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Your favorite Le Creuset color

Cobalt is my favorite blue-- a true French blue. Adds cool tones to my Flame and Dijon.

Apr 12, 2014
katmendez in Cookware

Your favorite Le Creuset color

wow, i'm checking into this thread after 3 years!! flame seems to be the most popular choice, which makes sense as it's THE classic LC color. it's my 2nd favorite.

my favorite is still dijon: an elegant yellow. it's also incredible happy, affecting the mood at the table.

after dijon and flame, i like cobalt and cassis as accent colors. the quad together looks so lovely!

Jul 08, 2012
katmendez in Cookware

Your favorite Le Creuset color

DIJON (yellow) ! ! ! Everyone goes for Flame (orange). I dined at the home of my interior decorator friend, who laid out her table with Kate Spade dinnerware from the Gramercy Park line (multi-colored), accented with several pieces of LC in Dijon. The Kate Spade was gorgeous, but the LC in Dijon simply made the table! The particular shade of mustard yellow was so cheerful and elegant (yellow is rarely elegant). I strongly recommend LC in Dijon with smaller accents in Flame and Caribbean (turquoise blue). This is an unbeatable combination.

I have:
3 large pieces in Dijon (yellow)
1 small Fondue pot in Flame (orange)
stoneware accents in Caribbean (turquoise blue)

Mar 19, 2009
katmendez in Cookware