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What dessert with rouladen?

In my family, it was just "Roulade", my Dad's mom was Norweigen and Danish. It is very thin sliced round steak , about 3" wide, the length of a slice of bacon. Take the bacon, ( you can use peppered bacon too)stretch it out to fit the beef, 2 thin sliced of dill pickle, a wee bit of salt/pepper, roll up and dredge in flour, skewer w/ toothpick to hold together)brown in roasting pan, add water to cover meat, place in oven for about 2 hours, 325-350 degrees, makes it's own incredible gravy!! We used to have it mashed potatoes w/ sour cream, cream sheese and green onion!!!!

Mar 16, 2009
mojitomama in Home Cooking

New (to me) at Costco -- Maya Kaimal Tikka Masala sauce

I LOVE THAT SAUCE!!!!!! I got a TAGINE(middle eastern clay pot/teepe style lid)I\ for Christmas a few years back with some spices from Crate and Barrel (Nirmalas' Moroccan Tagine Blend) I dredge chicken breast pieces in flour and the Nirmalas spice, brown it in my Tagine,( you can use a dutch oven as well) add carrots, dried apricots, currants and loads of onion, pour the Tikka Masala all over, bake it at 325 for about 2 hours, checking occasionallyto make sure there is enough liquid(add a tad bit of water if necessary), make a side of basmati rice w/ more dried fruits(any kind you like), when it is almost ready to serve, toss in slivered almonds and a bit of chopped cilantro or mint and stir, serve Chicken on top of rice, and go get some NAAN bread at your favorite Indian restaurant for dipping!!!! A nice Sauvignon Blanc(Gordon Brothers of Washington State or Rose ( from same winery)goes well with this dish...and it is so colorful and pretty!!!!! I am craving it right now!!!!!

Mar 16, 2009
mojitomama in Chains

Reuben Sandwich

WE used to own a restaurant in Washington sate..made our Reubens out of very thinly sliced Pastrami at leats 4 oz, plopped, not layed down!!(less fatty), thousand island on 1 side, sweet hot mustard on the other, triple rinsed our kraut, 3 slices of good swiss cheese, dark rye bread, grilled it on a panini grill..................yum! Made Reuben lovers out of sauerkraut haters!!!!!!

Mar 16, 2009
mojitomama in Recipes