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Avoid Big Buck Brewery In Gaylord, MI if you want an adult beverage

Went to this sprawling brew pub in Gaylord, right off I75 last weekend. In addition to brewing their own beer, they now make their own wine and distill their own spirits. In Michigan, once you make your own, you can't sell anybody else's. We were not inclined to tempt fate with the wine they were selling and, since they don't distill tequila, we couldn't get a Margarita.

Happily, the waitress referred us to their competition, Bennethum's Northern Inn, which was delightful, with a good wine list and a mixture of solid American food and some adventurous specials, all delivered by a delightful waitress.

Now, if you don't drink and like screaming children running around your table, then good luck at the Big Buck.

Bennethum's Northern Inn
3917 Old US Highway 27 S, Gaylord, MI 49735

Jun 23, 2010
sharlandouglas in Great Lakes

Trip to St. Petersburg

I agree with other posters about Parkshore Grill and Ceviche (five filling tapas and a bottle of the Pannaroz for two for under $60).
On 4th St., north of Fifth Avenue North, the Shrimp Store is an unpretentious little pub with great, low cost seafood. Wednesdays is all-you-can-eat-shrimp day.
Mosy up Central Avenue. Some cozy/funky little spots that look promising.

Mar 18, 2009
sharlandouglas in Florida