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In Search of Deep Fried Apple Pie

Why not just fry it up yourself?

I Had the BEST French Fries Today!

The best fries (IMO) I ever had in DC were at a restaurant called JoJo. Steak fry size, crispy but not burned--perfect.

Source for dressed pig?

OK. So I bought a pig at Laurel Meat Market for my roast. I had two issues:

1) The pig was a lot bigger than I had hoped. I'd hoped for something around 80 lb, but it came in at 129. Now, I realize that they may be at the mercy of their suppliers, but you'd think that you'd be able to order a certain size pig.

2) The pig was frozen. I don't know what the issue is with this, but if a customer tells you they need the pig on Day X, shouldn't they expect it to be thawed out?

However, despite those issues, and some mechanical issues, the roast came off successfully.

Where to buy chorizo in No VA?

Giant also carries several varieties (Salvadoran, Mexican, Argentine, etc.).

PG county dining

That's the other great thing--you can eke multiple meals out of one purchase. At least now that I'm a reasonable weight I can; as an undergrad I ate it all in one meal, and I had the poundage to prove it.

Moving to Baltimore

Is there anything near Little Italy?

DC Food Gift

Do you live in the city or the 'burbs?

PG county dining

I'll second Marathon Deli and China Cafe...throwbacks to my college days 20 years ago now... If a place is around for over 20 years you know it's good.

Marathon: good Greek "fast food." Now I'm in Kensington and they used to have a Wheaton location that was convenient to me but it closed several years ago.

China Cafe: every so often if I'm in College Park this is the place that I go most often for nostalgia reasons. I ate many a styrofoam container of General Tso's and sesame chicken there. The food is surprisingly good, cooked fresh, and fits the wallet perfectly.

Bethesda Happy Hour

Sounds good. Thanks Nick!

Rasika with someone who 'doesn't like Indian food'

No curry powder is the same. (Between blenders that is, obviously a particular blender will want to maintain the same ingredients for consistency.)

Bethesda Happy Hour

Looking for a good place to meet someone for drinks in Bethesda. Not too loud or crowded, but not deserted either. On the classier side than the dive-ish side. Suggestions?

Green Olive Buffet & Grill

I've been several times for lunch with co-workers. This is the one in Alexandria, in or near Hybla Valley; I don't know if there are others.

It's your basic Asian buffet restaurant. Lots of mostly (Americanized) Chinese dishes (General Tso's chicken, chicken with broccoli, dumplings, etc.), but also lots of "American" stuff like pizza, meatloaf, baked salmon, etc. There's a sushi bar, desserts, soups, etc. Unless you're the pickiest eater the world has ever seen, there's probably so much variety there than you will be able to sample more than one bite of everything.

I've never left there unsatisfied with my meal. Although I have not seen the kitchen, the dining area seems to be reasonably clean.

Price is reasonable, I think $8 or 9?

Possibly The Best Rotisserie Chicken In Wheaton - El Pollo Kiki Riki?!

I would say that I have had better yuca at Pio Pio.

In Search Of Killer Falafel

LOL, I clicked on this thread because I was going to suggest Max's.

Possibly The Best Rotisserie Chicken In Wheaton - El Pollo Kiki Riki?!

So I had occasion to drive up to Baltimore Saturday and stopped at Sardi's for lunch. The chicken was pretty tasty. They have some decent variety in their sides. I tried the fried yucca and fried plantains. The plantains were acceptable but the yucca had almost no taste, and was chopped too coarsely for my taste. It was like each piece was an inch and a half thick, and was like eating cardboard (or it would have been if they hadn't had ketchup). IMO, the chicken was better than EPKR, but not as good as EPR.

Fairfax-Minerva or Bombay Bistro

Dunno if the Fairfax Minerva is anything like the one in Chantilly off Rt 50, but that one had the hands-down absolute best lunch buffet of any Indian restaurant I've ever eaten in. The buffet was packed with dishes that looked like it went for miles and miles--I don't think I was able to even try everything on the buffet.

Bombay Bistro (if you're talking about the one in Rockville) is high quality too, though. But their buffet is nothing like Minerva's.

Texas de Brazil

LOL, it's not just the price, it's the cholesterol! ;)

Washington D.C. - Private Dining for Two?

Dunno nuthin' about private rooms, but I hear the Tabard Inn is pretty romantic.

Nice Date in Claredon

There's a tapas joint nearby if that fits the Mediterranean bill...La Tasca?

chorizo in baltimore

Don't know about Baltimore, but I'm in Kensington and the Wheaton Giant Food has like three different varieties of chorizo--Mexican, Salvadoran, Argentine.

Juniper berries?

Making sloe gin? ;)

Thai food in Bethesda?

Doc, if you've tried Dusit and Ruan Thai in Wheaton, what are your opinions of those joints? Both were recommended by friends.

Ethnic Restaurant Ideas

I'll add my voice to the Ethiopian vote, but I disagree that Doro Wot is not well-liked. The only reason I find it slightly difficult is that the chicken isn't deboned, and the that egg is whole, both of which make it difficult to apportion out a bite-sized chunk with the injera.

Possibly The Best Rotisserie Chicken In Wheaton - El Pollo Kiki Riki?!

I have lived in Kensington (a hop, skip and jump) for over eight years and been going to EPR for almost as long--since way before the raid, and before the fire. I was actually introduced to it at the Arlington location, where I worked at the time. The place where EPKR is now was indeed once a Chinese restaurant, but I'm not certain wasn't always so. Unfortunately my memory isn't sharp enough to recall what it was before, but around the time between the raid and fire it did become a Chinese takeout joint.

Anyway, a buddy and I tried EPKR this past Friday and I might be biased, but to me it didn't really compare to EPR. The chicken was tasty enough, but IMO not as tasty as EPR. I think I have just become accustomed to the cumin in their spice blend. I tried the yucca and beans, my friend had fries and plantains. The yucca was a bit soggy, not crisp as I've had at other joints (such as Pio Pio, when they actually have it), the beans were OK, but needed a ton of salt. I tried my friend's fries and they were no better than EPR's. I will grant that the plantains were pretty tasty.

Anyway, EPR is still king in my mind. I tried that Kenny's Chicken (Trujillo) joint over in Four Corners while EPR was out of commission for the raid and fire, and they were satisfactory--in fact I saw a dude from one of the EPRs working there...maybe that's why theie chicken tasted so good.

Edit: I will grant that EPKR's prices are fair, and they have more sides. However, I think I may have been brainwashed into expecting only fries and slaw, LOL, even though I tried the yucca and beans. In fact, my buddy was going to have fries and slaw before he switched the slaw for plantains (some childhood thing about tostones from his abuelita).

Source for dressed pig?

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!

Possibly The Best Rotisserie Chicken In Wheaton - El Pollo Kiki Riki?!

I tried El Pollo Campero during the EPR bust days and found it to be nothing worth writing home about. Chicken that cost more and had less flavor than EPR.

EPR is still good to me, but looks like I'll be trying this Kiki Riki place.

You gotta wonder how these places stay in business all packed so close to each other.

Thai food in Bethesda?

I've eaten at Bangkok Garden many times and always had a good experience. It's not shiny like Tara Thai or Sala Thai, but the food has always been good. Maybe it was because you had takeout? I've always eaten in.

Kensington question

Must agree with Sean D, except I have never been inside. Looks like your average sports bar from the outside, always mean to go in just because it's in my hood, but never get around to it.

Source for dressed pig?

Hey all, I'm looking to purchase a fully dressed whole pig for an outdoor roast-on-a-spit. I did a 40-lb lamb for my birthday last year and it was a fabulous success, considering it was my first attempt at that sort of thing. I got the lamb from a butcher out in Falls Church. However, I think (but am not certain) he was a halal (Muslim) butcher so I'm not sure he'd carry pigs. I'll check with him, but if he doesn't, does anyone here have a source for such a beastie?