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Roast beef, yorkshire puddings

Try The Roy on Queen Street just at Logan! Yummy Sunday dinner Roast beef and yorkshire!

Is Kubo Radio closed - for good?

Went to the Roy on Friday - Excellent food and no, it's not run by the same people of the Hair of the Dog! Try their nachos and their wings!! Wow....packed house!

2 New Irish pubs opening in March & April 2009 in Leslieville

Went there on Saturday about 6:00 p.m. Packed! Line up for tables! Sat at the bar and had a couple of pints - nice and cold! Perfect....then had some of their home made nachos! The best nachos in town!!! Met lots of people...the owners were super hospitable! Will be back there very's nice to see this place taking off....

Lunch around Eaton Ctr, Elm Str perhaps?

Will agree with you - New Treasure is a delight - agreed that it's kind of a spooky staircase and can use a restaurant makeover, but the food is great and made to order.....we frequent the joint weekly for dinner or dim's cheap and quick service.

Do NOT go to New Treasure

Very surprised with your comments hippotatomus.....we frequent the New Treasure for dinner and Sunday dim sums....made to order foods and the wonderful hostess (owner) remembers our orders and how we like's been there for years!