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momofuku toronto

Can you guys explain what you're talking about here? I am intrigued but don't know who Burns is.

Assuming it was another collabo-night like they did with the A-OK foods guy in the summer?

Me Va Me opening downtown

It's open now, 11-11 every day I'm pretty sure. I really enjoyed it myself both times I've been, far better than any other shawarma I've had in the area. Ends up being around 10 bucks for one, but really it's comparable to the size of two at most places. Very reasonable to share, though I'm not sure if they'd cut it for you. Compares most closely with Dr. Laffa, and though I've only tried the latter once, I actually prefer Me Va Me - bread isn't quite as good, but the toppings are more seasoned. Love the red cabbage, though in the future I'm going to ask for no lettuce in the interest of making the size a bit more manageable. I think lettuce is superfluous on a wrap with cabbage anyway.

Not sure why, i took it take-out from the restaurant to my place both days (maybe 3-5 minute walk), and the first day it was perfect, the second day it was kind of cold. Partly my own fault for taking it away, I'm sure it would have been better had I eaten in, but I feel like maybe the chicken and bread were not quiiiite as hot to start with the second time. Anyway, still delicious, and will be my go-to shawarma in the area.

momofuku toronto

I've been to momofuku toronto so many times now, to noodle bar, daisho, and for cocktails. Thought I'd weigh in with my reactions. I live nearby so that doesn't hurt, but it's kind of my go-to restaurant for big celebratory meals. Get the large formats if you can. So far I've had the fried chicken, bo ssam, and lobster, and they're all among the most amazing meals I've had. Never really had anything I found disappointing, though some things less to my taste.

The noodle bar noodles are fantastic, compared to the other joints in the city the ramen broth is so rich it's a bit over the top. I like to taste other people's ramen, but my preference is for the other noodles, esp. the spicy variants they often have. Buns are always great, pork is very simple and classic, but I prefer the variants. (Funny side note, once I saw the host from Momofuku eating at Banh Mi Boys and had to do a double take. Momofuku buns are 'better' in the sense that Mozart is 'better' than, say, Springsteen. Both awesome, one's just a bit more refined while the other a bit more satisfying.)

The cocktails are pricey but on par with the best I've had elsewhere in the city, and the cocktail bar is beautiful. Keep in mind they have a different selection there but you can always get one upstairs and bring it down to Noodle Bar. Or eat a large format in the cocktail bar. Milk bar is the only thing that's kind of overhyped in my opinion, the cookies are delicious to varying degrees but it's the same secret as so many high school cafeterias, they're just barely baked. Corn is weird and tasty, like an undercooked Corn Pop - my favourite - compost is 'meh' though. The made-in-house desserts at the restaurants are better. If you see something that has the creme brulee sauce, get it!

Help! - Need a restaurant with good food and a big beer selection in Toronto!

IMO, Volo's food is better than the others you list. Though still not great by the standards of other very good restaurants in town. Smokeless Joe's beer list is excellent (and overpriced), but that place is small and their food somewhat dubious. I think that 10-15 people would pack that little bar!

Smokeless Joe
Toronto, ON, Toronto, ON , CA

Help! - Need a restaurant with good food and a big beer selection in Toronto!

Sin & Redemption is right on McCaul, has a great beer selection, but only tolerable food.

Volo on Yonge also has an encyclopedic collection of beer, and better food. Small, though.

Personally I prefer Sin and Redemption as a bar destination, but I think that Volo and BeerBistro/BierMarket have the most optimal beer-quality to food-quality balance.

587 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

Sin & Redemption
136 McCaul St, Toronto, ON M5T 1W2, CA

sourdough starter cultures, Toronto?

hi everyone! this is a thread that has been broached once but without much in the way of useful suggestions. specifically my question is: where can I get sourdough starter in Toronto?

be it - some kind of institutionalized co-op exchange type thing that anyone knows of, some members with good cultures who feel like sharing, or just some bakeries that anyone knows of which would be willing to give/sell a cupful of culture?

i have read great things about the cultures, and will probably order one eventually, but that doesn't help me make pizza like, this week.

my own home cultured jar went mouldy and i'm in process of restarting it with a tablespoon of the old stuff...

thanks for any advice!

How to Make Left-Behinds

The perfect cookies for when you're feeling depressed that the rest of your family got taken by the Rapture.

May 12, 2010
tweaked in Features

Oh Boy Burger, Queen and Portland

Meh. It's slightly better than McDonald's, and I'd still prefer a Whopper Jr.

Large bags of flour

Great deal right now at Lucky Moose on Dundas (just a few blocks east of Spadina) - 5kg bags of Mr. Goudas all-purpose flour for $5.99. Maybe a bit out of the way though if you're in Leslieville.

Wade Ceramics mortar and pestles for best price?

The Homesense on Yonge st., along with the Winners locations in town that have housewares, all have a rather large stock of enormous stone mortar and pestles for ten dollars. They're shockingly heavy, but they look great, and work great - I picked one up a few weeks ago and have been exceedingly happy with it.

Need Help! Christmas Present, something that is exclusive to US.

here's some options from my usual list of pick-ups when I'm in the states:

- mountain dew (yours has caffeine, whereas ours in canada does not)
- corn pops (totally different, and much tastier in the US - try some in Canada if you get a chance, they're god-awful), and cap'n crunch crunchberries...
- bourbon (maker's mark, for instance, is about half the price in the US... and there are kinds you guys have that we don't)
- nutter butter cookies!

and we can get jalapenos here!

Dec 12, 2009
tweaked in General Topics

fresh quail at the nofrills near lansdowne / dundas

I was at this no frills today - which is by far the best i've been to all round - and they had 6 fresh quails for 8 dollars. Packaged today. If you're in the area, it's kind of a nice find! This location also has live fish and a good selection of other seafood.

queso in TO?

Awesome. Thanks for the tips everyone!

queso in TO?

Does anyone know where to find queso blanco in Toronto? or even nice big chunks of haloumi?

I love me some fried cheese, and I want a better option than the stupidly expensive and small PC haloumi. I remember at Costco last time I was in the States I could buy two huge blocks of it for around $5... not that I expect it to be nearly so cheap here!

edit - just to be clear I want to buy some cheese at a store, not get it at a restaurant...

New Finds: Germanic Fermented Soda

Kombucha is a different and scary thing involving a large gelatinous colony of microorganisms.

Sep 02, 2009
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Help a Brit plan an American-themed BBQ!

Adding to the consensus:
Pulled pork can be easy if you're not too worried about authenticity, so don't worry about the people who say it's hard. It's something many of your guests might not have had, and it bears a resemblance to what Americans mean when they say 'barbecue' as opposed to grilling or a cookout.
Here's my advice on how to do it... For 12-20 people you should be fine with two big fatty pork roasts (shoulder is the norm but whatever you can get cheap works). Rub them with whatever spices are convenient, but I'd say brown sugar, salt, and chili powder are the necessities.
Cook them however you want: I'd suggest smoking them for two hours on your grill with any kind of hardwood, then into the over for another 3 at least. But in spite of what some would say the smoking is an optional step, and 6 hours in the oven (4 covered, then 2 uncovered) would work very well. Especially if you use a smoky barbecue sauce and your guests don't actually know what real smoked pork tastes like. (BUT DON'T BOIL IT! Never, never, never. However you do it you want a dry heat.)
Then however you cook it, just pull it once it's cooled a bit, or use gloves. One thing nobody's mentioned is that the intention with pulling is not only to separate the fibers, but to pick around the inevitable chunks of fat and membrane. Then you might want to chop up the long fibers a little and douse the whole mess in a lot of barbecue sauce. Use store-bought smokey sauce and just add some extra vinegar. Say a half-cup, then more to taste. It should be a quite vinegary sauce. Then let your guests put it on buns themselves, with cheese and chopped raw onion as condiments.
When there's BBQ, I frankly don't care about sides, so I think you'd be fine to take any of the myriad excellent suggestions above.
Good luck!!

Jun 10, 2009
tweaked in Home Cooking

Basic Sweet Mochi (An Mochi)

As the folks above have suggested, this recipe is lacking a key step. Don't make this! It's gross, and a nightmare to knead.

May 09, 2009
tweaked in Recipes

Top 10 Chain/Fast Food Items

Haha... there is nothing more disconcerting than reading a post on here that starts the way yours does.

Just sayin'.

Mar 19, 2009
tweaked in Chains

thee pitts again (PHX)

The BBQ sauce was certainly decent... but I like a hotter and more vinegary sauce myself, so I like the sauce I make with my own pulled pork better!

Mar 19, 2009
tweaked in Phoenix

thee pitts again (PHX)

I didn't try the chicken or the hot links, but I noticed that they won most of their 1st place awards for the chicken! Probably a solid indicator that I should have ordered that!!

Mar 19, 2009
tweaked in Phoenix

thee pitts again (PHX)

I've been a lurker on this wonderful site for a while, but it was a visit to this place that made me decide to finally start contributing.

I had read some conflicting things about the place on here - that it was good, that it was mediocre, that it was recommended, that it was on Food, etc. - and so i decided to give it a try for my one BBQ night on my trip to Phoenix. Everyone I was with was reasonably happy with the place, but I was incredibly disappointed. I think that I can clear a couple things up about the place, and why there are so many contradictory things on here and other sites.

Basically, if your idea of BBQ is a pile-o-meat with a bunch of BBQ sauce slopped all over it, then you'll be perfectly happy with this place. I noticed a lot of people around us had the pulled pork sandwiches - they looked pretty good, with nice eggy buns and decent fries. It's pretty hard to go wrong with pulled pork, and it was definitely the best of the things that I tried. So people who enjoyed themselves here probably had pulled *something.* Big mess of BBQ sauce and shredded meat, with a vaguely smoky taste.

The problem was that this was the only thing that tasted even vaguely smoky to me. My mom had the mesquite smoked salmon, and it was also a little bit smoky...

But see, what I came for was a fix of brisket!! I ordered the three meat selection, with pulled pork, pork ribs, and brisket. For sides I got the corn on the cob and a baked potato. As I said, the pulled pork was decent, but I can make much better at home, and I've had better at any number of places. But their BBQ sauce is OK, so it was fine. The pork ribs were tender - falling off the bone - but still fatty, and not properly prepared in my opinion. I'll take no pockets of fat over falling-off-the-bone any day. I think these ribs were probably boiled, and hardly any smoke flavour at all. And just to touch on all the other things on the plate, before I get to the real disappointment: the corn was mushy, the baked potato just OK, and the corn bread too crumbly. But still tasty with their honey butter.

But it was the brisket that really made me sad. Ever since I was in Austin last fall and ate at Stubb's, I've been craving some real BBQ brisket. Those of you who know TX BBQ know what I'm talking about.... lean, sliced beef that you add your own sauce to, with a 1/4 inch of pinkish red smoke ring around the edges, that tastes SMOKY, SMOKY, SMOKY!!!! The kind where your mouth tastes like smoke for several hours afterward. I knew that it wouldn't be anything too exciting at Thee Pitts as soon as we pulled in the parking lot. Stubb's smells like a campfire from a block away; here, I didn't smell anything even vaguely smoky until we got in the building.

So to clarify why you might have heard hugely disparate things about this place: anyone who knows and loves the kind of TX barbecue that I described above, will absolutely loathe this place. I read one review here on Chow that said the brisket and pork were indistinguishable. Not true: the pork actually tasted like BBQ. The brisket, on the other hand, tasted like the kind of crappy, fatty shaved roast beef you get in a low-end au jus. Smothered in BBQ sauce, I could choke it down, but THIS WAS NOT BBQ BRISKET!!! There was a suggestion of pink around the edges, but NO smoke flavour at all.

In short, if you want nice smoky BBQ brisket, DO NOT go here. THEIR BRISKET IS SIMPLY NOT BBQ. I don't even believe that it was smoked for more than 15-20 minutes at most. From what I've read, Stacy's is the place for proper BBQ in PHX... Really wishing that I had gone there. And in fact, I think I might go pick up a pound of his brisket tomorrow, just to redeem this awful experience.

Also, they didn't have Tecate, and just to top it all off, everything on my plate was lukewarm.

*sigh*. I'll leave it at that.

Thee Pitts Again
5558 W Bell Rd, Glendale, AZ 85308

Mar 17, 2009
tweaked in Phoenix