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I am a huge fan of Drogheria della Rosa! The meal always starts with a wonderful copa of champagne, and Emanuele, the owner, will be thrilled to recommend wines from the area and will even let you visit his cava underneath the restaurant which has a beautiful selection of italian wines. He will also be delighted to share his love of opera with you.

Best of all the restaurant is just a couple blocks away from Sorbetteria di Castiglione, where you will enjoy a not to be missed gelato!

Oct 31, 2010
chuco in Italy

Madrid: Navajas a la plancha

Just got back from Madrid and ate Navajas a la plancha twice! They are so incredibly good -- the wonderful flavor of a clam/mussel with the texture of a tender calamar.

I would recommend the Taberna Maceiras at Huerta, 66 (very close to the Prado). It is a Galician style restaurant with a great atmosphere although it is always packed so expect to wait in a very unorganized line!

Also walk into some of the residential neighborhoods near Salamanca and you will find plenty of Cervezerias that carry them and will cook them up for you.

Apr 02, 2009
chuco in Spain/Portugal

Great Churros

I am off to Madrid and Sevilla next week on a quest to find the best churros and chocolate. Would appreciate any recommendations on where to find them!

Mar 20, 2009
chuco in Spain/Portugal