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Food trucks at Somerville's Pop-Up Plaza, 9/9-9/11

I dropped by this evening after work. I really hope this type of event 'sticks' here in Davis. Along with Roxy's, Kickass and Tenoch, there was another truck there I had never seen before (and failed to write it down. Any others remember it?).

That parking lot could maybe hold one more truck, but after that they are going to need a bigger space. If this catches on, I could see picnic tables, live music and lots of people hanging out post-work to make this type of event take off.

Sep 09, 2013
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Shuck your own oysters?

Having been out to the San Francisco Bay Area several times over the past year for work, I've been lucky enough to explore north of SF-proper in the Tomales Bay area and shuck my own oysters. Picture a rickety-looking operation in a cove where oyster beds are just off shore, yet-to-be-shucked oysters can be bought by the bag and size, and you sit at provided picnic-tables and shuck the local bivalves while drinking your preferred adult (or kid-friendly) beverage.

I've been curious to recreate the experience locally and have only come up with Island Creek's somewhat-familiar experience where you rent the boat (not cheap), and do the dirty work yourself:

Does anything like this exist in our neck of the woods? More or less from the tip of the Cape all the way up through Maine.

Tomales Bay, CA Examples:

(My ultimate goal is to throw together a road trip of sorts hitting the various oyster beds along the way.)

May 19, 2013
jforman in Greater Boston Area

April 2013 Openings and Closings

It looks like Captain Boston Fish market in Medford on the corner of Harvard Street and Main Street has closed. My wife called the other day and found the phone disconnected. I walked by the other day and the place was cleared out. I would often get fish from there on my way home, quality was always pretty good, prices reasonable. Anyone know what happened there?

Apr 04, 2013
jforman in Greater Boston Area

North by Northeast or Myers and Chang?

I've been to both places, although M+C much more than N/Ne. I must say that in my two visits in the past year to N/Ne, first to see how the food was by myself, second to confirm how the food was wife my wife, I have twice walked away disappointed. M+C's menu is frequently rotated, allowing you to order the standards you get every time, and throw in some new ones. I felt like menu at N/Ne was pretty much the same between visits. The noodle dishes were very heavy, almost overly gummy noodles, where the sauce on top muddled out the rest of the dish.

Call me crazy, but if I blow $70-80/couple, I expect to get a decent variety of food, and not leave feeling that I deserved more for my money. For that kind of money, I am able to get several dishes off of the M+C menu, ranging from vegetarian to the more 'innovative'/spicy food that I enjoy, and throw in a couple drinks on top.

For a birthday meal as well, personally, I find the vibe at M+C a lot more festive than N/Ne, which has a more quiet staid feeling. One note, bring a jacket and wear long pants to N/Ne! My wife and I sat at the bar near the back, and had frigid air blowing on our feet under the bar the entire meal, as well as the general restaurant being quite chilly.

Oct 24, 2012
jforman in Greater Boston Area

First try, M3 in Davis Square

My wife and I went to M3 last night in Davis Square, knowing it had been open not more than a few weeks. The interior is very funky, with tables that look and function like chalkboard (with chalk provided) for dinner-waiting tic-tac-toe games. Empty picture frames hang on the wall with specials written inside them, a small bar of maybe half a dozen seats line the back. There are maybe 12-18 tables inside, all fairly close together.

Our first impression was, it's hot! Either the AC wasn't working, or there needs to be better ventilation, but even after the sun had begun to set last night, I still felt a bit sweaty sitting inside the restaurant.

(From memory) we ordered:
Appetizers: Salad ($5), fried green tomatoes ($5), 'wooly' pig prosciutto ($6)
Mains: Shrimp and Grits ($13), 1/2 Roasted Chicken special with garlic lime spicy fries ($17).

I thought the fried green tomatoes were by far the stand-out appetizer. They must have been pickled in a very tangy vinegar, then lightly fried. The portion size was decent, 6-8 slices with a dipping sauce that tasted more like ranch dressing than anything. Skip the dressing, eat the tomatoes on their own. The pig prosciutto had pretty much no taste at all, I would pass on it next time for something with more flavor.

The shrimp and grits came with fried okra and four pretty-large juicy shrimp. I thought the dish was quite tasty, and didn't leave me with the "I just ordered a heavy dish on a 90F degree night" feeling. Okra were very flavorful, and heavily not fried. My wife had the 1/2 chicken which took up most of her plate, on top of dirty rice. I found the chicken to be extremely juicy and flavorful, along with the rice.

I would definitely go back again in a few months once some kinks have been ironed out. Not one to find blame in everything, I think there are a few things they still need to work out:
* There is only one ordering/payment computer. So it was not uncommon during the meal to look up and see the station 4-5 deep with wait staff lined up to enter in orders and clear checks. This ended up crowding the tables behind them.
* Often several of the wait staff came over during our meal asking the same questions. No we didn't want to order drinks or more food.
* Ventilation: Either keep the doors open, get some ceiling fans or install AC. If last night was any indication, these next few days of heat wave temperatures will make the restaurant almost unbearable.

Jun 29, 2012
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Grillo's Pickles rivals?

You didn't state what times you tried to go. You might try tweeting them with a question, @grillospickles.

I know I've been to their Inman Square location during after-work hours during the week, and in the middle of the day on a Saturday, and been able to satisfy my pickled-food needs.

BTW, they now do half sour pickles! By far my favorite kind.

Jun 10, 2012
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Yakitori Zai

I was down in the South End last night and walked by. They still look far from open (Did I hear they already had Friends/Family night?). Signs on the windows looking for staff, and seemed like there was still a decent amount of interior work to do.

Jun 10, 2012
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Kika Tapas - 1st Impressions

The Wife and I ventured here last night (Saturday night), as we were looking to find somewhere new outside of our normal rotation of spots north of the river. I had checked Open Table around 4:30pm and found open slots for everything from 6 to past 9, so when we arrived at 7:15 (sans reservation) to find an 85% empty restaurant and the hostess telling us "We're full, but we can seat you at the bar" I was a little taken a back. I shrugged it off and we were seated at the bar. The bartender was friendly enough, explaining they are a new place from the Solea folks, giving us a quick run down of the menu. We ordered two glasses of wine, one Spanish, one Portugese, both interesting and sufficient pours for the cost ($9/each).

For food we went with the Oceano (codfish, shrimp, squid, scallops, clams and mussels, $32) Paella for two, along with two tapas to start, the sautéed wild mushrooms and baked goat cheese in tomato basil sauce. The mushrooms were earthy and juicy, and quickly devoured. I was curious how these would come out, as my history with other Spanish focused tapas places around the city found they came out dripping in oil. Not so with Kika's rendition. The goat cheese and sauce tapa was extremely flavorful, a good balance between the punch of the cheese and the sweetness of the sauce. I like my goat cheese a bit more firm, so that it does not slide off the accompanied bread, but this version was also quickly devoured by the wife and I.

The paella came out in a case iron skillet 20-25 minutes later, as we were previously warned. Easily big enough for two people, we dug in. Seasoned well, the yellow rice provided a good base for all the seafood included. My wife found the scallops luke warm, almost as if they were tossed in at the last minute. She would not eat them, concerned for them being undercooked. I quickly dug in, and found the scallops tasty, but still a bit odd as I expected them to be cooked/warm. She also found the saffron taste of the paella to be a bit on the strong side, something I did not find. Although I did think the paella was running a bit close to the border of being considered salty. Never the less, the skillet was completely clean by the time we left. The clams and mussels were perfectly cooked, plump and juicy.

For $68 before tax, the meal seemed pretty reasonable. By the time we left around 9, the place was 85% busy, with a 20-top behind us at high tops at the bar. One thing we would have liked was more help behind the bar. The only bartender came out from behind the bar, and was helping with the 20-top, leaving us sitting at the bar waiting to get the check and pay for our meal. They do validate parking, which makes the normally-$8 Kendall Square Parking garage a $2 charge. I would definitely come back again with a bigger group, to allow for more sampling of the menu.

Jan 29, 2012
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Boston 'hound coming to PDX last week of July, trip recs?

Trip report!

Monday Night: Jake's Crawfish (some local friends' choice)
Pretty good, had razor clams. Wish the bread crumbs were a bit less heavy, so I could taste more of the razor clams. But otherwise, a solid seafood meal (I'd compare it as a lesser Legal Seafoods that we have back in Boston)

Tuesday Night: :
Clyde Common: Happy hour charcuterie plate, great value, needed grainy mustard along with the spicy yellow.
The Little Bird: Medium rare koho salmon, sun dried tomatoes, potato pancake with asparagus. Incredible, I wish I could get salmon skin to get that crispy. Paired with a glass of Williamette pinot noir and pickled shrimp appetizer. Fantastic deal for $44

Wednesday: Masu (corporate dinner)
Fresh, inventive, and many preparations I had not seen before. All left me wanting more. Glad it was on the company tab, and not mine, I can't imagine how much the bill was. I do not know exactly what we ordered, all I remember is pointing at the menu and food appearing shortly thereafter.

Dinner: Biwa (hamachi poke, kimchi kara-age, yakionigiri, chicken heart, chicken liver, pork “bara”) Dessert was cherries marinated/soaked in some sort of sweet liquid, served with cold sake. An interesting and wonderful dessert combination.
Chicken liver had an interesting consistency, and perhaps was just not to my taste. Otherwise, the fried kimchi was fantastic, as I could not stop myself from popping them in my mouth. Service was attentive, and not over bearing at all. The waiter took the chicken liver off my bill when he saw I only ate one bite.

Friday: le pigeon
All I can say here is: Wow. This restaurant would absolutely thrive in Boston. Even though Opentable said they had no open reservations, and since I was alone, I walked in and was easily and promptly seated at the bar. Wait staff was efficient, and extremely friendly when I asked about preparations. As an appetizer I had the potato gnocchi with salmon roe. The roe was extremely fresh, and popped right in your mouth at the perfect time with the gnocchi. The cod was a "ask about today's preparation" entree. When the chef saw me eyeing the cod, he explained the dish to me in between him firing other dishes. From my memory, it was cod on a sopa, with vegetables and Mexican-like spices accompanying. Outstanding, I would order it again without hesitation. Sadly I wish I took better notes on this dish.
Dessert: I could not decide between the Foie Gras Profiteroles and the Honey Bacon Apricot Cornbread maple ice cream. When I asked the waiter about the former, he asked the pastry chef if he could create a tasting of both desserts, perhaps a 1/2 portion of each. A nod from the pastry chef, and in front of me several minutes later, were two smaller portions of each. Both were fantastic, sweet, but not too sweet, with just enough richness to leave me wanting to return on a future Portland trip.

Saturday: Not in Portland to eat, sadly.

Biwa, as I was heading for my flight at PDX.
I had the pork ramen with seaweed. Simple, just enough bit of saltiness, and it totally hit the spot for the sore throat I am developing before my red eye back to Boston.

As I sit in PDX now recounting my meals, I wish I had just a few more days in Portland to continue wandering around the city. All the above meals were under $75 including tip, except for le pigeon, which I gave a larger tip out of my own pocket for the exemplary food and experience.

Thanks to all for the recs, you Portlanders are a very lucky culinary bunch.


Clyde Common
1014 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97205

215 SE 9th Ave Ste 102, Portland, OR 97214

Jul 31, 2011
jforman in Metro Portland

Boston 'hound coming to PDX last week of July, trip recs?

Wow, incredible list, thank you! Toro Bravo looks strangely familiar to another restaurant here in Boston, appropriately called 'Toro.'

Thank you all for the suggestions, I will definitely come back here with a trip report in early August.

Toro Bravo
120 NE Russell St Ste A, Portland, OR 97212

Jul 15, 2011
jforman in Metro Portland

Boston 'hound coming to PDX last week of July, trip recs?

Hi PDX 'hounds,

I'm a 'hound from Boston coming to Portland for six days over the last week of July for work, looking to find some great meals. I am staying downtown near Pioneer Square, but can jump on the MAX or grab a Zipcar for places a bit farther into the hinterland (but not too far). I have no problem eating by myself, so if a place has a bar that would facilitate the eating, I'm totally okay with that.

From my research here on the PDX Chowhound board and checking out, I've thrown a few places on my try-to-get-to list:
* Pok Pok
* Le Pigeon
* Biwa
* Urban Farmer (breakfast menu looked great)
* Tanuki
* Bamboo Sushi

What I'm (also) looking for:
* Dim sum
* A damn good burger (If you are familiar with Craigie on Main in Boston, like their burger.)
* Oysters/raw bar: is EAT Oyster the place to go?


Pok Pok
3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

215 SE 9th Ave Ste 102, Portland, OR 97214

Le Pigeon
738 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

413 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Urban Farmer
525 SW Morrison St., Portland, OR 97204

Jul 14, 2011
jforman in Metro Portland

Best Hot Pot?

I second/third the recommendations for Little Q Arlington. After Shabu Zen in Chinatown/Allston holding a monopoly on my shabu fix for years, I'm happy to say my allegiances have changed to Little Q. I find it has a lot more variety than SZ, with a wider menu of seafood, meat and veggie selections (not to mention, non-Hot Pot selections for those in your party that don't like to cook their own food).

And parking at Little Q Arlington is less of a hassle than battling Allston or Chinatown.

Shabu Zen
78 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134

Apr 24, 2011
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Need a restaurant or a 2-go meal that will cheer me up

Rod Dee would have been my first pick. You could also check out Greek Corner on Mass Ave in North Cambridge. Their 'Gyro Plate with Rice' is easily worth two comforting meals, especially if you get a couple appetizers along with it.

Greek Corner Restaurant
2366 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

Apr 23, 2011
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Craigie's "Road Less Traveled" Menu

I was lucky enough to go last night with a buddy of mine. We're both CoM fans, and were looking forward to the meat-heavy off-the-map menu.

What we got (between the two of us):
Amuse: Three Crostini: cod milt brandade, monkfish liver pate, lobster tomalley

First Course: Duck Consommé
duck tongue confit, testicles, foie gras-stuffed neck, grilled heart skewer
Crispy Pig Foot Croquette
sunny side up duck egg, lentil salad

Entrees: Elysian Fields Lamb Four Ways: Neck, Sweetbreads, Brains, and Heart Sausage
crispy quinoa, beet and pomegranate jus
Local Beef Two Ways: Braised Cheek, Grilled Tongue Confit
cardoon and marrow gratin, oxtail and roasted barley jus

Dessert: Azuki Bean and Pandan Mochi,
matcha glaze, black sugar ice cream
Alfajore Ice Cream Sandwich
tonka bean and chia seed sable, dulce de leche ice cream, yerba mate

To start with what I wasn't a fan of, it mostly centered around the beef cheeks. I had no expectations over any of the dishes, but this one had an oddly astringent after taste (it was the only thing throughout the meal that I did not finish). The pig foot was perfectly cooked and moist, and mixed with the egg, it had the perfect richness and depth of flavor with which I was hoping. For the dessert, I had the Azuki Bean Mochi, which was 'interesting' to say the least. There was some strong sesami gastriche (sp) on the plate, which was almost too strong by itself. But once you mixed it in with the rest of the dish, and had a sip of the sake punch included, it all made sense. The strength of the sesame coupled with the sweetness of the sake was pure balancing genius.

Portions were sized appropriately, and service was attentive but not overbearing, as all my other CoM meals have been.

Mar 03, 2011
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Getting Engaged - Need a celebratory dinner for after.

Congratulations on your upcoming engagement.

To speak to your suggestions: I actually went to Craigie after I got engaged. My now-wife and I both ordered the 6/7-course tasting menu. The meal was great, both of us left sated, yet not overly-stuffed. I chose CoM because the food is great, and the atmosphere is not too loud or impersonal. My wife had/has no experience with offal, and I don't believe we had any on our tasting menu (this was about 18 months ago). Plus the bar has a pretty extensive list of drinks, and at least in my past, has been able to come up with ones I am not familiar with by just a few suggestions of likes/dislikes, if the mood strikes you.

If you want to go a bit farther off the beaten path (and not such a heavy concentration on offal), check out TW Food in Cambridge. They have a five course tasting menu for well under $100 (without wine), focused on local/seasonal ingredients. The atmosphere here is a lot more intimate than Craigie, since the dining room is maybe a 1/3 the size. They do things with vegetables that I wish I was exposed to when younger, or maybe I would have had a more balanced-diet growing up.

As for some heresay evidence, I've heard that L'Espalier is 'good, but not worth the money.' Also that Bondir (just opened, in Cambridge) is awesome, if you can get in.

774 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02199

279 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

Feb 23, 2011
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Where can I have a dinner for 50-60 people?

Have you given Grill 23 a call? I recently had my 'welcome dinner' here for my wedding back in the fall, and it was great. I can't speak to the cost (lucky me), but we had about 120 people in an upstairs room separated from the regular dining room. Along with the below menu, Grill 23 provided us with a projector for a slide show during the meal.

The food was exceptional, and I must imagine they can work with you on the menu given your cost constraints. If I remember correctly it was a three course meal: salad/soup, entree (chicken, red meat, or fish), and a shared family-style side dish for each table. We even brought in a dessert from another restaurant that I have missed since I moved away from home (originally from Florida).

Grill 23 & Bar
161 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116

Jan 26, 2011
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Rod Dee Porter Square: Progress?

We had takeout from Rod Dee Porter Square last night, and it was every bit as good as their Brookline location (without having to cross the river). The red curry w/ shrimp large portion is good enough for two meals, and just enough spicy kick for myself and not too spicy for the wife. In contrast to the Beacon Street location, there is seating easily for 50 inside a brightly lit dining room. Don't forget: Cash only!

To respond to all the parking concerns: I ended up finding a spot on the street in front of Anna's on Somerville Ave, but it did look like there were a couple spots along the fence behind the Rod Dee building (I did not do any more recon than that).

Jan 09, 2011
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Little Q Hotpot Truly Superb

Kubota, you are exactly right about the mushrooms. A quick google image search confirms wood ear mushrooms. Looks like another thing to be on the lookout for while at the grocery store (reminds me, I need to make another H-Mart run...).

3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

Nov 21, 2010
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Little Q Hotpot Truly Superb

Finally made my way over here...My wife was feeling under the weather this past Friday night, stuffy nose, congestion, etc. My first thought was Korean, our default place being Chung Ke Wai in Medford Square. We ended up trying Little Q Hot Pot in Arlington on Mass Ave for the first time. If I had not known about this restaurant from CH, I would have continued to blow right by it while making my way to Cambridge on Mass Ave. My gut reaction after the first bite: This place blows away Shabu Zen.

Our order for Little Q:
Two broth's: Black Chicken and Miso
Appetizer: Lamp Steam Dumplings (I like my dumpling's dough on the lighter side. But the strong lamb flavor won me over. These were awesome)
Accompaniments for hot pot: beef tongue, fish dumplings, shrimp without shell, scallop, mushroom platter, pea pods, baby bok choy, lotus root
Noodles: shandong noodles, cellophane noodles
Total Damage before tip: $55

The interior is pretty plain, a couple things on the walls, with tables along each side with an aisle down the middle. The first thing that hit me about this place was the strong aroma right as you walk in the door. Shabu Zen doesn't give me that feeling, either their Chinatown or Brighton Location. I was blown away by the size of the menu (specifically hot pot). The selection of vegetables, meats, seafood. It was overwhelming wanting to try everything on the first visit.

The broths came out first in a large kettle as those experienced with hot pot would expect. I had the black chicken broth, which came out filled with aromatics that I ended up having to pull out throughout my meal (my one nit, but understandable given my broth choice). The mushroom plate was another great choice, some of the mushrooms I would not be able to name by sight. (If anyone knows, there was one that looked like crumpled up paper, dark brown in color, chewy consistency. What is that? Incredible when soaked for a good few minutes)

I have to say that Little Q has now become our default hot pot location. Between the overwhelming array of choices (a vegetarian could easily and happily survive here), the flavorful broth, and reasonable prices, we will definitely be regulars here during the colder months.

Shabu Zen
78 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134

Nov 21, 2010
jforman in Greater Boston Area

How far can $50 stretch at Oishii?

If you've got a $50 GC, skip the South End Oishii and head to Chestnut Hill Oishii. Also you might consider adding $20-30 of your own to the tab, if only to give you more variety of the many hand rolls, baked rolls and other offerings. My DC and I have been able to get out of the CH Oishii for years for $75-80 and be satisfyingly full (almost stuffed I'd say).

I say skip the South End because the couple of times I have been there, once to try it, another time to confirm my suspicion, I found it to be hideously expensive for what you get. The kind of feeling you get when you order a $75 omakase, look at the plate and think "Seriously? That's it?"

Nov 11, 2010
jforman in Greater Boston Area


Check out Tory Row in Harvard Square. You get a great portion of very tasty mussels with some toasted bread that is never enough to sop up all the juice leftover in the wok.

Tory Row
3 Brattle St, Cambridge, MA 02138

Sep 30, 2010
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Chicken parm w/ pasta and salad; take out for a party

Check out Bob's in Medford, not too far out of the way (depending on where you are coming from in Cambridge). They make a great chicken parm accompanied by penne and a thick red sauce. Salads are huge as well.

324 Main Street, Medford

Sep 08, 2010
jforman in Greater Boston Area

In Annapolis, looking for crab?

A Boston 'hound will be in Annapolis over the weekend with a few hours to kill on Saturday. I am looking for a real simple, by-the-docks type of place where I can buy some crab already cooked and enjoy.

I will have a car and GPS.


East by Northeast - Open

I was actually at ExNE last night for dinner, and myself and my DC's asked the same question. Someone who seemed to be of authority told us that they are currently not open for lunch, but hope to in the 'near future.'

As for the food, it was good. Albeit a bit pork heavy (which is how felt about Coppa, but I digress). The bill for four of us, including one adult beverage, was $143. Which surprised me, since we probably had 3 dishes a piece (the menu recommendeds 3-4 per person).

The pork belly on small brioche bun was the hit of the night, and we ordered two portions of this (two pieces per order). Also the dumplings were outstanding, one of pork with a pumpkin-like reduction to dip the dumplings into. The other of shrimp, which tasted more generically fishy than shrimp.

All in all, I will keep an eye on this place, as the food is good, albeit surprisingly pricey for four people on a random weekday evening. I wish the menu was more expansive, as we found we were ordering the same dish 2-3 times.

Jan 14, 2010
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Taza Chocolates Factory Tour w/Tastes!

I went today to the open house. Myself and three others got there around 915am, and a crowd had already formed for the 10am open.

We were ushered into a make-shift store that had bread racks lined with their product. Behind the bread racks they were handing out samples of the hot chocolate (made with their cinnamon chocolate I believe, which happens to be my favorite) and little squares of each of their Mexican chocolate and standard dark chocolate.

We were ushered into another room, in groups of maybe 25-30 and given a 10-15 minute explanation of their production process. Shown the machine which seperates the shell from the cocoa nib. After this we were brought back into the store room for purchases and such. By the time we were done, the place was mobbed with kids and families alike.

All in all, worth going, and interesting to hear that a 20 person company churns out 6k pounds (I think) a month of product, all hand wrapped.

Dec 05, 2009
jforman in Greater Boston Area

I've never had Lobster, Mac and Cheese...any recs in Boston?

Not exactly in the South End, but a short drive, is Publick House in Brookline along Beacon Street. Their Mac and Cheese is outstanding, both gooey and filling, with the large array of filings to add. Which given that you've never had lobster or mac and cheese, why not combine them? And the beer ain't bad either...


Oct 17, 2009
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Where to buy aged sake in Boston?

It just so happens I was at O Ya earlier this week, had the same sake and have been searching for it as well I've found a couple online retailers, one out of CA (, but have not attempted to buy it because of the aforementioned laws prohibiting inbound alcohol shipment to MA.

Did you end up finding it anywhere local?

Sep 19, 2009
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Fiance's birthday this weekend. What's your favorite tasting menu recommendations?

I whole heartedly agree here on the choice of Craigie On Main. (I actually went to O Ya myself tonight and had the omakase. Great food, but holy cow is it expensive)

I went to CoM the night I got engaged back in April, both myself and my fiance got the 6 course tasting menu. We both have very open pallets, and no food allergies, so we were at the chef's whim. We went from foie gras to sweet breads, tempura asparagus and lamb. All of which were outstanding. The food was great, and not as pretentious as I expected given the restaurant's reputation. We did not order any alcohol since my boss ended up sending a bottle of champagne courtesy of my office. The meal came out to $175 for both of us, and I cannot wait to go back for other celebratory meals.

Sep 17, 2009
jforman in Greater Boston Area

Boston chow in SEA, looking for dinner recs

I am from Boston, and will be in Seattle for a few weekdays in the coming week. I am staying down near Pikes Market, but have a car and am looking for a couple dinner recommendations:

1. A sushi place. Whether it's a hole in the wall, or the 'place to blow your yearly bonus from work that Seattle sushi-lovers put on their special list', I am open to anything.
2. Something 'uniquely Seattle.' Whether that means dishes that include local seafood, or local veggies or just a place that reminds you of your home city/region.

I am not looking for anything formal (more than a pair of slacks for men).


Apr 11, 2009
jforman in Pacific Northwest