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Cast Iron Dutch Ovens - which brand best?

Can someone on this thread help me identify a fantastic little Dutch Oven I picked up in Germany ?

It has been amazing and I would love to buy more of the same. Hands down the finest quality, finish, style, and functioning D.O. I have ever seen.

There are a few pics here :

about 18 hours ago
PoppiYYZ in Cookware

Le Creuset deal at The Bay

Thanks g,

Do you know the manufacturer of your SAS Mart DO ? Any markings ?

I've seen some Lodge with the lid dimples on the inside.

Please help identify Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Hi JB,

Shame they didn't put some identifier on it isn't it. I even tried contacting the store in Germany to see if they can help. I wasn't able to find any current Cast Iron showing on their website.

I'm planning on buying a larger D.O. and was thinking about something enameled, but I'd love to find more of this style.

The search continues...

Dec 15, 2014
PoppiYYZ in Cookware

Please help identify Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Thanks Houcasey,

I bought it new at a large department store called Möbel Walther (now a Höffner) in Lieblos Germany (near Frankfurt) back in the early 90s. The surface inside and out is much smoother than any cast iron I've seen (including my few Lodge products). It was that was when I bought it.

The mark you mentioned on the bottom is a double circular imprint in the middle of the base. No lettering or symbols.

Thanks for your interest.

Dec 14, 2014
PoppiYYZ in Cookware

Please help identify Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Hi all,

I purchased this small 2 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven in Germany many years ago. It has been a fantastic workhorse that cooks perfectly and absolutely nothing sticks to it.

It is also a real beauty. Very smooth all over except for very faint concentric circles on the base it sits on. Unfortunately there are no identifying markings at all.

I've searched many times looking at images but I haven't found anything quite like it. I'd love to buy more pieces if I can find out what brand it is.

Can anyone please help identify it ?

Many Thanks.

BTW, Inside diameter is about 6 3/4" and it is about 3 1/4" deep, if that helps.

Dec 14, 2014
PoppiYYZ in Cookware

Le Creuset deal at The Bay

Hi gttahaveit,

No, it is smooth all over, inside and out. No markings at all, and only the faintest concentric circles on the bottom surface it sits on.

You have inspired me. I'll post on the general website to see if someone can identify it. Thanks.

Le Creuset deal at The Bay

Wow !

Awesome price ! I have been seriously looking for a 3.3L round LC for a Xmas gift (that I may also get to use on occasion !). Prices ranged from $400 at the Bay, $343 at Wm Sonoma, $258 at Hendrix, and $239 on Amazon (.com).

Sad to hear about the possible China resourcing, and potential (likely) quality changes. Was willing to pay for a LC because of all the worship, but now I think I need to do some homework. BTW, Homework is code for I don't think I'll buy one...

I guess I'll stick to a little 2.0L cast iron gem I bought in Germany. No markings on it at all unfortunately, but this is a piece of art, and is a cooking Genie. NOTHING sticks to it. Really wish I could find out what make this is...

Millstone Bread in Cobourg - Vollkornbrot & Stollen

Thanks fD,

Didn't catch the website error. More here too :


Try everything you can when you visit and check out that wood fired oven. Your friend is very very lucky to be so near....

Millstone Bread in Cobourg - Vollkornbrot & Stollen

Big Bump F.t.

MillStone is rocking the Stollen again this year ! Dense, but tender, crumbly, sweet, and chewy when eaten. Lots of flavorful chewy bits inside and dusted with a sweet powder on the outside.

Very very tasty indeed.

Heavy German Rye bread for open faced sandwiches

Wanted to mention that the Vollkorn bread from MillStone Bread in Cobourg makes an amazing open face. Dense, sourdough tang, and great flavor. Sorry I cant recommend a bakery closer, but I wanted to mention Vollkorn as a suggestion for your sandwiches.

MillStone's wood oven breads are amazing if you ever get out that way, or know someone driving by. Their Vollkorn is made on most Tuesdays and they will hold a loaf if you call.

Today's menu : variety of open faced sandwiches (with MS Vollkorn bought yesterday !), knoblauchsuppe, and small side salad. Did someone say Riesling... :-D

Buffalo Recommendations from Ontario Hounds [split from Ontario]

Wish-bone is available in most grocery stores.

Really REALLY crappy website, but you can look up specific locations here for each product :


Buffalo Recommendations from Ontario Hounds [split from Ontario]

Wish-Bone Salad Dressings. Their Ranch and Chunky Blue Cheese are the best. I've only tried these two, but if you have another favorite, I'd give it a try too. They seem to have things figured out.

Sadly not available in Canada.

Denninger's Locations?

I've found all three have pretty much the same selection of what I'm looking for (coffee/teas, pickles/preserves/condiments, breads, sweeties, cheeses/meats,...). If you have something special you want, might try calling ahead first.

If you want something closer, Brandt's (I'd guess slightly larger than Denningers) and Starsky's (a European Super Store !). Both in Mississauga and both great stores to browse-shop in.

BTW, why isn't it "An" European Super Store, huh...

fried calamari

Had a snack of fried Calamari at the Keg Mansion on Jarvis. Decent sized order, light crispy coating, and fresh tasting calamari. Very very good indeed.

It also came with mayo based dip and a great tasting spicy sweet chili dip (very similar to a General Tso sauce).

Where's the best fried chicken in the GTA ?


Made to order ? Just like Nana made ? Sounds like it's worth a try.

Fresh fried is the only way to go. Chain fried chicken made by min wage teens isn't, and is why it is so inconsistent and generally crappy, greasy, mushy,...

BTW, how were Broaster's fries and other sides ? Detailed descriptions please.

Let's hear who has the best onion rings in Toronto!

Mind blasting.

Let's hear who has the best onion rings in Toronto!

Just should mention that the little tower of onion rings with the Momofuku burger is pretty righteous. Thick cut, tempura style batter containing little bits of flavor enhancers.

Sorry I cant exactly remember all the details. I had a food bliss black out eating that meal and came to on the sidewalk outside.

2014 Beaujolais Nouveau

"brought back", from where ?

Which BN did you taste ?

Dough for the Onion Tart is rising (really an onion pizza with sage, Gruyere, and crispy prosciutto). Party's tonight.

Bicks Dill Pickles Copycat Recipe

You have obviously given this a lot of tasting, what spices (if any) do you pick up in the Bicks ? Getting the spice mix right is the most important and difficult part of the process. Commercial pickling spice is OK for corned beef, but it doesn't work for pickles or pickled eggs.

BTW, Diamond Kosher salt is reported to be the one to use since not all Kosher salts are the same.

2014 Beaujolais Nouveau

Bought some of each and plan on doing a wine tasting party with the four Beaujolais, then drink the rest with Onion Tart and Black Pepper Gruyere Popovers (can't bake worth a @#$%, but seem to be able to nail a Popover AND Yorkshire Pudding, go figure).

Will report, but it is selling fast.

Bicks Dill Pickles Copycat Recipe

Hey VV, It's worth a try. Make a jar (Starsky's sells loose pickling cucumbers so you can buy what you want), and adjust recipe to taste.

My homemade vinegar pickles are a simple old family recipe and it's very similar to Strub's recipe. It is just water, vinegar, garlic, salt (kosher), and fresh dill too. They're great, but I've been wanting to make some with a little more spice added.

Bicks has some pickling spice in it I believe. Tried making some once using regular McCormicks pickling spice but it was way wrong (way too much bay and cloves). Next time, will try adding mustard and coriander seed, some blk pepper, little bay and red chili, and a TINY bit of dill seed, clove, and allspice.

BTW, the pickling spice blend debate spills over into pickled eggs too...

Not a fan of Burger Priest or Holy Chuck? Wanted to be but....

Yes. He went straight, used public assistance to get his degree in Food Sciences, started his own company, and is now an international Slime Tycoon !

Bicks Dill Pickles Copycat Recipe

This will probably get bumped to Recipes, but I hate to see someone hangin'

Can't help about a copy cat Bicks recipe unfortunately, but there are so many (better IMHO) dills out there. Swing by Starskys in Mississauga to try a couple of fresh made brands, or go to the source Tymeks in Etobicoke.

If you are adventurous, there are many threads for homemade vinegar dills (like Bicks) or if you are REALLY energetic, try making homemade fermented dills. You may never eat another pickle again ! We make both types, eat fermented as long as they last, then switch to the back up vinegar dills. BTW, Starsky's usually has the little cucumbers all year round.

Not a fan of Burger Priest or Holy Chuck? Wanted to be but....

Correction : Pink Slim. And it's making a comeback...


Have a bucket handy if you read this article's description on how they make it. All together : EWWW !

Favorite Plum Sauce

Use plum sauce occasionally but all the ones I tried taste so "chemically" and fake. Any recommendations on a store bought brand that you like ?

Even better if you have a homemade plum sauce recipe that tastes great !


Nov 24, 2014
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

2014 Beaujolais Nouveau

I kinda do like new wines. Six French Nouveau wines offered at the LCBO as of last Thursday. Any tasting feedback ?

Mommessin Beaujolais Nouveau, 750 mL, $13.95
Art’s Beaujolais Primeur Nouveau, 750 mL, $13.95
Catalans Primeur Syrah Merlot, 750 mL, $9.95
DeBoeuf Gamay Nouveau, 750 mL, $9.95

Beaujolais Villages Nouveau (Joseph Drouhin), 750 mL, $15.95
Beaujolais Villages Nouveau (G. Duboeuf), 750 mL, $14.95

One person's opinion :

Heart healthy eating

A fellow I worked with was in a similar situation and he traveled and therefore ate out alot often in unfamiliar locations. His technique was to select one of the healthiest options on the menu, ask questions about the meal, and explain to the server his dietary needs & wants (without needing to go into too much detail as to why).

It worked great. His meal ingredients, preparation, and portions were readily adapted. I honestly think it gave the kitchen staff a fresh challenge and his meals often looked better than the standard fair !

Not a fan of Burger Priest or Holy Chuck? Wanted to be but....

OMG they look great !

Sadly, I am bakery challenged. Baked good are the one thing I am totally reliant on the generosity of others...

Not a fan of Burger Priest or Holy Chuck? Wanted to be but....

You are not alone petek. I also agree with you and so does Bobby Flay (a flat top burger guy):

“All you need is salt and pepper on both sides of the patty. You don’t need any ‘secret ingredients’ inside the burger itself. That’s meatloaf; I hate that.”


Season patties generously but no salt bomb. Salt (outside only) immediately before cooking, add quality pepper immediately after cooking, and serve immediately (IMHO).

Not a fan of Burger Priest or Holy Chuck? Wanted to be but....

Sorry GG,

I live out of town (mostly) and had a fantastic local bakery that made them. They were crazy good and with fresh 6mm ground boneless blade (shoulder), resulted in a burger WAY better than BP or HC (I add extra white fat from the butcher and even grind in a fat trimmed from their dry aged ribeyes - free!). Sadly the bakery stopped selling to the public a few months ago and only supplies restaurants now.

Have tried and tried and tried to find any type of potato bun in TO without any luck. Not giving up though.

Maybe time to bump this thread.