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Recommendations For: Most Like Being In...

Yup. The Musket is like a divey German Gasthaus inside. Roulden, schnitzels, and Warsteiner on tap. Lots of German spoken, and the rest is English with an accent.

New Yorker looking for quintessential Toronto cheap eats

Sounds like a very successful Road Trip. I had to let my belt out a notch after just reading of the multi course lunch you had on Day 2. Holy COW !!

Now, I am coming to New York for a 4 day / 3 night eat fest in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions ?

Some of the plans are :
The Smoke Joint
Brindle Room (already loved Corner and JB Melon burgers)
Russ and Daughters

and take home from : Levain bakery, Kalustyan, Kitchen Arts and Letters, and Davidoff.

Buying great olive oil

Great tip Charles,

Styrian Pumpkins seem to be making some in-roads in Canada. In fact Richters has been selling seed for planting the last two years.

I even heard of a commercial grower (although small scale) growing Styrian Pumpkins in Ontario south of London. A great eating hulless seed when roasted, and they also make an amazing tasty oil to drizzle over salads, and warm boiled buttered potatoes, mmmmmmm......

Buying great olive oil


Any updated suggestions for a very good / great TO available olive oil to use as a finishing oil to drizzle on finished dishes and over salads ?

Honey Crisp Apples

Little early I'd guess.

I called Bennett's Orchards near Hamilton yesterday and they are just starting to pick early varieties and they are still making cider from last years apples (which makes for a damn fine cider indeed).

Interesting though (well maybe for some), apples have been dropping from old apple trees in my area for weeks (and they are ripe, tasty, few bugs, and very plentiful). Looks like it is turning out to be a GREAT year for Ontario apples !

What's new and worth a visit in Port Hope and Coburg?

MillStone Bakery in Cobourg. You'll find a highly skilled Master baker using a hand built wood fired stone oven. Try EVERYTHING, but especially the Vollkorn made on Tuesdays.

Kentucky Fried Chicken's 11 Herbs and Spices Reverse Engineered

"a very authentic tasting clone recipe" ?

Todd Wilbur's, Ron Douglas', Spice Guru's, or something new ? Please share along with your impressions and comments...

Aug 19, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Kentucky Fried Chicken's 11 Herbs and Spices Reverse Engineered

Correct TA.

My previous link to this recipe no longer works, so here is the spice mix.

Brining chicken for a couple hours is recommended but I don't bother. Egg + milk dip before flour works best IMHO. Also add 1/8t MSG to flour.

This stuff is good...

Buy some KFC, then make a batch and do a head to head for yourself.

Aug 18, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

BEST Liver and Onions

Sounds delicious. I take it "flawlessly executed" means not fried to a boot sole ?

L&O are almost a lost delicacy, especially at a restaurant.

However, THE best liver and onions are pig livers. Hard to find, but worth it.

Unless you are fortunate enough to get fresh (like "just" fresh if you know what I mean) venison or moose liver. Thin sliced, searingly fast fried, loads of caramelized onions, and on a fresh crusty bun...

Best Liverwusrt in WNY ?

as far as necessay...

Who is the producer and where is their product available?

Best Liverwusrt in WNY ?

Recently did a head to head Liverwurst taste test between Sahlen's and Wardynski's on plain unsalted crackers, with and without Wegman's Horseradish Mustard :

The Results :
Sahlen's - smother texture with more complex flavor. A huge hit with some.

Wardynski's - coarser grain, pure liverwurst flavor, the favorite with old school liverwurst lovers.

Both VERY good and each has it's own style.

Any other favorites out there worth trying ?

Rib Fest 2015

Hey C mac,

Is it the ribs that have gone down hill or the events ?

Did you have any favorite Ribbers that you went back to ?

What have you done to fill your need for the mighty summer smokey sticky ribby "Q" ?


FINALLY... a real, honest-to-Hashem method for making real lower east side SALT FERMENTED KOSHER DILL PICKLES, as directed by Moe, a 90+ year old former pickle master

Hi Mr Taster,

Did you ever identify the "peculiar red triangle shaped spice" in the spice mix ?

Aug 12, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Rib Fest 2015

Thanks for the Globe link Prima. Very interesting to see the goings on behind the Ribfest scene.

If anyone wants to check a charity income and expenses, do this :

- English
- Charities and Giving
- Charities Listings
- Enter Charity Name (or a few key words, or enter their Business Number in the Advanced Search section (it’s a 9 digit number, followed by RR, followed by 4 numbers)
- Read basic information

- For more financial details, click on "View the complete T3010 return for the period being displayed"
- Under Section D Financial Information, click on "Schedule 6, Detailed Financial Information".
Line 4500 is Tax-receipted Donations
Line 5000 is Money put to good use
Line 5010 is Management Fees
Line 5020 is Fundraising Expenses

2015 Ontario Sweet Corn ?

Thanks jayt90,

I gave up growing sweet corn this year for the first time because 90% my small patch went into racoon feed. Those buggers would wipe out everything in one night.

Based on what I found growing locally and for sale, I'll be back growing next year though.

2015 Ontario Sweet Corn ?

There is SOME non-GMO and non-Neonicotinoid treated corn seed available from the big seed suppliers, but you have to ask the grower what they planted and what they are selling (if they know), and then trust what they are telling you.

GMO crap is out there and it is VERY hard to find out what you are eating, because "they" don't want you to know.

As an example, look how many growers in Norfolk County (Canada’s Sweet Corn Capital) proudly display they are Non-GMO :

IMHO, the answer is simple : Make mandatory GMO labeling the law and ban neonicotinoids in Canada.

2015 Ontario Sweet Corn ?

The stem end was completely dried out even though the outer leaves still look green. The "pith" just under the base of the corn kernels was brown and kinda rotten looking....

It may have come from south western Ontario, but it was picked some time ago.

2015 Ontario Sweet Corn ?

VERY excited today to see a sign at a local Kawartha corn grower showing "fresh" corn and potatoes for sale, just in time for the long weekend traffic ! Kinda strange since the area corn fields are hardly more than a few feet high.

Stopped in and bought a few cobs just to share with you. These old tired cobs were picked some time in the last century. Obviously not "fresh" or local, burnt crusty looking silk, and the cut ends were completely dry. Fresh sweet corn; no way.

It is a shame how farm gate sales have deteriorated to this level. Buyer beware, sigh ...

Rib Fest 2015

Ribs at any ribfest stall are quite variable, day to day, hour to hour, rack to rack, and even end to end (if you ever ordered a half rack and got the over cooked "thin" end, you'll know what I mean), so it is hard to say which one place is better.

A suggestion for a fun way to enjoy a big ribfest :

Walk around a bit, check things out, look at the lines (this is one situation where bigger is definitely better), and pick the one place that looks the best. Only order a 1/2 or 1/4 rack, meat only (it is called a Ribfest, not a beans and sides fest, for a good reason). While complementing them profusely on the fact that they are THE best place by far - subtlety ask which ribbers they think are the best - next to them of course.

Repeat a three or four times and then do a Head to Head to Head taste test (with a beverage of your choice).

Lots of fun, you'll feel like a Rib Explorer !

Sharing recipes with friends?

I share everything. In fact, if I detect even the slightest hint that someone enjoys something, especially an old family heirloom recipe, I give them a copy AND invite them to particpate at the next tomato sauce, pickle making, preserving, baking, or whatever session.

It is like preserving heirloom seeds, they need to be shared.

How many times have you heard / read someone completely distraught lamenting about a lost family recipe ?

It is a complete tragedy when a family food treasure is taken to the grave, so sow those seeds...

Jul 26, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Thank you very much for the invitation, I'll definately be in touch.

If you are the Mt Ash Farm near Creemore, I see you have made a career out of it. Well done. Unfortunately our "business model" isn't as lucrative. Because of all our family and friend visitors (which we do enjoy), we have nick named our home Heir-B&B (get it? :-D)

The Nearing / Coleman dream definately does live on.

Talk soon.

wondering where I can buy an IR thermometer in Toronto in person?

Absolutely right szw,

I've had an older model laser Mastercraft Digital thermometer from CT for a few years and it is excellent. Fantastic for instantly checking oil temperatures when frying and any other use (even used it to monitor beer temps while brewing). Works great.

BTW, CT has a sales alert system where they will email notify you of upcoming sales on items you have selected. Great service. I bought my thermometer on sale for about 30 bucks.

Best pizza in Toronto?

If you had a good pie lately, especially from a new restaurant, or even a great experience at an old stand by, start a new thread. Easy Fix.

Oh, here's something to really make you LOL.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Well Done MtAshFarm,

We live that way too. Grow 90% of all vegetables we eat in a year and don't use any type of chemicals at all. Forage for wild leeks, fiddle heads, and attempt to find morels (although very unsuccessfully). Buy most meat and eggs from farmers we know VERY well (that's important). Also hunt for Deer, Geese, and Turkey. The majority of what is left is seafood, butter, bread, and some pantry items.

Not everything is completely free of contaminates (eg. deer will eat some cultivated corn and hay), but at least most isn't being injected, feed, or sprayed with a steady stream of chemicals.

I know many/most can't or don't want to live this way, but everyone (who wants to) can eat the same type of food if they demand food is labelled accordingly so you can choose.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Thank you estufarian for you thoughtful comments.

If everyone were as engaged with only a few important issues that they cared about (or just took a few moments to decide on what it is that they do care about), we all would be much better off.

But I am sorry about the lack of understanding, interest, and concern that lab modified GMO / GE food has generated. As I now look out my window, on a beautiful summer evening, I can see in the distance a glorious field of soya beans, dark green in the fading light.

(seems soya beans are THE big crop this year, they are everywhere).

Those soya bean plants are "modified" to be RoundUp ready, have been doused sprayed twice with RoundUp to kill everything else that happens to take seed in that field (without killing the modified soya bean plant), are neonicotinoid treated seed (meaning those pesticides are inside and throughout the plant), and are destined to be fed to a herd of milk producing cows, then drank by you, your family, your children, and your neighbors.

(PS I snatched a label off one of the seed bags when they were planting).

I don't see why anyone would want to eat or drink that crap.

These are our generation's DDT issues....

(and lastly, but not unimportantly, to MtAshFarm's original point about imported items : THIS is what is happening in Canada. What do you suppose is going on in those countries where much of our food comes from ?)

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

You asked for one example and you have it. The wiki example was from many years ago and it reportedly didn't make it to market (that we know), but those busy genetic entrepreneurs have been busy.

If you want a few more examples, start digging into this :

The source of the "donor" genes aren't made immediately obvious.

Kinda reads like a menu at restaurant Transgenic ! Hope you enjoy your meal. Especially like a "Change in Composition (other)" with a nice Merlot....

There is plenty more if you are seriously interested.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

and search "fish".

Love that word, Transgenic.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Just be sure it isn't GMO corn (a VERY unlikely event)...


Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries


Just guess why "GMO Producers" DON'T label their products appropriately in Ontario or Canada.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Vinnie, Really ?

"nature has genetically modified every apple that we eat."

Natural bee cross pollination of apples = injecting of targeted genes (some coming from animals) into a vegetable cell, in a lab, then releasing it into nature ?

You are a very smart and passionate guy. Please have a good look into this issue.