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Lunch in Baltimore

mamas maybe, it's a bar, but I take my kids there regularly as an adventure. Or little Italy.

G and A, and Attmans have good hot dogs, but it may not be appropriate.

Baltimore crab cake

I agree, crab cakes on Saltine is the tradition. Maybe white bread. Never a big Kaiser roll.

May 05, 2010
Steve_C in Home Cooking

dinner recommendations for Columbia-Ellicott City for 4/30?

mama's has some good food, but will be packed. I like the Oyster stew.

Baltimore crab cake

I need to agree with the other posters. A good crab cake should never be sauced. The reason for this is quite simple: the sauce is built into the crab cake.

Here is a baseline recipe for a Baltimore style crab cake:

1 egg (maybe 2)
1 or 2 spoons Helmunds
a little mustard
maybe a shake of cayenne pepper
a little black pepper
a little parsley

this is wisked together, and tossed with

1 lb MARYLAND CRAB MEAT, WITH FAT (emphasis added, and also yelling)

to this is added some cracker crumbs (a few saltines beat with a crab mallet), This makes about 6 cakes which are FRIED in a little butter, or maybe Crisco or vegetable oil. NO BROILING (yelling again).

Notice there is no Old Bay, which is for shrimp and tourists. And no bread.

So the mayonnaise, mustard, and especially the CRAB FAT make a sauce inside the crab cake, and the crab fat is tastier than anything else known to man. The source of the problem though, and the reason you are considering a sauce, is that restaurants do not serve this type of crab cake-- it is not commercially viable, and the fat is generally absent in commercial crab meat available today. I am not even going to mention the imported crab meat, other than to say that I am not mentioning it.

What does all of this add up to? Like everything else, if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.

Apr 28, 2010
Steve_C in Home Cooking

Liked Italian Store Pizza dough - Where to try Dessert Pizza?

1000 grams bread flour (king author is upscale, any will work)
680 g water, bottled if yours has a chlorine taste
1 teaspoon yeast sprinkled into the water
2 big teaspoons kosher salt into the flour

Weigh (it's important) all of this into a big bowl, mix as much as possible with fingers of one hand, scrape everything out onto the counter. Knead for about 5-10 minutes, the first minute will be sticky, after that it comes together and should be nice. let rise about 2 hours. divide into three, using the scale, for 16" pies, and into 4 for 12 inch pies.

Any other ingredients in the dough are not authentic. It really is not complex.

Sysco will sell you screens, williams sonoma has a nice rectangular stone. Don pepino sauce is OK, and costco has good whole milk mozz.

What are Balt most over-rated Restaurants?

I like some things at mama's- oyster stew, oyster sandwhich. Fish.

But, I don't understand what they are doing to the mussels. Mama-mussels are good, you don't need to put all that crap on them. heres a recipe mussels, white wine, garlic, olive oil, butter, parsley; cook til done, serve hot with bread.

the crab cake is not terrible.

I did a search but still need Baltimore rec's

Maybe mama's

Are there really no superlative breakfast options in Alexandria?

I work right around the corner from table talk, and would love to get a good hotdog for lunch. I can't bring myself to spend 6.99 for a footlong when you can get one for 3.00 around Baltimore.

Quartro Formagi (I am sure this is spelled wrong) has a decent slice of Pizza though, and the price is right. Obviously, the owner has been to New Jersey.

dinner with kids in Balto

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it (because I ususlly am not a big fan of chains), but on a good day Carrabba's can be pretty good. I like the Veal Marsala, but they have lot's of choices.

Where to buy raw large HEAD-ON, LEGS-ON shrimp in Baltimore

I think that it is safe say that H Mart sells more seafood in a day than many places sell in a week. And in seafood, volume is a good thing. And I agree the heads are the most important part-- I think that the head on shrimp hold in the tastey fat that is lost if the head is removed. Always smell before you buy, especially with the heads on.

H Mart is also a fantastic place for fruit and vegetables, it really is worth the trip.

Also, and most importantly, try the marinated beef ribs. A couple minutes on a verrrrrry hot grill, and they are very tastey.

Balducci's is Closing in D.C.

I've been to the Alexandria store near my office many times, but I really don't buy anything there. Lot's of prepared food in boxes. In Ellicott City, MD, we are very lucky to have two good Korean stores. Superior fruit, vegetables, seafood. (I mean these places sell in one day the seafood that a safeway may sell in a week or two.) You can also buy the marinated beef ribs (galbi?), which is extreely good.

Plus the prices are right.

Places come and go, and to succeed, you need to be cheaper and/or better, and apparently Balducci's wasn't.

all natural ice cream

Does anyone know of any ice creams, other than Haagen dazs, that leaves out the gum (gar, xantham, and carrageenan). Ben and Jerrys, while claiming to be "all natural" is super gummy, and now even Breyers has "tara" gum. What is wrong with ice cream being creamy because of the cream? I may be a little picky, but I don't like to chew gum as chewing gum, and I especially don't want gum in my ice cream.

(sorry for the rant)

Mar 15, 2009
Steve_C in General Topics