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Where to buy date varieties?

I have been mailing dates (not just Medjools, but barhi, deglett, other varieties) to my sister in suburban DC from my local farmers' markets in San Francisco. Is there a farmers' market or store in DC (or Silver Springs area) that stocks a variety of dates? They do not have to be from
the Southern California desert.

Cuban chocolate in Vancouver?

I meant actual Cuban chocolate, whether it's a bar, or nibs. or another form. This would be something different to bring back to California because the US has embargoed Cuban products for 50 years.- Arnie

Cuban chocolate in Vancouver?

As an unusual gift to bring back to the States from Vancouver I would like to find Cuban chocolate bars. (Forget cigars). Any ideas where to find them? -Arnie

Nimby Burger opening in Kits

For the last few years during our July visits to Vancouver (from San Francisco) we were told at burger places that they were absolutely prohibited from serving rare hamburgers. Is this still the case?

NW Coast Indian Restaurant in Vancouver?

Am visiting from San Francisco in the summer and would like to eat at a NW Coast Indian restaurant (sorry, the correct Canadian designation Aboriginal or First Nations?). It looks like there was such dining at the Pan Pacific Hotel and the Vancouver Community College for a short period around the Olympics. Willing to drive a bit out of Vancouver for this experience. Thanks.

Wild Salmon Restaurant @ VCC

The Vancouver Community College website lists a new restaurant at its downtown campus that features food from its aboriginal culinary arts program. It is open only for lunch until August 20th and is called "Wild Salmon". Has anyone been there?

Best Burger In Vancouver

Question? During my visits to Vancouver from San Francisco I have found in the last couple of years that I cannot get a rare hamburger. When I ask I am told that it is against the law to prepare it this way. Am I not going to the right places? Do I have to ask in some special way? Thanks

Thai Restaurant Review - Goodyear AZ in Phoenix West Valley

Would be interested in restaurants around Avondale - visiting a friend who lives there. Dearth of info about that area (even the on-line Phoenix New Times has few reviews). One place seemed unusual, Ararat, whose website says it is run by Armenians, but whose menu doesn't particularly reflect that. Any other ethnic restaurants there? or good bakeries?

Mar 15, 2009
arnoldnoe in Phoenix