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Chicago-style pizza in New Haven - does it exist?

Hey everyone,

I know this is extremely sacrilegious, but I'm wondering if there are any Chicago-style deep dish pizza places in the general New Haven area (read: basically the entire state of CT. I'm willing to go pretty far out of my way). I know there are Unos out there, but c'mon, I'm talking local restaurants who are risking life and limb around these parts by cranking out thick, sloppy cheese pies with tomato sauce on top. This isn't me passing judgment on New Haven pizza, which is great. This is me being me, a guy who enjoys many kinds of pizza, and yes, occasionally pines for what maybe can't be had. I've been to Sicilia's in Providence, and anything like their stuffed pizza would be just perfect. So what do you have for me? Does it exist?