, CA 91335. Anyone been there?