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H K Gourmet Delight in Arcadia

Yeah, it's the same owner. The old one in Monterey Park closed -- they relocated to Baldwin & Las Tunas, in Arcadia.

The new restaurant linked above by Chelmoon is owned by a different person, I believe.

Enjoy! c:

Apr 01, 2009
lesung in Los Angeles Area

H K Gourmet Delight in Arcadia

Like another poster said, this restaurant focuses on Shanghai cuisine. It's got a pretty broad menu though, so you'll see a lot of American favorites as well as traditional dishes that purely Western Chinese restaurants may not have.

There's a Lunch Special available 7 days a week, I think, but the initial price isn't too bad anyway. I'd recommend this fried fish with seaweed seasoning... I think I always see it on every table whenever I go.

The boss is pretty friendly, even if his English isn't too great. You can always ask him for recommendations if you're confused. c:

Mar 20, 2009
lesung in Los Angeles Area