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Seasoning coming off cast iron

Starting point is the key here. Yes, you can avoid the whole grease it up and bake it step, but pretty much from there on out, it's the same principle.

Mar 21, 2009
PrincessPeanut in Cookware

Seasoning coming off cast iron

Hear, hear!

We've been nursing 3 or 4 skillets and a dutch oven along for about 3 years now. Got one skillet absolutely PERFECT, the rest are getting there, all having started from "naked," not the preseasoned junk they sell now.

My advice would be to go down to the local megamart and buy the econobox of the cheapest, fattiest, nastiest bacon you can find. Fry this in multiple batches in the cast iron vessel. You WANT as much grease as you can get. In between, pour off the grease, cool, and then rinse it, dry well, and wipe down the inside lightly with melted shortening. Yes, Crisco-type, and the el-cheapo stuff from the megamart is just fine.

Another thing - never, ever, EVER wash your cast iron in soapy water. You're just defeating the purpose of getting as much grease as possible in the pores of the metal. Unless you've inherited a 100-year-old skillet from your great granny, don't cook tomato products in cast iron. They'll develop an ungodly metallic taste and leach the seasoning out. Finally, if you get something burnt on or stuck, don't take the cleanser or the scouring pad to it - put a little water in it, set it on the burner, and boil it briefly. Then pour the water out, rinse it again (yes, it's fine to take the dishrag or sponge to it), and again, dry well and wipe with a light coat of shortening.

Mar 21, 2009
PrincessPeanut in Cookware

Source for dressed pig?

If you're up for a nice ride, try Horst Meats in Hagerstown, MD.

We purchase 4-6 whole hogs (slaughtered and cleaned) yearly for the freezer, at excellent prices, as well.

What's the deal with Ledo's pizza?


If we would journey from the eastern panhandle of WV to the original at Adelphi Plaza a couple times a year - minimum 2 hours one way, we obviously adore it. The sausage. The crust. The house salad dressing - so tart and spicy it would practically turn your mouth inside out. We'd get a large pie and eat until we practically puked, and order a "half baked" to bring home to eat the next day.

The franchises can be hit or miss. The first one in Frederick, MD, that opened up was awful. However, the one on Rt. 7 in Winchester, VA, and the one in Charles Town, WV, are both acceptable, reasonable facsimiles of the original.

The sausage is excellent - very "fennel-y".

Hmmm. I believe a pie is in order for Monday.

Kids Making Drinks

Oh, please. If you stop and think about it, it's really nothing more than a simple science experiment, or a recipe. Mix x amount of y with q amount of d. And it doesn't involve flame. Why wouldn't you let your kids do it? And, just like with the chemistry set that admonished "don't ingest this," or the rides at the amusement park that say, "You must be THIS tall to ride," it's certainly easy enough to make a case to keep the kids from sampling the proceeds.

Mar 21, 2009
PrincessPeanut in Features