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Best Milkshakes in Santa Monica

I have lived in Santa Monica for some time now and have not found a good milkshake yet, though to be honest I have only been to a couple of places. What is everyone's favorite milkshake in Santa Monica/Venice? I would love to "follow up" on your research help!

Mar 22, 2009
mcclusk187 in Los Angeles Area

Where can I buy Fresh Cherry Peppers on the Westside (on anywhere in LA)?

Hi, I live in Santa Monica and want to make fresh stuffed Cherry Peppers. They don't have fresh ones at Vons or Whole Foods or any of the other small markets I have gone to in SM & Venice?

I bought the jarred ones once but they were many steps down from the fresh ones I used to make in Chicago.

Any suggestions? I go into Downtown and Hollywood every weekday, so those are in play.

Thank you.

Mar 20, 2009
mcclusk187 in Los Angeles Area