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Ten best things to eat in Boston

Definitely some repeats here, but this is my list.

Cuban - Chez Henri
Taramosalata - Greek Corner
Blue Cheese fries - B Side (RIP)
Pureed Parsnips - Garden at the Cellar
Tuna Tartar - Tangierino
Yom Nuer - Khao Sarn
Maz Asado - Toro
Fried Pickles - Redbones
#3 pizza (spinach, sweet potato, garlic caramelized onions, rosemary sauce mozzerella and goat cheese) - Emmas
Green beans with lime and sea salt - Forrest Cafe
DGGC with sweet potato fries - Friendly Toast (ok not even Massachusetts... but soon to be!)

Oh crap, that's 11. And I forgot the Green Olive and Walnut salad with pomegranate seeds at Sofra.