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Breakfast in Flushing

There's Kane's Diner. Decent food. Has been at that location forever. I believe they are open 24 hours.

4415 College Point Blvd
Flushing, NY 11355

Aug 10, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Late lunch between Museum of Moving Image and LaGuardia

I took my son to the Museum of Moving Image a few weeks ago and then walked over to Arepas Cafe nearby for a late lunch. Very good Venezuelan food. Unfortunately, I don't know public transportation to the airport although there is a subway stop close to the restaurant.

You can try finding a yellow or green cab in Astoria, but I don't know how easy that would be.

Jul 29, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Ramen: Is It Hype? 6 Arguments on Chowhound

I think, soon, those ubiquitous Chinese takeout places will start serving ramen. Ramen wll no longer be hip at that point and will just turn into a regular food item. Kind of like the phases that sushi went through. Now I can buy sushi at my local supermarket. There will still be high end ramen places just like there are high end sushi places.

Ramen is very easy to make. It's just hard to make an outstanding version.

Jul 25, 2015
Robotron in Features

Looking for a fun place good for group of 10...

Sigh ... when did being older and wiser stopped being cool :-{

Jul 23, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Fantasy Cuisine or Imperial Wok for birthday dinner for Sichuan food lover?

Fantasy Cuisine's decor is better than Imperial Wok but Imperial Wok is by no means a dump. It's got 2 floors so it's big and roomy, with a lot of white everywhere. I prefer the 2nd floor by the windows for lunch.

The Sichuanese items at Imperial Wok are really good. Things I liked: Double cooked pork and Braised Beef Szechuan. Dish I didn't like: Cellophane Noodle with Minced Pork (overcooked the noodle)

I've walked by Fantasy Cuisine but have not eaten there so I can't comment on their food.

Taste the Technique - LI

I have never worked in a fancy restaurant so I can't speak about how they would handle such a dish. Typically, the restaurants I worked at had 2 cooks and a dishwasher (I was that dishwasher at one point). If one cook calls in sick or is off one day a week, then there's only one cook in the kitchen. In this situation, they don't put anything in the menu that can't be prepared quickly or be prepared ahead of time.

Conti's in Little Neck

Piccolo Sogno is my favorite Italian place in the neighborhood. Nothing fancy, just solid Italian dishes. Prices are so reasonable, too. I like their pasta dishes, especially the ones with seafood.

Jun 05, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Does anyone really LOVE sous vide?

At one time, all of these kitchen tools were considered fads:
- non-stick pans
- immersion blenders
- tabletop convection ovens
- microwaves

Only time will tell how much penetration SV will have in the home market. As prices continue to drop, I think a lot of people will give it a try. In the future, supermarkets will stock frozen sous vide meals like they do with frozen microwave meals.

I've had my sous vide machine for a few months and my experience has been great. I love how chicken or turkey breast come out perfectly tender and juicy. Even extra lean pork chops is edible after sous vide.

I cooked a rib roast by sous vide and it beat out a USDA prime rib roast that my brother cooked in a grill (and his cost at least 4 times as much as mine). I like the fact that sous vide allows ordinary home cooks like me to put a better product without much effort.

Jun 04, 2015
Robotron in General Topics

Taste the Technique - LI

That's what I have, too. So easy to use. A little off-topic, but the Anova is on sale right now for $129 with a coupon code that you can find on the web.

Taste the Technique - LI

Yes, it's a real shame what the DoH makes chefs go through in order to use sous vide. I've heard that the paperwork involved in NYC makes filing taxes look like kindergarten homework.

I have a sous vide machine at home and I use it several times a week to make meals. I used to work in a restaurant and I can see where it can help in a restaurant setting, like making a cheap cut of beef taste like an expensive steak.

As for pan basting with a spoon, that seems like a labor intensive technique. None of the restaurants I worked at had the manpower in the kitchen to use this technique.

Seeking Cantonese restaurant in NYC for banquet for 100

I had lunch at Mellie's with my mother today. The dim sum was passable but the lunch special of braised beef tendons was really tender. Anyway, I was able to confirm that the back wall was covered by red curtains, appropriate for weddings.

May 13, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Seeking Cantonese restaurant in NYC for banquet for 100

I will suggest Mellie's on Northern Blvd in Flushing. It flies under a lot of people's radars. I had two banquet type meals there last year, about 50 people each meal. The manager was a pleasure to work with. We gave him a budget and he planned around it. Service was good, portions were huge, and most of the dishes were outstanding. The vegetarian dishes were real standouts.

A 100 people would take up more than half the restaurant.

May 12, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Traditional in Nassau

You can't judge a book by its covers. I once worked in a Chinese-Cuban restaurant where the Chinese chef lived in Cuba (before being forced out by Castro). He made some of the best pernil I've ever had.

Queens Night Market kickoff tonight

Hopefully, the fact that there are long lines will attract more vendors.

Apr 26, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Have you been to Nixtamal lately?

The article basically stated that corn tortillas don't travel well. All the more reason to eat them at the source, Nixtamal. Except that I love their tamales even more. After a few tamales and a soup, I don't have room for their tacos.

Apr 02, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Help me plan please [Lower Westchester County]

Acuario Restaurant (Peruvian) is my favorite restaurant in Port Chester. I love the ceviche there. Other menu items are pretty good, too.

Down the block is the Kneaded Bread. Get a chocolate bread and a drink, then sit and relax at one of their tables.

Right next door is Tarry Market. A nice place to eat gelato and relax some more.

These 3 places are across the street from the Asi Es Colombia bakery.

Wan Chai Seafood in Flushing - Excellent

Is it like a real shark fin soup with egg white mixed in? Nowadays, the shark fin soup has so little shark fin that it might as well be imitation shark fin. They can take out the shark fin and you wouldn't even notice the difference.

You can talk to the restaurants to see if they can make it for you. For example, I know that Happy Garden will take requests if you give them enough advance notice to buy the ingredients.

Mar 31, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Aberdeen Seafood and Dim Sum?

Are you talking about Aberdeen in White Plains? You'll have better luck asking this question in the New York State board.

Mar 27, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Where to eat and drink to feel like you're in New York?

PHREDDY's suggestions of Jackson Heights and Flushing are great food destinations for Queens. Jackson Heights is great for street food, especially at night. Just get off at the Junction Boulevard stop on the 7 subway line and walk around. To a lesser extent, Flushing also has great street food. I say lesser because most of the street food is not out on the street. Most of the "street food" type vendors are actually located in several food courts around Flushing. The popular food courts are New World Mall and Golden Shopping Mall. You can find more information about them in Chowhound.

Mar 23, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Ramen restaurant in Flushing

I wasn't impressed with Hashi either. I found the broth lacking in depth of flavor.

There is a ramen place in Queens Crossing in Flushing ( but I didn't think it was that great either.

Both of these places are passable if you have a craving for ramen and you're in the neighborhood.

There are so many good noodle-in-soup places in Flushing that I'm not going to get so-so ramen.

Mar 19, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Rudy Merlin Executive Chef of Payard Caesar's Palace Las Vegas Turning out sublime confections in New Age Asian Market on Northern Blvd and 160th Street

New Age is close enough that I can hit it during my lunch break but unfortunately (or fortunately for my belly) Cannelle is not. Speaking of lunch break, I noticed a small food court and some tables upstairs at the New Age market. Since man cannot live by eclairs alone, has anyone tried the food court?

Mar 16, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Canelle Patisserie - Cakes?

I've gotten cakes here many times. Our favorite is the Creole. The Espresso 31 was also excellent. I have not tried everything in the store but almost everything was very good. My wife usually gets the Creole cake and I would get a fruit tart (and a cup of hot chocolate). About the only thing I didn't like were the cupcakes.

They usually have a selection of cakes (6" and 8") available for sale. You'll see them when you walk in. Not every cake in every size but it's a good selection. If you don't see something, ask. Sometimes they have stuff in the back that they haven't brought out yet. For 1/4 sheet to full sheet, you'll have to ask them if they are available that day. I usually call ahead and tell them what I want. They don't require much advance notice.

Mar 13, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Rudy Merlin Executive Chef of Payard Caesar's Palace Las Vegas Turning out sublime confections in New Age Asian Market on Northern Blvd and 160th Street

Came here today (Sunday) around 6:30pm and there wasn't much of a selection left. Next time, I'll have to stop by earlier. I really wanted to try a slice of chocolate cake!

What's a good time to stop by?

Mar 08, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Inexpensive ethnic CLEAN newish restaurant in Queens?

Try Biang in Flushing. It may be in Flushing but it doesn't feel like Flushing when you step inside. It's clean and modern looking. And the food is great and prices are reasonable.

They are famous for their noodle dishes but I prefer to make a meal out of the appetizers.

Mar 01, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Italian - Nassau

I like Cafe Cardini in New Hyde Park. It's definitely old school, down to its decor and wait staff (who's been there for years). I really enjoyed the pastas here. The pasta is al dente and the red sauce tastes like it's been cooking for hours. And the alfredo sauce is an instant heart attack. It's really rich so stay away if you don't like that type of sauce.

Just look at the menu on its web site ( It's nothing but the classics.

Lunar New Year in Flushing

My parents have been going to Happy Garden for years, long before Lake Pavilion opened up across the street. It's their favorite for a couple of reasons.
- Easy to find parking
- The owner comes from the same part of China as them
- Food is pretty good

When they eat there at New Years, they would give red envelops to the waiters. I guess that's one way to ensure good service!

One of the dishes they do well is crab or lobster over sticky rice. It's cooked to order here so it takes a while to come out. Some places take shortcuts and just put the seafood over precooked sticky rice which doesn't give the flavors a chance to infuse into the rice.

And give their soups a try. One memorable soup was a chicken soup with a whole chicken along with lots of other ingredients. I don't know if it's on the menu or not, so talk to the owner to find out what soup choices they have.

I also want to give recognition to Mellie’s on Northern Blvd. I was there recently for several post-funeral banquets. All the dishes were large and really well done. I was especially impressed by the vegetarian dishes with mushrooms. Regular meals at Mellie's, while still good, didn't wow me as much. Maybe the banquet was better since they have time to prepare it ahead of time.

A good advice for anyone planning a New Year's banquet. Don't just order off the menu when you get there. Go in a week earlier and talk to the manager to come up with a menu. There are off-the-menu dishes where they need to procure the ingredients ahead of time.

Feb 03, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Lunar New Year in Flushing

The last few years, my family have gone to Happy Garden on Main St for our New Year's meal. The key is to go in a week or two before the meal and talk to the owner. He'll create a menu for you based on your preferences and what's traditionally served on New Years. It'll probably be around $300 to $500 for a table for 10 people. I don't know if they will take reservations for smaller parties. In any case, the New Year's meal is best enjoyed with a group of people.

For any restaurant, I recommend making reservations for early dining. These meals tend to run long, and later reservations may have to wait a while for a table.

Feb 02, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Recs for Flushing next Wednesday?

They also have a 3rd restaurant, Shanghai Asian Cuisine, on Elizabeth Street.

If you walk South from Dumpling Galaxy, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. I like to walk around there and look at the interesting items on the various menus. For example, Hunan Kitchen is a popular destination and it's only a block away. Rural is also a block away. They specialize in food from Northern China - try the lamb dishes.

Jan 17, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Recs for Flushing next Wednesday?

Just personal preference, but I like the XLB better at Shanghai Cuisine 33, which is less of a walk from the subway than Kung Fu. I also like the non-XLB dishes better at Shanghai Cuisine 33.

If you want variety, I also recommend trying Biang (part of the Xi’an Famous Foods mini empire). I really enjoy the Liang Pi "cold skin" noodles there. And a cold beer. The lamb or pork burgers are also good.

Jan 16, 2015
Robotron in Outer Boroughs

Family Day in Flushing...Looking for Baked Char Siu Boa and Bakery Recommendations.

Sorry, I was just replying to your observation that it was crazy like a Sunday. I'm just saying that it's going to be busy like this until kids go back to school. If people want to go on a weekday after this week, they will not find it as crowded.

Also, I've been to the restaurant on the 3rd floor of New World Mall several times for dinner. The meals were decent, but nothing special. Have not been for dim sum yet.

Dec 31, 2014
Robotron in Outer Boroughs