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Knife sharpening

Agreed. Carl at Cutlery Collection does a great job. He also is experienced in the asian knives, like Shun, which require a different sharpening technique.

Best place to buy grills?

We just got a new grill in June. We looked at Lowe's, Home Depot, BBQ Galore, and Great Indoors. Ended up getting a kick-ass Weber on for hundreds less and free delivery. You have to do your own research on-line because these sales guys really can't tell you much.

Lone Star Park

We were there for Kentucky Derby and had the Silks Dining buffet. It was surprisingly good. There were lots of salad, entree, and dessert options and everything I ate was well seasoned and flavorful. I don't experience that too often with buffet food. Stick with beer or wine though because the mixed drinks were weak.

Plano/Richardson Italian Recommendations

Fino's Bistro - NW corner of Parker and Midway in Plano (BYOB)
Ferrari's - SW corner of Tennyson and Preston in Plano (beer and wine)

[DFW] Need Rec - Romantic, less than $100, delicious..

Terillis in Frisco has good Italian. It's dark, white tablecloth, etc. And they have these great booths with curtains around them for privacy.

Feb 15, 2008
Raynickben in Texas

Addison, TX?

Well, this isn't ethnic per se but Kenny's Woodfire Grill a great place to eat:
Also, I've had some good food and wine at Mercy bar but you may have to take out a bank loan first.

Feb 11, 2008
Raynickben in Texas

In search of great buffalo chicken sand. in Dallas area

Agree! Fox Sports Grill.

Feb 09, 2008
Raynickben in Texas

Best Chicken Dish/Fried Chicken/Rotisserie in D/FW

Agreed! Costco has killer Rotisserie Chicken.

Jan 31, 2008
Raynickben in Texas

Best Soup/Chowder/Stew/Bisque in D/FW

This past weekend I had the lobster bisque at Central 214. Fantastic!!!

Where to go before concert at the AAC - Dallas

Big fan of the Dallas HOB. I have a feeling that the Hooters will have more Van Halen fans in attendance before the concert than HOB will. :-)

Jan 25, 2008
Raynickben in Texas

Where to go before concert at the AAC - Dallas

I'm going too! House of Blues and Luna de Noche are close by. There are quite a few other places (like Hooters) within walking distance.

Jan 22, 2008
Raynickben in Texas

Mobile knife sharpening..Dallas

I also go to the guy at Willow Bend and he does a fantastic job and is very reasonable. I had one of those traveling knife people (Sharper Edges) do my knives one time and a couple of the knives were shaved too much. Karl in Willow Bend fixed them for me.


We went to Nove on Saturday. Yes, it is a beautiful room full of beautiful people but we were just not impressed with the food.

On the advice of friends who said "you have to get the lobster pizza!" we did just that. I think it should be renamed "bunch of arugula with a little lobster and bread on the side". It truly was an arugula salad on top of flatbread, ricotta and some lobster chunks thrown on top. The lobster was so over-seasoned that it was barely edible.

Next we had a caesar salad which was over-dressed (unlike some of the women there!) with anchovy filets draped on top. Edible but nothing to brag about.

What followed was one of the worst entrees I have ever had at this level of dining. It was titled "Linguine with Clams" with a subtitle of "white wine, parsley, and botarga". If botarga (fish roe) is your fifth listed ingredient then you'd better not serve a Botarga Linguine! Seriously. It's was like the argula pizza two courses prior. Manage your ingredients better! Needless to say it was inedible to me. My dining date had the filet mignon which had some kind of parmesan crust. Frankly I don't know what it had on it...I was so disillusioned by this time. For a side dish we had the gnocchi. This was very bland and mushy. I know gnocchi is by nature soft but it still has some substance to it. This tasted almost raw.

For dessert I had the biscotti which was very abundant. My date had the homemade spumoni which was fantastic.

Service was top notch. The wine was "ehh". I can't blame them for that as I probably ordered wrong.

One thing I noticed: the menu I received at Nove listed a 1 3/4 pound lobster for $150 (which the table next to us ordered...looked impressive!) but the menu online lists a 3 pound lobster for $75. Something doesn't jive here.

Anyway, we won't be back to Nove.

May 08, 2007
Raynickben in Texas


Oh, sorry. I thought we were talking about Chris Svalesen's place on Inwood.

Mar 08, 2007
Raynickben in Texas


Sage is closed.

Mar 04, 2007
Raynickben in Texas

In need of lots of Spring Rolls in Dallas

Kirk is right. Costco sells 72 spring rolls for $7.99. They're pretty good! You can make your own unique dipping sauces if you feel cheezy about it.

Sprouts in Plano

I am in a grocery store everyday for my job and I don't know why but Sprouts just isn't in my regular rotation. The times I have been there I have been impressed by their prices and they usually have everything I need except that one ingredient I have to have. There, I just answered my question of why I don't go there often. They just aren't large enough to have everything.

Avoid going there on Wednesdays at all costs. Wednesdays is when they honor the sale prices from the previous week and the sale prices from the current week. All the socially-inept shop there on Wednesdays.

Feb 07, 2007
Raynickben in Texas

Billadelphia's - An Authentic Philly Cheesesteak in DFW

Are you serious? They have panzarotti???!!!! I have to go now, distance be damned.

Dallas Late Night Spots

Mercy Wine Bar in Addison serves until 2 a.m.

And don't forget Moons over my hammy at Denny's..haaaaahaaaahaaa

NY Style Pizza-DFW?

I'll put my vote in for Joe's Pizza in Plano, at Parker and the Tollway. You must order the "Giant" size to get the best cheese/sauce ratio.

White queso in DFW area

True Kirk. However the last time I was there, about 2 months ago, it was terrible. Well, not terrible, but not as great as it usually is. I'll give them another chance though before I take back my endorsement. Every restaurant has a bad day once in awhile.

Billadelphia's - An Authentic Philly Cheesesteak in DFW

Thanks QueenB! I'm from South Jersey and I miss that food more than you know. I've had to ship my Tastykakes and Goldenberg Chews in so that is an added bonus. Go Eagles!

Pizza by the slice-Richardson

I used to work in Richardson and a bunch of us would go to Pizza Villa at Beltline and Central (on the eastside). It's a total hole in the wall but they had great NY pizza by the slice. Now this was about 10 years ago so maybe the owners have changed or something like that but it's worth a shot!

[DFW] Best traditional Italian food?

I've had some excellent meals at Ferrari's in Addison:

And the service has always been friendly. I even got to hang out in the kitchen once!

Sep 07, 2006
Raynickben in Texas

First Post: Best Chile Con Queso in Northern Dallas?

I eat queso just about anywhere I can get it and my top three, in order are, El Norte in Plano, Down Under in Frisco, and Doug and Brewski's in Plano. Only one of these places is a tex-mex joint but I swear the other two have kick-butt queso!

Sep 04, 2006
Raynickben in Texas

Best Dallas Sports Bar and Best Burger

This is nowhere near the stadium but it is the official Redskins club watching bar:

Aug 21, 2006
Raynickben in Texas