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Sharing recipes with friends?

I share everything. In fact, if I detect even the slightest hint that someone enjoys something, especially an old family heirloom recipe, I give them a copy AND invite them to particpate at the next tomato sauce, pickle making, preserving, baking, or whatever session.

It is like preserving heirloom seeds, they need to be shared.

How many times have you heard / read someone completely distraught lamenting about a lost family recipe ?

It is a complete tragedy when a family food treasure is taken to the grave, so sow those seeds...

1 day ago
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Thank you very much for the invitation, I'll definately be in touch.

If you are the Mt Ash Farm near Creemore, I see you have made a career out of it. Well done. Unfortunately our "business model" isn't as lucrative. Because of all our family and friend visitors (which we do enjoy), we have nick named our home Heir-B&B (get it? :-D)

The Nearing / Coleman dream definately does live on.

Talk soon.

wondering where I can buy an IR thermometer in Toronto in person?

Absolutely right szw,

I've had an older model laser Mastercraft Digital thermometer from CT for a few years and it is excellent. Fantastic for instantly checking oil temperatures when frying and any other use (even used it to monitor beer temps while brewing). Works great.


BTW, CT has a sales alert system where they will email notify you of upcoming sales on items you have selected. Great service. I bought my thermometer on sale for about 30 bucks.

Best pizza in Toronto?

If you had a good pie lately, especially from a new restaurant, or even a great experience at an old stand by, start a new thread. Easy Fix.

Oh, here's something to really make you LOL.


Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Well Done MtAshFarm,

We live that way too. Grow 90% of all vegetables we eat in a year and don't use any type of chemicals at all. Forage for wild leeks, fiddle heads, and attempt to find morels (although very unsuccessfully). Buy most meat and eggs from farmers we know VERY well (that's important). Also hunt for Deer, Geese, and Turkey. The majority of what is left is seafood, butter, bread, and some pantry items.

Not everything is completely free of contaminates (eg. deer will eat some cultivated corn and hay), but at least most isn't being injected, feed, or sprayed with a steady stream of chemicals.

I know many/most can't or don't want to live this way, but everyone (who wants to) can eat the same type of food if they demand food is labelled accordingly so you can choose.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Thank you estufarian for you thoughtful comments.

If everyone were as engaged with only a few important issues that they cared about (or just took a few moments to decide on what it is that they do care about), we all would be much better off.

But I am sorry about the lack of understanding, interest, and concern that lab modified GMO / GE food has generated. As I now look out my window, on a beautiful summer evening, I can see in the distance a glorious field of soya beans, dark green in the fading light.

(seems soya beans are THE big crop this year, they are everywhere).

Those soya bean plants are "modified" to be RoundUp ready, have been doused sprayed twice with RoundUp to kill everything else that happens to take seed in that field (without killing the modified soya bean plant), are neonicotinoid treated seed (meaning those pesticides are inside and throughout the plant), and are destined to be fed to a herd of milk producing cows, then drank by you, your family, your children, and your neighbors.

(PS I snatched a label off one of the seed bags when they were planting).

I don't see why anyone would want to eat or drink that crap.

These are our generation's DDT issues....

(and lastly, but not unimportantly, to MtAshFarm's original point about imported items : THIS is what is happening in Canada. What do you suppose is going on in those countries where much of our food comes from ?)

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

You asked for one example and you have it. The wiki example was from many years ago and it reportedly didn't make it to market (that we know), but those busy genetic entrepreneurs have been busy.

If you want a few more examples, start digging into this :


The source of the "donor" genes aren't made immediately obvious.

Kinda reads like a menu at restaurant Transgenic ! Hope you enjoy your meal. Especially like a "Change in Composition (other)" with a nice Merlot....

There is plenty more if you are seriously interested.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries


and search "fish".

Love that word, Transgenic.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Just be sure it isn't GMO corn (a VERY unlikely event)...


Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries


Just guess why "GMO Producers" DON'T label their products appropriately in Ontario or Canada.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Vinnie, Really ?

"nature has genetically modified every apple that we eat."

Natural bee cross pollination of apples = injecting of targeted genes (some coming from animals) into a vegetable cell, in a lab, then releasing it into nature ?

You are a very smart and passionate guy. Please have a good look into this issue.

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Food origin is a very important issue. Labeling rules are always being "bent" and the definition of "Local Food" has also been modified recently.


A MUCH bigger question is whether your food is GMO / GE or not.

"For this reason, most developed nations have policies requiring mandatory labeling of GMO foods at the very least, and some have issued bans on GMO food production and imports.

In Canada we do not."

Ref :

A pitiful shortcoming of those individuals responsible for protecting us and a strong indication of just who they serve.

Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Oh, on a happier note.

There is a new(er) restaurant called Two Dishes Cookshop in Peterborough that is getting A LOT of love. It is run by Susan Houde (the former chef of St Veronus) and she is cranking out some really fine food. Open for breakfast and lunch, and dinners only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Sadly the Riverhouse is no more...

Always thought it was too good to be true (they were ranked #3 out of 27,849 Ontario restaurants by Trip Advisor late last year). To have a place of that caliber, all scratch made, and so reasonably priced was absolutely amazing while it lasted.

Chef Karrie Galvin took a job as the cooking talent on some food network show produced in Ottawa. She and her family have moved there and it isn't likely they will be back.


The old house, refurbished and converted into a restaurant with living space on the top floor, is now for sale, so it might reopen as a restaurant.


where to buy tomato paste in a tube?

Thanks K,

What brands are available ?

where to buy tomato paste in a tube?

Tomato paste in a tube has been available for decades in Europe. Why Heinz, Unico, and Hunts haven't done it in Canada has always baffled me.

Amore Tomato Paste (an excellent product) in a tube is one of those items we load up on when visiting Buffalo.

Source of cukes for pickling?

Starsky's. Excellent quality and cheap. If they looked picked over in the bin, ask if they have more in the back, or better yet, call ahead to have them hold you some.

This years first batch of fermented dills starts today and will be ready in a week !! Cukes came from Norfolk County, south of London.


Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Spathcock chicken smoked using wood chips in a foil pack on a gas BBQ is just as good (or better) than most BBQ Joints. Great sauced or just dry rubbed. One of the few 'Q items that can be made to perfection at home.

Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Why YES ! All are in Peterborough, but well worth the drive...

Excellent butcher with out-fricken-standing dry aged steaks : Primal Cuts.

Cheese shop : Chasing the Cheese (try the Shropshire Blue, a cow's milk cheese, fantastic stuff).

Electric City on Sherbrooke has an amazing sourdough loaf (Wednesdays through Saturdays only).

Franz Butcher for their award winning bacon. Possibly the best bacon on the planet.

Lastly, I've been meaning to try the Apsley Country Bakery (almost rode up there today). They have a wood fired oven. I'd call ahead to check availability and their baking schedule. 705-656-4588.

Have a nice vacation !

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?

Obviously BBQ is one of those foods that is best right out of the smoke / heat. Even a few hours on a hot plate (or exposed to even worse storage) causes fast deterioration and drying out. Next day stuff is just a shadow of it's original goodness.

Most BBQ places have only one or two things "on", and the rest was made earlier, sometimes MUCH earlier. They also serve the oldest stuff first, so beware.

Best advice I ever got was was to walk up and ask what just came out and only eat that. It may even involve waiting 20-30 minutes for something to come out, but it WILL be worth it. Another option is to ask/call ahead for their BBQ schedule and plan visits accordingly. Of course, you'll always have better luck for fresher Q at the busier places.

If you are bold enough to try other older items, don't be too surprised if it falls short. Pulled pork especially susceptible to getting mushy and dry with time.

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

+ more than 1 for Bar Bill. Historic Ullrich's downtown is also great but it has - unfortunately - been redecorated.

And then there is the landmark Wiechec's Lounge...

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?


If we are talking Wecks, ie with Beef on it, Get Ye To Schwabl's. Hand carved to order by a very experienced carver and choice of meat doneness.


A B.o.W Shrine. Classic old school sides of pickled beets and warm bacon potato salad. Fine mixed drinks too.

Also, Wegmans and Tops carry Wardynski's Liverwusrt. Family owned since 1919, coarser grind and not pasty at all. It is like crack to liverwurst lovers...

What to serve with a Cuban Sandwich?

B*I*G Bump.

Made a killer Pork Pernil and used the leftovers to make a rockin' Cuban Sandwich.

As the side :
Cuban Salad with Feta and Garlic Lime Vinaigrette sprinkled with fresh pickled red onions and jalapenos. Light, feta-y, and the lime vinaigrette complemented the salty fatty porky goodness of the sandwich. Worked perfectly.

Jul 01, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

or Anchor Bar.

NEVER was stopped at the boarder coming back when I told them I went over to the Anchor Bar for wings...

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

As a point of possible interest, there is a shop called Perfumania in the WG that carries a huge selection of perfumes and colognes. Many vintage varieties nearly impossible to find in Canada these days.

If you, or know someone who had a favorite from decades ago, you'll likely find it there at a great price.

Makes for fantastic surprise gifts.

Other suggestions here too :

Authentic southern BBQ spots in TO?


Fresh Fenugreek Growing - Now What ?

Thanks boogiebaby,

I have been searching on-line the last few days, and coincidentally, the three most interesting recipes I found were Aloo Methi, Methi Roti, Methi Chicken !!

The Methi Chicken recipe I saw was basically butter chicken with loads of fenugreek tossed in at the end, but the Murgh Methi recipe on Allrecipes looks great.

I have also been tossing a handful of Methi into mixed green salads and it tastes great.

Planning on a fenugreek themed meal in the next few days to try all three of your suggestions !

Thanks again.

Jun 27, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Fresh Fenugreek Growing - Now What ?

Thanks b,

Easy to grow from seed and would be perfect for a little window planter or pot. Richters in Canada sells a packets of seed for $2.

Jun 25, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Fresh Fenugreek Growing - Now What ?

Have a lovely lush bunch of fenugreek growing in the herb garden (for the first time). It tastes kinda "green" and quite bitter, has sort of a celery seed after taste, but not too much flavor otherwise.

Would like to know if you have some suggestions for some good uses.

Jun 25, 2015
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking

Where To Buy Hot Spices And Hot Sauces In Toronto?

This stuff is good. Original, Black Heat, Extreme, and Hawaiian are all killer. Check Store Locator at top of the page to find retailers.