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Galangal in Calgary??????

I just bought fresh galangal at T&T at the Harvest Hills store -- #1000 - 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd. N. E., See http://tinyurl.com/T-THarvestHills for Google map.

Aug 14, 2009
clibbob in Prairie Provinces

vietwest now in Calgary North Centre

Hi Jenn-g --

As far as I know, it's the same place. The owner is a very friendly guy called Larry, but I can't remember the rest of the family's names. Larry's wife (and possibly his mother or mother-in-law) do the cooking and the daughter serves when needed.

My son & his family were just out visiting from Montreal where they have oodles of great Vietnamese restaurants. We took them to Vietwest for our farewell dinner and they all loved their food. The teenagers & mom are vegetarians and found lots of veggie food to choose from and my son likes his meals hot! and had absolutely no complaints.

Service was great even though it was the holiday Monday and the restaurant was pretty full when we arrived about a half-hour before closing. We stayed about 10-15 minutes after it had closed but you couldn't tell -- there was no effort to get us out -- and Larry was just as cheerful when we left as he always is.

If I seem to go on about this place, it's because we are really happy to finally have a super Vietnamese resto close to us and hope they stay a long, long time. Every time we go there, we see more and more people in the pl;ce so I think it's likely it will be successful. I tend to eavesdrop on conversations as people leave and mostly what I hear is "We loved your place before and are so happy to find you close to us." or just "We're so happy that you moved here."

Aug 06, 2009
clibbob in Prairie Provinces

vietwest now in Calgary North Centre

I wanted to tell you how excited we were to find that a great Vietnamese restaurant moved into our neighbourhood.

vietwest restaurant (formerly on 2nd Avenue) has just officially opened on 5616 4th St. NW and we couldn't be happier. In the last week we have eaten there 4 times, choosing different dishes each time and all were great. They have the standard list of Vietnamese offerings but the flavour is intense and the spicing right on. It is a family-run operation; Mom in the kitchen, Dad (Larry) out front or their daughter. All very friendly.

The salad rolls are extremely fresh, especially the Satay Beef ones (Larry said they have to make them to order or the delicate wrapper disintegrates with the heat of the satay beef). The soup broths are fragrant and rich -- I took the leftover broth home last night & when I went to heat it up for lunch today, it was totally jellied -- a great sign of a well-prepared broth).

They have a few interesting combos as appetizers which might do a light eater for a full meal -- #8 is 2 Lalot beef rolls, 2 spring rolls & 2 shrimp salad rolls -- #7 is 2 grilled shrimp skewers, 2 spring rols & 2 shrimp salad rolls. All were great.

They also do great subs - crispy rolls filled to the brim with various tasty ingredients. There's a small vegetarian section, as well as buns and rice dishes.

Hope you can give them a visit sometime -- they deserve it.

Jul 14, 2009
clibbob in Prairie Provinces

New Korean Restaurant - Sura

I wanted to let you know about a great new Korean restaurant in our area - Sura Korean Restaurant - 2320 4 St. NW in Calgary. It replaces the eminently forgetable Olive Garden (or some name like that) but the street signs for the old resto are still up. Good parking lot, by the way, and very nicely decorated inside with linen tablecloths, not necessarily a wise choice when Westerners eat with chopsticks.

We haven't yet tried their $10 lunch special but it looks like a lot of food for the money. However we have eaten twice at supper and both times found the food and service exceptional. They give 7 or 8 side dishes and not only your standard kimchi, bean sprouts, etc. Every dish was delicious and different from the others. The main courses were colourful, well presented, generous servings and very tasty. Warning -- when they say spicy, they mean it!

The menu ranges from bi-bim-bap at $11 or bulgogis starting at $13 to an assortment of hotpots for two in the $24 to $32 range, a bit pricy for us but we're cheap. There are some dishes I've never seen before in Calgary, such as Spicy & Sour Skate-Wing platter (for sharing as an appetizer) and a whole chicken cooked in ginseng, dates and something I can't remember for $22 which we will try the next time we go.