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Boyfriend's Birthday Dinner - Gotham, Bouley, Mas Farmhouse

I can assure you Gotham has not gone downhill. I have been eating there every few weeks for years. Going there tonight in fact. The Times gave it 3 Stars just a few months back. The food is perfectly executed every time. It is by far this most consistent restaurant I have ever eaten at. They change part of the menu regularly with seasonal dishes that I love. The pastas are great, as are the risottos. I can't speak to the service in the dining room as I always eat at he bar, which has one of the friendliest and most professional bar staffs in NYC. The cocktails are great, as is the wine selection. Atmosphere is definitely a bit dated, but I find it a very comfortable place to eat. I have never been to Mas Farmhouse, and never been a fan of Bouley.

Apr 13, 2012
rmbeatty in Manhattan

Whole roasted pig for 25 people

DBGB does pig roast for ~$450 This includes sides and ddessert. For an additoinal charge they do unlimited beer.

299 Bowery, New York, NY 10003

Jan 18, 2012
rmbeatty in Manhattan

blow-out dinner

I have eaten at almost every top retaurant in NYC and even with outrageously high expectations, Per Se blew me away. I did the private dining room and the experience was incredible. Two things to be aware of, Per Se will only seat up to 6 people unless you do the private dining room (up to 10 ppl). Second, the wine list is not cheap, so be prepared to spend ~$20 to $30 per glass. it is a farily long meal (3.5 hours) so quite a bit of wine can be consumed if yrou not careful. This coudl easily add $100 or more per person. Still, highly recommended as an experience to remember.

Per Se
10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

Mar 07, 2011
rmbeatty in Manhattan