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Any Hungarian Restaurants Left In NJ?

I've been missing her place on Rt.18 and finally made the trip down to Ewing from New Brunswick. It was well worth the drive. The menu is essentially the same as listed above. The restaurant was clean & decorated very nicely.

I had the Chicken Paprikas with Nokedli for the meal. The chicken was very tender. No knife was required; I could pick off the meat with my fork. The portion of nokedli under it was huge. The sauce was red & rich w/ a dollop of sour cream added to the plate & half a sweet-sour pickle on the side.

For desert, I had palacsinta (crepes). 1 cottage cheese & 1 peach. They were large and tasted great. Very warm.

Meal + desert + soda + large tip = $25. I'll be bringing the rest of the family next time I go.

Jul 25, 2010
T_Mac in New Jersey

Any Hungarian Restaurants Left In NJ?

For years, the Hopewell Valley Inn and Bistro (Hopewell, NJ) has devoted a section of their menu to Hungarian cuisine. A dinner menu can be found online @ Nice restaurant and setting, and have always enjoyed the meals.

If you wish to cook Hungarian dishes; good meats and supplies can be found at the following locations:
Hungarian Meats and Deli - Somerset & Oak - New Brunswick, NJ
Buday Meat Market - Robinson and Central - New Brunswick, NJ

Mar 17, 2009
T_Mac in New Jersey