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When is the newly renovated stockyard opening??

When is the newly renovated Stockyard opening???

Dinner at Russell House Tavern

Had an awesome time at the opening of the new restaurant tonight. Ceasar salad was great, pate was awesome, chocolate dessert was to die for. Bartenders were not not that That attentive though. Beautiful place!! Welcome to the square!!!

Donut Holes

Try the donut holes at Ohlins Bakery on Common Street in Belmont!! They are huge.... and awesome!!

Trader Joe's In Fresh Pond

Yes, Save Mor is awesome!!!!!!! I go out of my way to shop there!!!

Apple Picking?

If you are still looking for apple picking........Westward Orchard in Harvard Mass was AWESOME this past weekend.. The orchard was full of apples, and NO CROWDS AT ALL. We were basically the only people there!! Great Cortland Apples......

Boston Catering Recs?

By far the Best Caterer in Boston is Tables of Content in Roslindale. They received the "Best Wedding Caterer" in Boston several years ago, and since my 3rd daughter just used them this summer..............I really recommend them. They truly go above and beyond, and the service is UNBELIEVABLE. They are true professionals.......Hands Down. Call TOC: 617-363-0404

?La Romagnoli, Coolidge Sq., Watertown

I'm soooo disapointed that the chinese/sushi place closed. It was the best, freshest and delicious in the area!!

Caterer Rec

Tables of Content is AWESOME, and they are located in Roslindale!!

Buffalo Chicken Wings

I just made some tonight, and baked the wings first at 500 degrees first for 35 minutes, then tossed them with tabasco, butter, and a splash of white vinegar!! They were awesome!! Baking them at 500 really made a difference.

Aug 22, 2009
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Summer 2009 openings and closings

Went to chipolte at Alewife, the portion was definitely not as large at it was in Harvard Square!!