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Saturday lunch spot near Pier 33 (and not at Ferry Bldg) [San Francisco]

Hi! I'm hosting a group of 8 to have lunch on Saturday after an Alcatraz tour. So I'm looking for a place where we can make a reservation, midrange cost (cheaper's fine if the food's good), not far from Pier 33, but not tourist-trap crap like Bubba Gump. I'm hoping to give an actual taste of SF to my visitors from the faraway provinces of the Peninsula. Ideas?


Lunch in Fairfield

Don't laugh, but I want to know a great lunch place in Fairfield (good halfway point to meet a Sacto friend). The most recent discussions here are several years old, so an update would be a help. We're open to a wide variety of ethnicities and points on the casual-fancy spectrum.

Thanks in advance!

Vegan option at a Mission taqueria?

I'm bringing a group to a Mission taqueria and one person is vegan. It's theoretically easy to eat vegan Mexican--rice, beans, tortillas--but in practice I suspect lard is usually involved. Anyone know of a taqueria where these items are truly vegetarian (vegan)?


ISO low-key Morro Bay restaurant

We're nearing the end of a California road trip, have had all too many mid-range to expensive meals, and are longing for a really basic, grubby-but-good place to eat tonight in Morro Bay. The ideal place would be:

-in view of the bay
-suitable for a fairly well-behaved four-year-old.



Jul 08, 2011
AmyinNoCal in California

Potato-crusted salmon

I'm looking for a recipe for salmon with a crust of potato (not potato chips--feh). I had quite a good version at a wedding ten years ago and wish I'd gotten the recipe. If memory serves, the potatoes were grated or julienned. I'm open to other variations.

I've found some recipes on the net but I don't trust them. Anyone know of a reputable cookbook that has a recipe? Better yet, of course, is a recipe you've tried yourself.

Mar 18, 2009
AmyinNoCal in Home Cooking