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Bar Standards

Ha ha,

But when one only pays a buck for a great local draft beer and two or three bucks for a decent bottle of local wine, no one is complaining (at least I wouldn't be) !!

about 15 hours ago
PoppiYYZ in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bar Standards

European (at least German) beer glasses almost always have a little line 1-2" under the rim of the glass indicating the liquid level (typically 500mL I believe) and the rest is for head. Wine glasses and glass carafes have a line too and sometimes a little XX mL inscription.

Man, they those guys think of EVERYTHING !

about 17 hours ago
PoppiYYZ in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Bar Standards


If we all stand together, we can stop this evil thing !

Dining and shopping in London, 2014

Planning on visiting David's Bistro this weekend. Any suggestions on what to order. Party is four so we can sample many things.

BTW, what is the best way into London from the 401 ? Last time the Nava-computer took me in on Wellington. There has to be a better way than that (hopefully).

Best liver and onions in Toronto?

Ha ha,

I thought chocolate went with everything ! I now stand corrected.

Worst homemade student meal : sweet and sour stir fried liver. That one never got made again !

Whitby/Durham restaurants that don't suck

Great patio ? I've driven by there occasionally but don't recall seeing a patio. Is it out back ?

Best liver and onions in Toronto?

Great tip.

Man, I love Liver and Onions. As a poor student, going to small family restaurants for a decent warm filling meal, there was no better deal than L&Os. HUGE meal usually cheaper than a burger, and so much better. Accompanied by mashed potatoes and gravy, peas, and usually dessert (who doesn't LOVE homemade rice pudding !).

So sorry, I couldn't resist reminiscing...

BTW, the best L&Os in Europe are usually pork liver. Hard to find here. U haven't lived til you have had fresh pork, venison, or moose liver.

Did I hear someone say liver, onions, AND bacon ?

OK I'll go now...

Toronto Beer Week 2014

I take it from the lack of chatter about Toronto Beer Week that this isn't a very interesting event. Disappointing, because I was hoping this was something special to support quality local brewers. Still planning on hitting some of the CASK events.

Are there any other Toronto events where one can celebrate quality local beer and those that produce it ?

PS - Once saw a documentary about M. Jackson known as "The Beer Hunter". The story of his many decades campaign to study, and support the appreciation of, quality beer was quite interesting. Geez, just got thirsty....

Toronto Beer Week 2014

Thanks Y,

Never bought a teambuy before.

The beer experience looks like it might be interesting. Special beers being created for, or introduced at the event, plus food.

Toronto Beer Week 2014

Runs September 12 - 20 this year.

Anyone going, any advice on events to attend (there are CSAK events that may be good), any interesting brewery tours, and lastly and most importantly, any special beers worth searching out ?


2014 Ontario Sweet Corn

I'm glad you are a responsible farmer interested in the health of your Customers and the success of beekeepers as much as your own business.

I hope you have a large sign "Neonicotinoid Free" at your stall. Maybe ask a local beekeeper to get you some info sheets about neonicotinoids to hand out too (they exist). Improve your sales AND educate your Customers.


Ontario Wild Blueberries

Thanks for the tips ! Scraped the last of the BB jam out of one of my few remaining jars today. Gotta lay up a new batch of BB jam ASAP.

Thanks again.

Mushrooms are up!

You are very brave. Wild mushrooms are one of the few things I don't see the risk / benefit ratio worth taking. Some very tasty I'm sure, some deadly I'm certain.

There are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old bold mushroom hunters.

Please be very very careful.

Ontario Wild Blueberries


Any wild blueberries still available ?

Pantry jam supplies are getting dangerously low and I hope I can still make some of that fine spicy wild blueberry jam !

BTW, I will be heading up to the Sundridge area soon and wondered if anyone knows when the Ontario season ends and how this years season was.

Where to source Banh Mi Buns in Toronto?

Oh, it's the crisp that makes BM work for me. Very slight nuke if in a rush to thaw, but followed by a few minutes in a hot oven makes for the crispy bun exterior (best to pre-cut the buns, crisp, then assemble the sandwich).

The only two things one should never try to eat in a car are a really good fresh flaky croissants and great crispy BM. Crumbs everywhere !!

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

Thanks fD, I've seen that one thanks. Normally KA has good recipes, but I was put off by the powdered potatoes and milk, eesh.

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

I've used Chef John recipe / video for starting a sourdough and making sourdough bread. Worked out pretty well and learned a few very simple effective tricks. Seeing it done makes following a recipe a lot easier (for me anyway).

Now if only I could find a great potato hamburger bun or recipe ...

Where to find Split Top Hot Dog Buns in GTA?

Man that looks good. First time in my life I'm craving a hotdog before 8am !

Me thinks a lobster roll is in my near future...

Where can I buy an AMCO fat separator in Toronto?

True. Amazon.ca prices are typically DOUBLE the price of Amazon.com. Amazon.com sellers often won't ship to Canada, and many times when they do, the shipping costs are obscene.

Laws that stifle competition means we have poorer selection and pay higher prices.

I for one would support a Culinary Device Free Trade Agreement !

Where to source Banh Mi Buns in Toronto?


Tung Hing has excellent Banh Mi buns at rediculous cheap prices (I think they are 5 for $1). Buy 'em fresh, freeze them for a day or two and crisp them in an oven if possible. Do it all the time at home and they are fantastic.

Tung Hing Bakery Company Ltd
1700 Wilson Av (in the mall on the N side, W of Jane)
North York, ON M3L 1B2, Canada

Papalo Growing, Now What ?

Thanks everyone,

Spent some time in Puebla but sadly didn't eat one of those delicious looking Cemitas. Might try making one from scratch.

Love fresh herbs and try to eat them in every meal since the season is so short here. Will definitely try using Papalo in eggs.

Here are a bunch of other good herb combinations.


Aug 17, 2014
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking


Checked my list and I believe I got them from Richters. Started them in little pots and transferred into a few different places in the garden. Seems to grow everywhere but likes it best when it has it's own space.


Johnny's Selected in the States also has seed and they ship most of their seeds to Canada. They carry a lot of hard to finds stuff.


Papalo Growing, Now What ?

I have had success growing Papalo this year from seed. The taste is really quite exotic. It has a nice plump crisp leaves with a totally unique but delicious flavor. Now the question is what to do with it.

I have been using it as a cilantro substitute with much success but wondered if there are any special recipes or uses.

Aug 15, 2014
PoppiYYZ in Home Cooking


I have had success growing Papalo this year from seed. The taste is really quite exotic. Now the question is what to do with it.

How were you planning on using it ?

Tiffin Carrier

Thanks everyone,

The Fenigo tiffins look really nice and I'll definitely check out Kohinoor and Lee Valley too. Thanks very much for the tips.

Tiffin Carrier

Yeah, but the reason for asking here is to hopefully find someone who has "dropped in" somewhere and noticed a nice SS 4 level insulated one so I don't have to visit all the suburbs or the city and see if they happen to have one.

Proper martini glasses

I also bought these (Toots Shor 1950s-Style Cocktail Glasses), but sadly they no longer appear to be available on amazon.

Both sets are 5oz and really really nice.

Aug 11, 2014
PoppiYYZ in Spirits

Food Porn - add to the list

Ha ha,

Very nice Vinnie. If you aren't a comedian, you are in the wrong profession.

Check out this with the asparagus hands !

PS, this thread ain't gunna last....

PPS, Gotta go pick garlic, and that ain't code.

Aug 09, 2014
PoppiYYZ in General Topics

Tiffin Carrier

BIG Bump.

Anyone know where I can find a stainless steel, four level, with insulated bag / sleeve in Toronto ?

Man these things would be freaking awesome to take a warm gourmet lunch on a fishing / hunting / bunky trip !


Can you just imagine having this baby spread out and seeing the look on the guys face in the next boat as he's eating a wonder bread bologna sandwich ! Come-ON ! :-D

Help me get Excited about Ottawa's Food Scene!

Sorry to hear about your CL burger experiences.

I've eaten at Chez Lucien at least a dozen times now and had only one "bad" burger which was over cooked. Since then, I always ask for medium and they have been very accommodating. Great charred exterior but still juicy. It is critical to not get their burger overcooked.

As for the fries : great potatoes, thin cut, cooked in lard, perfectly seasoned. Next to a trip to Belgium, they are the best IMHO.