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need rec. for a birthday dinner spot in/around Norcross area

A friend will be in Norcross for her bday this Thursday. She almost always orders steak but sometimes she diverges. Since it is Thursday, traffic could be an issue but she is not averse to driving a bit. Probably not more that 20 minutes though. Most important is someplace with exceptional food. Price not an object but it doesn't have to be a "formal" atmosphere. Ideas?? Thanks! Claire

Sep 23, 2011
batears in Atlanta

SANTA MARIA BBQ-- We all know about Jocko's and The Far Western Tavern... but what about the trailers?

I am researching this thread because we are considering have a SM style BBQ catered for the Buldog Club of America National Specialty in Nov 2010. It's in Costa Mesa, CA at thanksgiving. Do you have any recommendations for chefs with rigs that will travel that far? We usually get 200 or so people at these events. Thanks! CLAIRE


Apr 23, 2010
batears in California

Best Dim Sum

What's the general consensus on which is the best CART style dim sum in SGV? Thanks!

Oct 13, 2007
batears in Los Angeles Area

Le Pamphlet Closed For Renovations - Help!

Hi, I just received an e-mail back from the Concierge at our hotel that Le Pamphlet is closed for renovations. So much for all my research! We are leaving tomorrow and I am down to these two: Le Dauphin or Le Reminet. Food and atmosphere are both important but I'd say we'd definitely put more emphasis on the food. Thanks!! Claire

Sep 09, 2006
batears in France

The Perfect Picnic - at Versailles?

Does anyone know if it is allowed to take a picnic lunch to Versailles? If so, what would you recommend we include in the perfect picnic (for 4) and where should we buy it in Paris. We'd have to be able to buy it fairly early on a weekday before going to the palace, and we could acquire the non-perishables a day prior - like wine and macarons from Laduree's. How divine! Thanks, Claire

Aug 22, 2006
batears in France

Bofinger or Le Train Bleu

Thank you all!! I think we'll go for the dazzle of Le Train Bleu!!

Aug 22, 2006
batears in France

Bofinger or Le Train Bleu

Which of these Belle Epoche Brasseries has the better food? Are they equally spectacular visually? Thanks! Claire

Aug 21, 2006
batears in France

Chez Casimir?

I am SO HAPPY to have found this forum!!!! It's just what I needed. I came across an article on about Chez Casimir. Anyone have feedback on it? The article was written in 1999 so it may be passe. I have other questions but I'll post them separately - too many for one post. Thanks, Claire

Aug 21, 2006
batears in France