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Basic BBQ Chicken

I always start the chicken bone side down, not skin side down. If you plop the chicken down on the grate and the skin sticks or burns, you've pretty much ruined it, at least for presenation. This way you can get the meat well along toward done before you flip it to finish off the skin to crispiness and the grate will be seasoned by fats so things won't stick. And don't pierce anything on the grill. All the juices have retreated to the center of the meat and if you poke a hole they will come gushing out. Also, remember that the temperature will rise about 10 degrees per minute after they come off the flame, so pull it early and let it finish off on the indirect side of the grill.

May 25, 2009
Germangriller in Recipes

Gas Versus Charcoal: Summer's Most Important Decision

The gas flame has water vapor in it - it steams rather than sears. Charcoal is the best heat source. It provides a small amount of smoke that can be amplified and seasoned with soaked wood chips. All the tricks to make a gas grill perform like a charcoal grill are lame. Use a real fire.

May 12, 2009
Germangriller in Features

Farewell to Minnesota tour

Pizza Nea, Nye's Polanaise, Cafe Maude, White Castle, Sample Room.