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Reservoir in Silverlake?

i ate their last night, and was less than impressed.
Its a total bummer, because I live in the neighborhood and have been eagerly awaiting the opening....
The entire restaurant is panoramic windows that look out onto the parking lot/valet drop-off. Very strange. I sit in traffic all day, i dont really want to look at a parking lot while I eat.
The food was OK. A bit pricey for the neighborhood (and the economy).
I agrree that there was nothing warm or inviting about the interior. Its a view of a parking lot (or 7-11) with a constant stream of headlights. There is nothing to buffer it - no window treatments, no plants. Netty's used to have the most amazing succulant garden, and they mysteriously ripped it all out and replaced with pea gravel. Very odd choice.
As for the food, We had 2 apps, 2 mains and dessert (and tried another friends main). Not bad, but nothing worth mentioning. Sort of bland. So-so pizza, average lasagna. Fish was Ok. I could go into specifics, but honestly it was nothing memorable. The server was very nice if a little chilly.
Nothing about the restaurant felt like the cozy neighborhood joint its meant to be. I guess I was hoping for the warmth of Little Doms or bustling bar service like at Mozza.
Again, the food was OK, but for the price and the bleak view, I wont be back.

Mar 20, 2009
foundla in Los Angeles Area