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Does anyone know where to buy these kimchi containers in Toronto?

Any KC recipes you prefer ? Always looking for a new tip.

This years Wild Leek Kimchi is ready to eat !

Does anyone know where to buy these kimchi containers in Toronto?

Large 1 or 1.5 liter mason jar works perfectly for making KC. Ferment at room temp for a day or two, in fridge thereafter, then eat...

The stuff in the container is what's important.

Frozen Rhubarb

Frozen rhubarb ? It is growing out of the ground, everywhere, right now, in Ontario. 'Tis the season...

Why not go for fresh ?

Wild leeks are up!

Ha ha,

Make a rhubarb sauce for desert and you'll be really using everything available !!

Wild leeks are up!

Typically Ostrichfern.


Ostrichferns grow out of a cluster. Pick one or two fiddleheads from each cluster to leave behind a vigorous plant (for next years fiddleheads).

Wild leeks are up!

Humber College has a one day course on wild edibles on their Etobicoke campus. I've taken it a few times since it is so much fun. Really surprising how much is available on their grounds (very beautiful grounds I might add).

There is a course this Saturday !


Wild leeks are up!

Ha ha,

Nuthin' flips 'Ol Man Winter "the bird" like a hot bowl of leek or asparagus soup with a few garlic crostinis on a cold February afternoon ! Tastes just like spring time.

Happy preserving.

Wild leeks are up!

There are other things coming up to...

PS The hop plants have grown over a foot in the last two days - seriously ! After a slow start and most things being two weeks behind schedule, Mother Nature has gone full throttle !!

Wild leeks are up!

Great year for wild leeks ! Fiddleheads are now starting now too !!

BTW, it is now spring wild turkey season, and there are many landowners out hunting in FULL camo.

What to bring back from Quebec (Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City)

St-Viateur Bagels get a lot of love. Last trip I did a head to head with Fairmount (plain bagels), Fairmount is still the winner IMHO. BTW, swing into Wilensky's Light Lunch a few doors down from Fairmount for a sandwich and some history (might run into David Chang).

La Vieille Europe Cheese is a couple of doors from Schwartz's. Friendly staff, great selection of Quebec cheese. They package in small portions so just ask for suggestions and try 6-8 types.

Some excellent cheese suggestions :
Le 1608 fromagerie De Charlevoix Raw Milk,

Le Migneron de Charlevoix fromagerie Maison d'affinage Maurice Dufour, Baie Saint Paul,

Zacharie Cloutier Pur Brebis Raw Milk from Fromagerie Nouvelle France,

Le Cendrillon 2009 World Champion cheese by La Maison D'Alexis de Portneuf, Saint Raymond QC,

Maison Alexis de Portneuf, Saint Raymond QC,

Bleu Ermite fromagerie Abbaye St-Benoit,

Pied De Vent Iles de la Madeleine Raw Milk

caviar in toronto

Bump. Anyone try any of the products from Caviar Center 220 Duncan Mill Road ?

Wild leeks are up!

Pickled Ramps ? Try making fermented Kimchi with them. PURE heaven. Your love will turn to lust...

Wild leeks are up!

You are right K,

I live in the country and spend a lot of time outdoors. The amount of trespassing and poaching, plus the regular lack of respect for private property is absolutely astonishing. Buying "foraged" products is almost certainly supporting that type of behavior.

I was amazed to see extremely uniform, clean, and entire bulb wild leeks in Ottawa's Byward Market early last May coming from Quebec. They could not have been foraged so someone must be farming them.

(PS This years Apfelwein is Da' Bomb ! Still can rack a bottle with your name on it).

Wild leeks are up!

Not sure if wild asparagus is a different variety or just a plant growing in the wild. They do take many years to grow from seed into a plant big enough to pick and eat.

I do however see "random / wild" large asparagus plants growing everywhere. They look like a scrawny but tall dill plant and once you recognize them you'll see them everywhere (ditches, sides of fields,...). By the time you spot and recognize them though, they've grown too tall to eat (since you eat the starting shoots in the spring before they start to open up). You can make a note of their location and go back to pick next spring.

A neighbor spotted one on the side of the road, dug up the crown and transplanted it to his garden, and it is producing nicely each year. Go figure !

Wild leeks are up!

Fiddle heads wont be far behind !

Amazingly though, no sign at all of the garlic or asparagus in the garden and rhubarb are just little buds. Everything seems to be a little behind...

Spring is coming though, the Ospreys are back !

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Just enjoyed some amazing plump, ripe, and very flavorful strawberries from California. Costing anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 a pound. Florida strawberries must be coming into Toronto now too.

Makes me wonder at the ridiculous price for local berries - of inferior quality - that I get from my local guy in the spring / early summer.

PS - When I say local, I mean less than 10km away. Not the "New" definition of local, meaning anywhere near Ontario :


(Sorry, but I just have to stir the pot)

Looking for maple water in Toronto

Many Maple Syrup producers will sell / give you some sap if you stop in for a visit and bring your own container. Buying some syrup from them will improve your chances of getting some sap from them.

Sap has a very short shelf life and it will start to go off / ferment within a few days. Get really fresh sap and be sure to keep it almost at freezing temperatures to extend shelf life.

Locate some local Maple Syrup producers with these links and give them a call:


Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Fried Chicken = BBQ ? Sometimes, and with unbelievable results.

Bar-B-Q King in Charlotte NC makes fan-fricken-tastic fried chicken then dunks the whole pieces in their tasty tangy BBQ sauce. Think of a really good Buffalo wing - only bigger. Eaten fast it is crispy and sloppy !!

Who had the good fried chicken Charles, Lancaster Smoke House or Hog's Tail ?

Sap's Running

Yes indeed. It is Maple Sap Beer season for all you home brewers !

A little light reading and some inspiration :



I ordered from Stuffers since they also carried many hard to find items. Fast reliable supply.

New Yorker looking for quintessential Toronto cheap eats

Ha ha,

I do EXACTLY the same thing with Google Maps. Man is it handy to avoid missing something special when exploring in a certain part of a town. Would love to get more of your NYC suggestions !

That said, these are some of the inexpensive spots on my TO map :
Queen Margherita Pizza (closest to Luzzo's in TO)
Swatow Chinese especially the soups
Holy Chuck burgers
Burgers Priests
Que Huong Banh Mi
Bahn Mi Boyz
Bagel House (3 locations)
Kristapsons smoked salmon
California veal sandwiches (multi locations)
Shawarma Empire
Duffs Wings
Caplansky's Deli
Guu Izakaya
Le Gourmand Cafe
One That Got Away seafood sandwiches
Kum Hong BBQ pork - char sui
Falafel World - Queen Str West
Museum Tavern for a cocktail
Bar Hop for a beer
G Brandt and Starsky's Europoean Groceries
Carousel Bakery peameal sandwich and explore the St Lawrence Market

There are some outstanding burgers in Toronto, up there with Corner, JG Melon, and Burger Joint. Personally I think Marben and Momofuko Daisho are world class. Also check out tastyburgers.ca and see if you find any of Michael's burger suggestions worthy of a place on your Google Map.

I know some are outside your range for this trip, but maybe they're map worthy for next time...

BTW, I have asked similar questions about other towns. I'm always disappointed when I get the "depends what your looking for" response.

I am looking for red pickled peppers stuffed with cabbage

Hate to see someone hanging, especially when the post contains the word "pickled"!!

Sorry I can't help with a place to buy the stuffed peppers, but your post reminded me of a favorite family dish made by an elderly Uncle. You weren't specific in your description, but this may be what you are looking for.

The uncle followed this recipe, but stuffed whole red peppers with the rest of the ingredients. I make it with peppers sliced as described since it is easier and jars better. It is excellent.

Hope this helps.

Places singles can go for dinner in downtown Toronto?

You think that what you describe doesn't already exist ?

If you are 'seriously' willing to pay, there are those who are willing to take it and will deliver.

Finding reasonably priced Morel mushrooms in Missisauga

Fresh Ontario is in April and/or May. BC season will be earlier, but it is still too soon. Occasionally see them dried at SLM. No such thing as a reasonably price morel.

Even if you know of a producing secret patch, chances are it will take you some hours and some gas to get them.

Best Ground Espresso for Purchase in a Grocery Store

Wow, thanks C.

I strongly suggest you submit your resume - along with a copy of that review - to President Alberto Lavazza. You'll be running his marketing department by the end of the week !

I'll definitely give it a try ! Thanks again.

Best Ground Espresso for Purchase in a Grocery Store

Big Bump.

Got my sweet little stove top espresso maker all cleaned and shined up, and looking for a updates on ground espresso for home use. Whole bean is also OK since I have a coffee grinder.

Any updates on favorite espresso coffee for home use ?

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

I'm always suspicious, maybe just my nature, so I prefer to get to know the farmer and buy direct. Most farms will sell direct or let you know where they do sell their products (like farmers markets). Also many farms do CSAs and also deliver.

May not be an option for you since it is less convenient than a shop, but at least you will know what you are getting, eliminate the middle man (and their mark up), and also get to know the producer.


Maybe Dean Tudor will share the name of their farmer, sounds like they found a good one.

ISO Great Tonkatsu

Great crispy pork cutlet is the easy part (thin from tenderloin is best IMO), killer Tonkatsu sauce is the tricky bit. Bull Dog is meh. Easy to make at home though :


However, substitute sake for sherry, reduce sugar a little and add some mirin instead, and add a splash of chicken stock to thin as desired. Really awesome stuff.

Sorry about the recipe mods. But this is WAY better than that bottled stuff.

Traditional curing, preserving, baking, cooking classes taught by a grandmother or grandfather?

Hey, I'm serious about starting a Local Group. "Homeschooled" is an awesome name !

I'm no expert, but have learned a lot, am willing to share, and would love to learn more.

Anyone else interested ?

So sad: Vachon cakes are not what they used to be. They changed the recipe!

Seriously. No disrespect for those who like them, or the fine people making them,

but a cake, likely many weeks old, in a semi brittle plastic wrapper, occasionally containing a cream-like substance, and stored at room temperature, should only be eaten by space travellers with no other option and craving a sweetie to over come the sudden onset of fear caused by hurtling through the ultra-cold empty vacuum of space.

Or maybe also by ComicCon revelers wanting to taste what space travellers eat.

Even as a kid I found the "original flavour" Vachon cakes un-worldly.