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What did your Mom always have on hand, that you NEVER do?

Minute rice
Instant coffee
Instant milk
Dehydrated onions
Saltine crackers
Kraft Parmesan cheese in a can
Frozen succotash
Lawry's season salt
Garlic salt
Lard (my brother made awesome pie crust with it)
Iceberg lettuce
Frozen peas & carrots
Fake syrup
Potato flakes
Karo light corn syrup
Campbell's cream of mushroom soup
Instant tea
Shasta diet sodas (I was amazed they had chocolate flavored but never tried it though)
BacOs (fake bacon bits)
Cool whip
Pillsbury crescent rolls (they were pretty tasty)
Imo (fake sour cream)
Deviled ham
Canned mushrooms

Sep 02, 2012
Beamzy in General Topics

Who taught you to cook?

Thanks for the spell check. He was great!

Sep 02, 2012
Beamzy in General Topics

Who taught you to cook?

My parents, neighbors, Miss Payan - my home ec teacher, sea scout cook, yacht club members preparing club meals - i.e. mass quantities. Reading my mother's cookbooks, watching the Galloping Gourmet, and George Carcionne who appeared on local news casts and local evening magazine shows.Bon Apetit magazine' my stepmom and many friends. My exes' parents also taught me a few things like making sushi and Japanese New Year's foods.

When I was a teen one of my chores was to cut up whole raw chickens for family dinners. I actually learned to like it. Dad was the breakfast and grilling guy. hamburgers or steaks on Sundays Mom only made scrambled eggs.

When mom was away, Dad fixed beef tongue, German sausages and sauerkraut, liver and onions and fish, all things Mom wouldn't eat.

I love that I have a palate a wide range of tastes. And I always like to learn more.

Sep 02, 2012
Beamzy in General Topics

Frank N Steins, Benicia - Perfect French Fries

I had the most perfect french fries at Frank N Steins in Benicia: 131 1st Street, Benicia, CA 94510 (707) 747-9811. They're fried in canola oil. Best in Vallejo/Benicia area.

Sep 09, 2010
Beamzy in San Francisco Bay Area