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Anyone know of any interesting happy hours in the Alhambra/San Gabriel area?

Dec 16, 2010
kramer59 in Los Angeles Area

Ideas for using ground beef and potatoes?


Feb 07, 2010
kramer59 in Home Cooking

Birthday celebration: Alhambra, San Gab., Rosemead area

10 or 12 of us are planning on dinner at a restaurant in the general (Valley Blvd.) area, and are looking for a fun bar to hoist a few in. I'm gonna be 60, but I party like 30, so we're looking for a joint with some pizzaz, if such a place exists...Thanks in advance.

Jan 13, 2010
kramer59 in Los Angeles Area


Had it several years ago at Joe's. Have'nt seen any lately.

Dec 29, 2009
kramer59 in Los Angeles Area

Where can i pick up an unusual apple pie (fondant topping, crumb, or caramel) for thurs?

Don't have time to bake, and would like to bring a unique apple pie to the dinner. Willing to travel from Koreatown. Thanks in advance....

Nov 21, 2009
kramer59 in Los Angeles Area

Local quail (semi boneless)

Thanks panko. From what I could gather on their site, thought they were just a "Dick Cheney-type" reserve. The site does' nt mention anything about sales. Buying 2-3 packs at WF way too expensive. Will check it out

Oct 12, 2009
kramer59 in Austin

Local quail (semi boneless)

Want to grill a large amount ( 30 or so) of local quail for Christmas Eve meal. Suggestions for a local source would be appreciated.

Sep 18, 2009
kramer59 in Austin

Bean & Cheese Burritos--Who has the BEST?

I have to concur. After trying the chicken and carnitas at My Taco, the only thing I would recommend is the barbacoa.

Sep 05, 2009
kramer59 in Los Angeles Area

Need help in Hollywood Park area

Working a job by Manchester right across from Hollywood Park, and boss wants to buy lunch on monday. Up till now have been brown bagging b/c I really don't know of any good eats in the area. But there has to be some, HELP. Appreciated in advance...

Aug 01, 2009
kramer59 in Los Angeles Area

Joe's Pizza on Sunset Strip!

I can't believe that no one else has commented on Joe's sicilian pie. I had a square slice shortly after they opened in S.M. and it was 10 times tastier than the regular slice of cheese that I also tried. Did they stop making the square pie?

Jul 12, 2009
kramer59 in Los Angeles Area

Staying at BWI Westin

Much thanks

Staying at BWI Westin

Have searched other posts, have a feel for my first time in area. Wondering how far to D.C.? Want to eat local specialties, would like to try Palmers or at least one upscale joint. Public transportation available to D.C.? Thanks in advance. From L.A. so avoiding Mexican, Asian...

Visiting S.D, Hotel Circle Area

Driving down from L.A. Wish to sample some local favorites. Plan on a happy hour at Roppongi, but nothing else planned. Mexican, Thai, Chinese ?? Thanks in advance

Mar 21, 2009
kramer59 in San Diego