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Any more Maid Rite Burgers in Missouri?

I grew up with the one in Lexington and I'm 23. As of January it is still open and I doubt that it goes away any time soon. It has been open forever. I know that my grandparents went there when they were in high school and they have been out since the early 1940s! It is a drive in like Sonic with a few barstools inside.

I believe that Osage Beach is still open. It is on the side of the Hy-Vee gas station in from of the Hy-Vee supermarekt. I have been there once. It is sit down or take-out.

I also went to the one in Lebanon, MO that was sit-down and take-out. It was the nicest Maid-Rite that I had ever been to! The man running it was always so nice and looking out the door waiting for cars to come in. Unfortunately, it closed sometime during Fall 2009.

Mar 02, 2010
nroden in Great Plains

German food in St. Louis?

I'm from Springfield, Missouri and went to the Vintage House in St. Charles this past spring. It was a rainy evening so we ate inside. I had the sauerbraten and it was great. Gus, who may have been the owner, was a nice old man who likes to entertain the guests.

Tomorrow we're going to the Missouri Botanical Gardens and plan to try the Gast Haus.

St. Louis / St. Charles MO German

My girlfriend and I are making a quick trip to Saint Louis and then spending the night in Saint Charles. I'm looking for a good, more authentic, German restaurant. I have found the Gast Haus which would be near the arch, zoo, and botanical garden. The other good option is Vintage House in St. Charles.
Has anyone been to either or both of these? Any other ideas?