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Baby friendly craft beer East Bay/ SF

I think I've seen a kid or two on the patio at Beer Revolution.

best beer and/or wine bars on the Peninsula

I'm always a bit turned off (and sometimes shocked) by R&C's prices.

best beer and/or wine bars on the Peninsula

I like both Grape and Grain and Ale Arsenal, with a definite edge to AA. Not too many places have Alpine Duet on tap, but AA does, along with some of my favorites from Altamont and Cellarmaker.

Muslim dining?

Guddu Karahi;s in the Sunset is also halal I believe.

Are there any restaurants in the Bay Area with kid play areas?

Social Kitchen in the Inner Sunset is kid friendly. Unfortunately the beer is okay. Magnolia is the Lower Haight is great too if you go off peak hours.

Are there any restaurants in the Bay Area with kid play areas?

The Inner Sunset Patxi's has a play area in their heated patio. They have a kids table and little chairs and a chalkboard.

financial district sushi? [San Francisco]

I really enjoyed my experience at Akiko. Any alternate restaurants walking distance from the Westin?

financial district sushi? [San Francisco]

Source for canned craft beer/microbrews in Sonoma County?

Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa

Bars near State Bird Provisions/itinerary query? [San Francisco]

Fat Angel is nearby. Beer and wine only, but a good place to grab a few drinks.

Most Reliable Restaurant Review Site Outside of Chowhound?

Only place I can think of is Woodward Garden

Most Reliable Restaurant Review Site Outside of Chowhound?

Rehashing this thread. Came across this article today in SF Gate:

SF special occasion restaurant that will tolerate a small child

Funny you mention this, just saw this article today:

New Shanghai Dumpling King? Less than a block from my house? [San Francisco]

Considering I live right around the corner, glad to hear the Outer Richmond location will not be permanently closed!

San Francisco/Napa with Baby

Oops, just realized you posted this a few days ago. Hope you enjoyed Bar Tartine -- love the Hungarian inspired food there.

Good for a group in SF

Bar Tartine does a great pre fixe for large groups. We had a birthday dinner there and had a very good time.

early dinner with two kids

Some more suggestions here:

San Francisco/Napa with Baby

I agree with absc's recs above. I'd add Little Chihuahua too. More fresh mex, but family friendly.

Yank Sing is good western styled dim sum. Many of the dim sum places in the Outer Richmond and Outer Sunset are family friendly because the restaurants are larger and in more residential parts of the city.

San Francisco/Napa with Baby

We live in SF and have 1 year old twins. For the most part, the restaurants by the ballpark/SoMa tend to be fairly family/stroller friendly (largely due to the fact that the restaurants tend to be a bit bigger in that area); the Mission and the Divis Corridor, not so much.

State Bird is very small and you would have to do a walk-in and probably wait 2-3 hours (reservations are booked fully as of right now 2 months in advance).

Places we frequent w/ our kids is Nopalito (in the Inner Sunset, not the Divis one), Nopa (weekdays, early is the best with kids), Delfina Pizza (Pac Heights), Zazies (for brunch), Lers Ros Thai.

For the most part, if we stick to the early bird timings we've never really had any issues. Patrons at some of the more "hipster" restaurants in the Mission have given us the stink eye every once in awhile if the babies were acting up, but nothing too egregious.

Rare Bay Area appearance by Dogfish Head 120 Minute [Petaluma]

Yes, 120 Minute. I know City Beer Store has had it on tap at least a few times. BR had it once in the last year or so.

Rare Bay Area appearance by Dogfish Head 120 Minute [Petaluma]

I think rare may be a bit of an overstatement - it's frequently on tap at City Beer Store and Beer Revolution. Maybe rare for the North Bay? Just speculating.

Foodie from Chicago needs to know what SFO Neighborhood to live in.

Just pointing out that OP does not mention a kid anywhere in his original post.

I would vote Noe due to its proximity to everything (especially the Mission) and easy freeway access.

Help me fill in the blank: Fleur de Lys, Incanto, ________?

I would probably pick Plum.

REVIEW w/ pics: Creative Cooking at Chef Michael Voltaggio's restaurant, ink.

I just got back from Ink. I just wanted to share my impressions.

Decor - Typical industrial/minimalist decor with an unfinished floor, gray walls, and interesting artwork.

Service - Very good. Pretty spot on except for a few snafus. For example, one of our "appetizer" plates came out after a "main" dish. Also we were served a plate that we didn't order and we had to track down a server to inform her of the mistake.

Drinks - I had a bourbon and fernet cocktail and a rye and lemon cocktail. Both were very good.

Food -

1. Fluke crudo, romaine hearts, fried caesar dressing, lemon oil - Not bad. I felt like it needed more citrus to brighten up the dish. Very fresh fish, but the flavors fell a bit a flat.

2. Charred avocado, hen of the woods, whipped fish sauce, mushroom chicharrĂ³n - Avacados were very nice, but i wasn't sure the role of the fish foam.

3. Beef tartare, horseradish, hearts of palm, sea bean chimichurri - Well doe, but not memorable

4. Berkshire pork, charcoal crust, macaroni and cheese, leeks - Hands down the best dish of the evening. The char was excellent and added a nice smokiness to the pork. The pork was tender and perfectly cooked . The "macaroni" was a rigatoni stuffed with cheese. Went very well with the pork.

5. Akushi beef dish (I forget the name) - Pretty good dish. Beef was tender and perfectly cooked.

6. Dessert - chocolate, coffee, spice - Very good dessert. Spiced ice cream, liquid nitrogen chocolate, and coffee crumbles.

Overall - I was really coming in expecting much more. In a sense, I feel like MV kind of succumbed to what people expect him to cook - foam, liquid nitrogen, sous vie. While I enjoy those techniques, it felt a bit forced and seemed like he was trying to live up to a certain persona. I'm glad I went, but it's not a restaurant i would rush back to.

8360 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Nov 09, 2011
shellshock24 in Los Angeles Area

looking for killer bar food

I third Beer Belly. The food there is just great and very good (and local) craft beer selection.

Aug 01, 2011
shellshock24 in Los Angeles Area

Dark Lord

I agree, it's a good RIS, but way overrated. It's a bit too dry for me as well. On a blind side-by-side, I overwhelmingly preferred Stone's regular ol' RIS over DL. Go figure.

Jul 14, 2011
shellshock24 in Beer

Commonwealth SF Report

I completely agree. Having lived in SF for some time and now living in LA, we're really missing the quality molecular gastronomy restaurants down in LA. Commonwealth, for me, is hands down one of the best restaurants I have been to dollar-for-dollar. It's not over the top, but its not pedestrian, and very very fairly priced.

I haven't tried Bistro LQ yet, but I'm hoping that'll make me a bit more optimistic about the creativity of food in LA.

Belgium Ale and Blue Cheese- WOW!

I agree, I don't care much for any of the Chimay cheeses. They all have some sort of grainy/sandy quality to them that is kind of off-putting.

Jun 18, 2011
shellshock24 in Beer

Belgium Ale and Blue Cheese- WOW!

Cuvee Van de Keizer Blauw is my go to BSD/Quad. I try to stock up whenever I see it anywhere.

Jun 10, 2011
shellshock24 in Beer

Best deep dish pizza?

For me its the Little Star crust that's the standout. I love that cornmeal texture.