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Mother-in-law & Mother! Rheims/Champagne DINNER!

Hello. Tomorrow we're off to Rheims to tour some vineyards/champagne houses. Unfortunately, our reservation for dinner fell thru. Anybody have a suggestion for a nice dinner? Food is more important than wallet and room, however, preferably casual vs uptight.

May 31, 2011

Lebanese in Paris....

Liza was fab! Great service, ambience, and food. We would definetly return!

May 31, 2011

Lebanese in Paris....


May 23, 2011

Lebanese in Paris....

Bonjour. I'm looking for a ambience, lively Lebanese restaurant in Paris. Particularily something near the 6ieme.

Any suggestions? I'll be with my please be fabulous!


May 21, 2011

MEXICAN - Cinco de Mayo

Any ideas....ideas where I can make a reservation!!!!

Thank you!


Hi! We were really really hoping to get into French Laundry, however didn't make it. We're at Bouchon...thoughts? Are there any worthwhile over the top restaurants in Napa/Sonoma? If the food, service, and ambience are exceptional...I don't mind paying up!

The French Laundry
6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

Best Sushi in Richmond hill / Thornhill? (close to dufferin/hwy 7)

Akasaka - rocks! Bayview and 7

Helene Darroze - nobody talks about this place...and should!

Food was outstanding. Great service. Sure expensive, but worth every penny. I wish I had heard of this restaurant earlier in life. I will be stopping by each time I'm in long as I can afford it.

Apr 05, 2010

Suggestions for 1st night in Paris

Josephine Chez Dumonet was a hit with first-timers to Paris for us. Classic food, nice setting, a little pricey, and you won't be disappointed. We always stop there!

Apr 05, 2010

Seafood or Fish Restaurants in the 5 or 6er.

Ate at Le Duc last May. Fantastique! Save up and enjoy it!

Apr 05, 2010

Lai Wah Heen for dim sum -- what to order?

a la carte is the way to go. if you can manage it, order the moo shu pork and the peking duck! you have to order the duck 24hrs in advance. it's fantastic!

PARIS - where to find a great POT-AU-FEU

Suggestions please. Won't be there til Easter Weekend...not too late I hope.

Mar 10, 2010


Great ramen soups and plenty of variety (only what you need). The Gyoja (gyoza) are fresh and very good, they come 6 for $6.95. The Tokoyaki balls are fantastic and all handmade. There is plenty of octopus in them. Decor so-so, but the staff is very nice and food is great.


Hello Chowers! Any resty ideas for Cancun? Preferably along the coast/penisula vs downtown...but can travel!

Oct 13, 2009

Beijing - Delicious!

Hello Foodies. I viewed this board before my trip to Beijing and it was very useful. So now I am returning the favour with a few thoughts of my own.

Peking Duck - our first night in Beijing we went to Da-Dong for roast duck. Very delicious!! Smart casual and the restaurant is very busy, however gets quiet around 10PM. The duck was everything we thought. Staff were pleasant. The stewed sea cucumber was a hit as well!! heard me.

Peking Duck - just and FYI to all of you who follow the Peking Duck master and Made in China at the Hyatt.....i can't remember his name, but he has LEFT Made in China and is now at Facebar. We went to Facebar and loved his duck! It was 5x better than Da-Dong. However, you have to let them know you want duck in advance b/c it takes him approximately an hour to prepare it. DELICIOUS!!!! Besides the duck...the rest of the food at Facebar was uneventful. However, it has a great patio area and a good vibe. The Whiskey Lemonades were a hit!

Noodes - Zha Jiang Noodles. This place blew us away. Not fancy, very loud, very local, but these noodles were ridiculously good. Thank you for whoever posted this on Chow...I will definetly be recommending to our friends.

Food Tours - Hias Gourmet Beijing was referred thru friend of friends and they were great. Our guide Jenny Yip hosted a Hutong tour. We ate Hakkan food at Hancang. Great patio to sit on by the Lotus Park/Back Lakes, however very local. We had the stewed beef, spicy fish and a few other delights. I would return for sure! Next we walked thru Hutong and ended up stopping at a Taiwanese High Mountain Tea shop. I can't find the business card, but neat Nanlugo Xiang (great shopping there btw). The front of the teahouse has a bicycle on it so look out for that. We had the best banana and guava shakes and lemonade and honey drinks. The oyster omelette with tapioca was great! Found it No 5 Hei Zhi Ma Hu Tong.


Other than Anatolia...where else can we go? We have a star Turk playing for the Raptors, Turkish Airlines flies direct Toronto to Istanbul...and what do we have for food? Nada...I think. Prove me wrong. PLEASE!!!


Delish...nice staff, but sssoooo slow. i understand it takes 8-10 to complete the burg from scratch. I've been there 2x in 2 weeks and i'm not impressed with the speed. First time it was as if they forgot about my burgers....clocked 31mins. It wasn't til i said something that they got on the grilling. (after people who arrived after me were already eating theirs). Second time, the staff cleared out to the kitchen and left my food on the counter. I was counting the burgers on the grill and there weren't any. Not until 5-7min did somebody wake-up and dress them. I understand you shoud let meat rest, but really.......

The food is great, but if you're hungry and in a hurry. You might want to try something else.

so bad...yet so good...

Gandhi Roti on Queen St West

Surprise Birthday Dinner

Nota Bene! Then you can hit some local haunts on Queen West.

Business dinner - financial core, relatively quiet, expense account

no no no. no Red's. no Vertical. no Bymark. All crap. Canoe, Hy's, or Nota Bene are great picks.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?


Eating holiday in Toronto, need suggestions!! they just published top 10 and newest top 10

enroute to Langdon Hall

hello fellow foodies. heading to langdon hall from T.O. and was wondering if there were any good bites on the way? Something for lunch? never drove to Cambridge so lookin for some ideas. Thank-you!

Provence cooking schools and restaurants

Hey all. Staying in a town called Lambesc inbetween Avignon and Aix en Provence. Any recommendations?? Thank you.

Mar 22, 2009