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Help! Where To Get The Best Cake?

I can second that "not-so-nice" stuff about Lady Jane's ~ they act like they're doing you a favor when they wait on you! Susina anything is fantastic, & they're super user-friendly. However, my favorite best-kept-secret place is, actually, right in the Marina, on Centinela. It's called Angel Maid, & their cakes are amazing, & not too pricey. I had a bit of trouble with them misplacing an order last year, but we did resolve it amicably, so I'm totally a fan again.

Jun 16, 2009
FeeVert in Los Angeles Area

Must-eats in LA - visiting from NY

I love both Philippe's and In-n-Out. Mi Ranchito in Mar Vista is really authentic ~ try the machaca, but not the margaritas. Hole in the Wall, just off Santa Monica & Sepulveda, has awesome burgers. Hide in Little Asia used to have terrifically cheap sushi, but it's cash only, so I don't go anymore. Favorite Chinese is Ocean Seafood in Chinatown (about 2 blocks away from Philippe's) ~ the string beans are out of this world.

Sorry, Ubergeek, but I hate The Counter ~ gave it two tries, & gave up :-(

Apr 29, 2009
FeeVert in Los Angeles Area

Easy Kettle Corn

I put the sugar, the salt, & the kernels in with the oil from the start, and heat them all up together. Oil is key ~ you have to use a very high-burning-point one. I like peanut & apricot oils. Non-stop shaking during the heating process is vital, & I also turn the heat down once the popping starts. I usually end up with a few unpopped kernels, because I find it better to err on the side of caution, & avoid burning the sugar.

Apr 28, 2009
FeeVert in Recipes