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Best Po'boy

Here is the Tom Fitzmorris review of poor-boy shops list. Those shops in the city of New Orleans that are the top rated (***) include; Crabby Jack's, Johnny’s Po-Boys, Mother’s. and Parkway Bakery.

Mother's? Get me a break. But Bears on the North Shore and Johnny's both make the best of on both lists.

May 24, 2012
ClarkPeacock in New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde menu?

Here's a picture of the menu:

May 15, 2012
ClarkPeacock in New Orleans

Dozen Best Fried Chicken Restaurants list from

NOMenu weighs in again:
Nuccio's. Harahan: "This is fried chicken the way fried chicken was meant to be. Four pieces: breast, thigh, drumstick, wing. Lightly crisp, greaseless, thin crust with visible herbs."

Apr 10, 2012
ClarkPeacock in New Orleans

What is the best Coolinary menu in the FQ right now?

" i had the veal check app" maybe they would have more customers if they didn't serve the check as an app.

Aug 23, 2011
ClarkPeacock in New Orleans

Good Seafood Raw Bar in Dallas?

S & D Oyster Co. 2701 McKinney Ave Dallas, TX. has good raw oysters, broiled and fried fresh fish.

campisi's pizza-I didn't want to believe

Actually, Plano developed as a successful farming community, but began to falter with the Civil War. Afterwards, Plano began to grow again, aided by the completion of the Houston and Texas Railroad in 1872. It was incorporated as a city in June 1873. A major fire in the central business district in 1881 destroyed many of the original buildings, 51 in total.

Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

Profanity, no matter who produces it, has no place here.

Jan 15, 2011
ClarkPeacock in Features

Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

What happened to your terms of use?
"Content that may be deemed grossly offensive to the Site community, including, but not limited to, blatant expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred or profanity."
The moderators are a bunch of hypocrites. It's a fucking shame.

Jan 14, 2011
ClarkPeacock in Features

RIP Janita's [Reopening 3/09]

I had a very good fish sandwich at Janita's but did not return. I was turned off by the cigarette smoking, tattooed floor manager who blocked the entrance the time we went. I did not feel comfortable going in a place that had a woman like that standing out front. Good luck Duke you have the talent. I wish you well.

Mar 21, 2009
ClarkPeacock in New Orleans