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British candy (Curly Wurly) in the Portland, Oregon area?

There's a place in Lake Oswego called Lady Di's British Store & Tea Room that sells UK fare. It's kind of overpriced though.

Jan 07, 2010
lalario in Metro Portland

PDX: Lunch in Clackamas

I'm meeting some friends for lunch tomorrow in the Clackamas area (essentially halfway between Gresham and L&C) and we need some recommendations. We're not very picky but one of my friends doesn't like spicy food (as in hot). However, we're still open to cuisines that tend to be spicer (to generalize: Thai, Mexican). We're also not really in the mood for sushi. We're college students too so something on the lower end of the price range would be preferred. I did a quick google and found lots and lots and lots of chain restaurants. It would be better if it wasn't a chain restaurant but it's fine if that's what it comes to.

To sum up:
-Clackamas area
-Not spicy
-Not sushi
-Cheap (yet still delicious)
-Preferably not a chain


Jan 07, 2010
lalario in Metro Portland

Good Bad Hot Cocoa

I never buy instant hot chocolate. Instead I heat up a mug of milk in the microwave. Add unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar and a splash of vanilla. Viola! Delicious hot chocolate! It's about 1 step harder to make than the instant stuff and tastes a million times better.

Jan 02, 2010
lalario in Features

Maple Buttercream

I made this tonight and I had to add A LOT more sugar to it to get it even remotely spreadable. It was good though

Nov 25, 2009
lalario in Recipes

Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

Who said this recipe was for children anyway?


Aug 26, 2009
lalario in Recipes

Time for School Lunch

The lady bugs on a raft would never look like that when the container was opened at lunch. It would be a sticky peanut buttery mess.

Aug 19, 2009
lalario in Features

Fast and easy popcorn

Can you put staples in the microwave? That seems like a bad idea.

Jul 15, 2009
lalario in Recipes

Diet Shake Showdown

I tried Special K water one time and it tasted like what I imagine hummingbird food would taste like.

Jul 11, 2009
lalario in Features

Leaving a Massive Tip

Granted I haven't read all of the posts, but why, Springs, did you only tip 8% after the server apologized, provided a potential explanation for the 30c overcharge and had your check fixed? I'm not saying that it was okay to be overcharged, but your check was fixed. What's the big deal?

Anyway. Back on topic-ish. One time we went to a nice little Japanese place for lunch. Our lunch came with a little salad that had a delicious house made dressing on it. When we asked about it, the waitress gave us a take home container of it at no extra charge. When it came time for the bill, the waitress misread the handwritten ticket (which even I did at first ) and shorted us $10 in change. We brought it to her attention, she apologized and brought us the correct amount. We still tipped her more than 20%.

Jul 06, 2009
lalario in Features

Scared about Salem

I agree with the Roth's, Lifesource and Fitt's suggestions...

As far as restaurant recommendations go I would say definitely go to Da Vinci's... ...and Morton's Bistro in West Salem is also fantastic.

For breakfast I would head to the Original Pancake House (it's a chain but still really good) or Busick Court...

The Soup Cellar has great soup (obviously) and even better juice, though I haven't been there since they moved...

Young's Teriyaki is a good place for a good teriyaki fix. (Sorry couldn't find a website


And the last restaurant... Kwan's for Chinese food. Definitely the best in town and the owner/chef is very nice.

Hopefully this helps a bit. Salem is a bit of a hole (I was born there, I'm allowed to say that) but it is quite charming and after doing a bit of exploring you can find some really good places to eat.

Mar 20, 2009
lalario in Pacific Northwest