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Canadian Greek Yogurt similar to Fage

I'm in the same boat as you. The weather has made it difficult to do a Buffalo run for groceries. Fage is one of my favorite yogurt. Here the only thing that kinda comes close is Skotidakis. The Libertie brand is also decent.

PC Greek style 9% no longer available

There is a prevalent misconception that 0% no fat yogurt is healthier. When it's the contrary. Higher fat is better for you and keeps you satisfied longer. It's getting harder and harder to find yogurt specifically Greek yogurt that is higher than 2%. If I come across Skotidakis 9% I'll stock up but now even that is getting harder to find. Costco Kirkland brand Greek yogurt is supposed to be very good and comparable to Fage but 0% is all that is sold.

Whole Foods to open Buffalo, NY store in 2016

Whole Foods market will be opening in Buffalo, NY in spring/summer 2016. Location will most likely be around Niagara Falls Blvd/ Sheridan Drive area. Like Trader Joes it will be a great opportunity to source different products W F in Canada can't retail.

Grocery items that you can't find in Toronto (but you can in the states)

Kerrygold butter from Wegmans
Fage yogurt
Biscoff cookies
Trader joe spices and snacks

Rice - which type and where?

+1 for Tilda white basmati. I stock up when it's on sale. I also use Tilda brown basmati when I can find it.

Where to get great Stollen in Toronto or North of the GTA

Stonemill bakery at St. Lawrence market is selling fresh stollen. It is being touted as"full of lots of rum". I haven't tried but it looks freshly baked and they do use real ..butter, sugar, eggs etc

Pure Coconut Water. No sugar added. With/without pulp/jelly. Need recommendations please.

Most major supermarkets carry it. Metro, Longo's etc..

Pure Coconut Water. No sugar added. With/without pulp/jelly. Need recommendations please.

VitaCoco, Zico, O.N.E are my top 3

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

The quality has been dropping off at Lick's for years. I still remember enjoying homeburger's at their Yonge/Dundas location back in the 90's.

Cross-Border Grocery Shopping

Fage yogurt by the bucket load
Biscoff cookies by Lotus
LaCroix flavored water
Oscar Mayer turkey bacon
UTZ's potato chips & party mix
I enjoy the Newman's Own frozen pizza's so if its wintertime I will haul some of those back too.

Loblaws Bathurst/St Clair: sloppy shelving, supply chain issues, fruit flies, indifferent managers

I went to Philly?

Passed this place on Yonge near College. I didn't have time to stop but the sign on the window advertises "American style Philadelphia Cheese Steak sandwiches." I am curious if anyone has tried them out yet and how they measure up.

Tonic Water

Fever Tree has more flavors...Regular tonic, Bitter Lemon, Light Indian tonic but it's sweeter than Q. Q Tonic is a bit more dry than Fever Tree. I tend to favor Fever Tree because it's easier to find in stores and less expensive than Q.

Supertaster Daily: Duncan Hines Frosting Creations

Do not like Supertaster video reviews much prefer the print versions. Not sure of the reasons you changed the format but it doesn't work for me.

Jun 05, 2012
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Hamilton Area Update

+1 for NaRoma.

which is your favourite Greek style yogurt, and why?

1. Fage (preferably the European made)
I prefer the taste & consistency of Fage. I think the issue with Skotidakis
is that it isn't as widely available as the pedestrian varieties of Astro Greek, Liberté, Oikos, Chobani et al. I only see Skotidakis occasionally at Longos.

Where to buy Chobani yoghurt in Toronto?

I have seen the small fruit flavored cups at Real Cdn Superstore for $1.99. Not seen the full fat plan tubs of it yet.

Cinnamon powdered Tim Hortons in TO...

I too haven't seen the cinnamon powdered old fashioned in a long time. I believe it may have been discontinued several years ago along with the following:
chocolate dip with peanuts
chocolate with coconut
plain coconut old fashioned,
raisin twist(which I liked)
cherry stick
honey stick
sugar twist
and the real cream filled fancies and wedgies

Lacey's Almond/Chocolate Cookies - Where?

They occasionally turn up at Winners / Homesense in the gourmet foods section.

Soup Nutsy?

Thanks for the info. Seems like broth based soups are the way to go.


@JErix "Without question the best pizza I've had in Hamilton".

I would go so far to say it's the best pizza I've had in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe combined.

I've been driving between Oakville & Hamilton about one a month to get pizza at NaRoma since last summer. Whenever I feel like pizza this is the place I have to go. It's worth the mileage and gas. Every pizza is consistently well baked with a nice cornmeal crunch to the crust--we always get the Carne with roasted garlic and caramelized onions.

The prices are excellent the coppia (small) is enough for 2-3 people for under $20.00. They have an ideal location for drivers and walkers by so hopefully they will be around for good while.

Soup Nutsy?

I am curious of people's experience with this place. After being told by my co-workers it was the best soup in town I decided to give it a try today. I ordered the West African Senegalese Peanut Chicken. I found it to be ridiculously thick and not in a good way. It is as if they went overboard on the thickening agents. Has anyone experienced this before or are there certain type of soups that are best to be avoided at this place?

Peruvian restaurant?

Maria's Brasa has closed. I went by there yesterday and there was a 'for rent' sign in the window.

Beer Bistro

I dined there yesterday for lunch and had the pulled pork sandwich which was I thought was very good as well as the red pepper soup and frites . My least favorite items are the beef tacos and the various quesadillas very ho-hum. The mussels seem to be their popular item although I have yet to try them.

Progresso Light Soups

Progresso brand soups are not sold in Canada. Primo soups may be your closest bet.

What has happened to Whole Foods in Yorkville?

The same question can be asked of Whole Foods in general. When my local Whole Foods in Oakville opened a few years ago I would shop there at least twice a week sometimes more because the takeaway foods were fresh and well prepared and the prices were decent. They had different products lines--stuff you couldn't find anywhere else and I enjoyed some of their 365 products. Fast forward to 2011 and its a vastly different experience for me now..they have shrunk the portions of the takeaway foods and increased the prices and their product list has reduced to the point where the majority of what I see in the freezer section are McCain products?

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay Thread - 3rd quarter 2011 [Old]

+1 for Bistro Biscuits. I can go through a whole package in one sitting.

Sep 16, 2011
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Haagen Dazs "five"

@murtabek-I feel your pain!! I became a fan of HD pineapple coconut on my last trip to the States. It's currently not part of the HD Canada line up of products unfortunately. Some hounds have found US dairy products at Summerhill market, if you can't find it there your best bet would be to drive to Buffalo and pick it up at Wegmas/Tops/Target or Wal-mart.

The 78 Most Annoying Words to Read in a Restaurant Review

The use of "go-to" whether in a review or article is very irksome to seems to be over-used when reviewing recipes or restaurants.."Joe's go-to soup for a cold day" or "This place has become my new go-to spot for xyz.."Arrrrgh!!!

Aug 15, 2011
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Healthy Cookie with Credible Goodness

It's interesting you would compare these to European-style tea biscuits. These cookies are made in Canada by Kraft and sold in Canada under the Peek Freans "Lifestyle Selections" product line this particular flavor is known as Blueberry Brown Sugar with Flax.

Aug 04, 2011
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